Dumb criminal of the month, tardy officer

October 31, 2011

A Florida Highway Patrol trooper chased a speeding vehicle Oct. 11 as it weaved through traffic at speeds of 120 miles an hour, reporting to dispatchers that her quarry was a Miami police car. [Miami Herald]

When the chase ended after a heart-stopping seven minutes (all of it caught on video), the visibly angry trooper discovered the wayward driver was indeed an off-duty police officer, on his way to a second job at a private school.

During the arrest, Trooper D.J Watts drew her service revolver before cuffing a compliant Fausto Lopez, 35. The officer faces a misdemeanor reckless driving charge and various investigations.

Lopez said: “I was late for my other job.”

Miami’s Mayor Tomas Regaldo said: “No one should drive 120 miles an hour.”

Trooper Watts said: “This isn’t the first time… that speeding Miami police car comes through here all the time and we never…catch it.”

Until now.


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Really…Yes, the off duty officer was totally wrong for speeding….But drawing a weapon for for speeding? Wouldn’t YOU file a beef for getting stopped at gunpoint for speeding? And likely, since he was in a cop car, she had reason to believe he was not a crook, but instead one of those habitual Miamai cop speeders that they talked about, she was exhibiting a psycho frustration by making a point with her gun and screaming hysterically?

Give me a break! Punish the speeder, fire him or whatever, but send the screaming meemie to the shrink!

You’re damn right she approached that vehicle with her weapon drawn. She chased this guy with lights flashing and siren sounding for over 4 minutes (8 miles) at speeds in excess of 120MPH. She had every reason to believe that the car was most likely stolen. She was alone with no back up and frankly, she was very brave to approach that car all alone. I recall years back getting pulled over for speeding and the cop car sat there for 15 minutes and did not approach me until another car arrived. I was completely flabbergasted and thought they must have a wrong ID on my car or something. It turned out that when I pulled over I had immediately reached into my glove box for my papers and it scared the cop! It was dark and he couldn’t see who was in the car, he saw saw my arm reach and my head duck . It was necessary for me to duck because I’m short and it was a long reach! That lady FHP was right on.

Did you not read the article? If I was immediately pulled over for doing 85 in a 65 at gunpoint, I’d agree. If I was pulled over doing 120 in a 65 after a good-long chase, I wouldn’t be so surprised if there was a weapon drawn on me.

A happy ending.


Lopez should be removed but it ain’t gona happen.

Bad boys, bad boys… whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you…

This is pretty funny, but as a person that has experienced the drivers in Miami, it just might be safer to go 120mph just to lessen the time spent on the road with all the rest of them.

As a insurance insider. This is just another example of why insurance industry actuaries and underwriters statistically consider police officers a bad risk in the auto insurance industry.

At least this officer will be held accountable for his poor actions. Kudos to the state trooper for upholding the law against a disgraceful police officer.

I have to give it to that FHP lady. WOW, now she was the epitome of what we would expect from law enforcement. I liked her attitude and she was right on the mark. I still have to laugh when I think of that crazy Miami cop. It’s really as funny as a good joke.

Just listen to the guy! He sounds like some stupid, uneducated street thug! Must be pretty tough to find warm bodies to do the job of a cop in Miami if that’s what they’re hiring.


Lopez said: “I was late for my other job.”

Miami’s Mayor Tomas Regaldo said: “No one should drive 120 miles an hour.”

LOL, LOL, LOl, LOl, LOL, Still LOL, Oh Geezzzzzzzzz unbelieveable, But the best part that has me LMAO

“This isn’t the first time. That speeding Miami police car comes through here all the time and we haven’t been able to catch him.” LOL, LOL, LOL