“Occupy San Luis Obispo” planned for Wednesday

October 5, 2011

A national protest movement comes to San Luis Obispo Wednesday afternoon, rain or shine.

Organizers are asking people to gather at 5 p.m. outside of the county courthouse on Monterey Street as part of “Occupy San Luis Obispo.”

The planned rally echoes larger protests recently held in New York, Boston, and Los Angeles, demonstrating against “financial crimes” of large Wall Street institutions. Several protesters were recently arrested in New York in response to their “Occupy Wall Street” demonstration.

“Wall Street and other fat cat entities brought us, and much of the world, to our economic knees. They are still making a killing while the Average Joe pays the freight,” said Pete Evans of San Luis Obispo, who is helping to organize today’s protest.


Lot of anger here, coming from who knows where. These protests are for economic justice, what decent person could be against that? These titans of industry have probably never made a dime on their own, they (as they should) hire people to do their work and pay them less than they earn for the boss. That is the essence of any business, and it is OK to some extent. But to claim kudos and credit for supplying jubs is bunk since the creation of jobs is done for one purpose only-to make money off those employees. The motive is greed (Ok, to some extent), the result is jobs. How the workers are treated, paid and so on can make all the difference (working in the salt mines vs working at Google etc).

But the fact that higher-ups sometimes make over 400 times what the average worker makes, get paid millions for failure and often skate free on massive environmental and economic crimes is not right.

Arguing over small percentage differences in tax payments is silly. All the readers here know the rich manage to slide through the many loopholes put in place by their fancy friends in Congress and state houses, while the rest of us have to pay their way. Those brave and smart Wall Street demonstrators have finally said ‘enough’. Our college presidents, city managers, high up cops, and others on the public dole should not be making hundreds of thousands per year while those who do the work (teachers, nurses, road workers, janitors, secretaries) get little.

Many of our richest never did diddly-they inherited their fortune and through clever manipulation have maintained or increased it. Some treat their workers like slaves. NO MORE.


I agree with you dawg. At first I supported the protests, and thought I maybe should join. But it appears that these people are anti-capitalistic and pressing a socialist agenda. Not only that, these guys seem to overwhelmingly support President Obama, which I find frightening.

How can they overlook:

1. How Obama let wall street off the hook

2. How Obama funneled trillions to wall street, the very guys these protesters are supposedly against.

3. that the healthcare plan is a gift to insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies.

4. that the continued warfare is a gift to arms contractors

I am sure I missing something.

So to me these protesters seem like blind partisans who cannot discern the truth through the partisan rhetoric.

They seem dangerous to me, as they seem stupid.


You err in that the people on the street are for none of the 4 points you list.

1.This is precisely a call to make Wall Street answer, to be prevented from repeating the ravaging of the middle class.

2.TARP was from Bush, not Obama.

3.Obama wanted a healthcare for everyone, something akin to France or Canada.

The Republicans are determined not to allow their health care providers to suffer.

They must be allowed to charge whatever they want for as little service as they want – the Part D Donut Hole is a Bush gift to Grandma.

4.Check the legislation and the budget sacred cows that the Republican Party hold hostage over everything else.

Read up on which industries give the most -and to whom. It’s rather enlightening.

I concur that the people of the 99% are dangerous.

But they’re not nearly as dangerous as that 1% who are robbing this country blind.


As a show of solidarity why don’t these “protesters” cut up their evil bank debit cards that mommy and daddy gave them?


These are the takers of our society. They are mad at the Givers for not working harder to give them more. What a perverted sense of fairness our president, these protestors, and many on this board have. Lets see a person decides to go to college for 8 years and intern for four plus all the while racking up a million dollars in debt to become a doc/surgeon to save peoples lives for a living or go to 6-8 years of college move all over the country every few years while working 6 or seven days a week most of your life to hire thousands of people and be in charge providing the goods and services people need and want as a ceo or exec or risk everything you have on an idea that makes everyones life better as an entrapreneur, and for all this goodwill were going to demonize you and take 50 to 60 percent of what you make in federal, state, local, property, payroll taxes and even more fees on top of that, but start shooting meth in high school have or make your first kid before 18 and 5 more after that or take the easy rout in life and get a posh government job making four times what its worth sucking up a huge pension, and for all they will take from society the drug addict gets free food, housing, and plenty of money for more drugs. The government worker gets a nice comfortable stress free life all of which is provided for by the evil givers. All in the name of fairness. Incredible!


“They are mad at the Givers for not working harder to give them more.”

Hold the phone,,who are the givers? I hate to be redundant but lets remember, Buffet pays %17. something fed tax rate and his secretary pays 46%, GE pays nothing to support our federal govt.. They’re not providing jobs,,,at least not to Americans What are they giving us? Last year the CEO of Exxon received almost 30 million dollars, boo hoo, poor guy,,how much is gas right now? We bail out poor BofA, how did they repay us,,oh yeah they’re going to charge us to use our money. They are the takers and we are the suckers that just keep making them richer and richer while they just keep screwing us over. In all due respect you are simply a pawn for them, they love you.


You really should checks your facts before you post because Bershire Hathaway paid a 29.4% on money they invested in other companies that paid tax already on those profits. Buffet paid his tax’s a third time on that same money. If his Secretary pays 46% she makes well over 250,000 a year. The top federal tax rate is 35% than you have state taxes, local taxes, sales taxes, property taxes and on and on. You just want more and more of other peoples hard earned money.


The only fact that I might have wrong is how much his secretary makes, some accounts put her at a lower rate. Warren Buffet paid a percentage rate of 17.7% on his taxes, I never mentioned BH, thats another story. It’s pretty basic, it’s better to listen to Buffet in his own words:


Warren Buffet might have more credibility if he paid the taxes he owes.



Again the whole analogy was wrong to begin with for starters they compared his percentage paid to her tax bracket. They are not the same! Her percentage paid would be much less due to the step up of brackets. Let alone the fact she is really part of what Obama calls the rich anyway. As I said before Buffets is as low as it is because of dividends and capital gains that much of which is double and triple taxed.


Stop making things up. The maximum tax rate in the US is 35%. By the way queenie, if she was paying the maximum 35% she’d be making in excess of $380,000 a year. Not bad for a “secretary”. No, you are the taker, the taker of truth.


I stand corrected Maxie, she paid out 32.9 percent, I had just read something else that said that she was taxed at that higher figure but it was wrong, no biggie she still pays a higher percentage but I was correct about Buffet. Even that 32.9% is debatable but that seems to be more accurate. There, it’s not hard to admit that I’m human..


Is that 35% including state taxes, SDI, etc? If not, then you “might” be the one absconding with the truth. It could very well be that the secretary pays the higher percentage quoted by Typoqueen.



WOW FineWine…………..That has got to be the longest sentence I’ve ever read. Did you take a breath in there someplace ;) I understand your rant but that isn’t my impression of what’s going on here. Isn’t this about fair taxation, the ludicrous bailing out the “bansters” including Wall Street and assisting the rich to gain more wealth while dumping on the middle class (leaving the burden of supporting the gov to the rest us)?


I beg to differ finewine. I went to school for five years, I work my butt off, and I pay more than my fair share of taxes. I am not poor, unemployed, nor have I ever, not for one moment, been on the government dole. You have misconception about who the people are who support this and who is a taker and who is a giver.


The fairness issue is a farce. The bottom 50% pay only 3% of all federal tax dollars and many get money back they never paid in due to earned income tax credit and child credits. The top 50% pay 97%. The top 1% pays 37%.



Okay, boys and girls… I saw a lot of new faces in town today… or as some say, “they aint local.” Reminds me of all the fun wagons of the sixties that would drive from protest to protest on somebody else’s nickle…

Anyway, did you here any ‘reasons’ for the protest… I heard no ‘plan’. Like I said, what a bunch of losers.


^^^ Is this guy for real? This is not a party affiliation, liberal or conservative issue. It’s an issue that has an impact on every American. You are part of the problem, take off your blinders man. You can bend over and take it all with a smile but I wont. Thank you.


I don’t bother reading his posts, he’s not worth it.


Well Roger. Your credibility is fairly low, are you shooting for zero? Your snickering comments are well suited to an imbecile who is way over his head. ‘They aint local’- do you know everyone here? I’ve seen your pic, didn’t see you today so what do you know? ‘Fun wagons of the sixties driving from protest to protest on somebody else’s nickel…’ Just who was that, and on whose nickel?

And ‘anyway, did you here any ‘reasons’ for the protest… I heard no ‘plan’. Where i come from we put a question mark after a question. And ‘here’ is location, ‘hear’ is what you meant, but didn’t say. You heard no plan-you weren’t there. Perhaps if you were honest you wouldn’t be so frustrated you have to resort to lies and slurs to demean those who would help you.

‘Like I said, what a bunch of losers.’ Hah, guess who the loser is? Your rant is symptomatic of a dupe of the system and we are thrilled to see we have graduated from being ignored to now being criticized. The next step for you ‘losers’ will be a full blown battle to retain your tattered position with your masters and then you will lose. But, being part of the 99% we will take you in, just as a patient parent forgives the idiotic rants and actions of her spoiled little 3 year old.


“on somebody else’s nickel.” talk about the pot calling the kettle black.


See Jesse Ventura’s take on our ruling class,


This is all happening again tomorrow night at Farmer’s Market. Those who dig it come with your signs to the courthouse at 5 or so. Those who are dupes of the system and dislike those who would help them come down and chat, let’s see if we can work it out.


I’ll come down tomorrow. I would have stopped by today but didn’t have time to plan for it around my work schedule. I’m all for taking some control back, even if all I get to do is stand up and be counted, it’s a start. . Anybody that doesn’t see what is happening with our gummint must have their head in the sand or something. This is a non partisan effort and it’s time to stand up.


Well, I was there for awhile and I was shocked at how many people showed up when this was only planned just yesterday. This is the beginning of something big, people are mad. When people were holding up signs on on the sidewalks car after car drove by and honked in support. Too bad that the media was only there at the beginning before everyone got there.

On a different note, it was great to meet one of our fellow posters. I hope to see a few more of you at the next rally,, come on Maxfusion wear your best tie dye, I’ll save signs for you, r0y and easy.


I’ve been waiting for some reporter to ask one of the protesters “what do you do for a living?”, but so far no luck. I think most of them on Wall Street are just there for the free pizza.


I’ve been waiting for some reporter to ask one of the protesters “what do you do for a living?”



Shill for the master class? The post is almost beneath contempt but here goes anyway. This action is of, by and for the people. A non partisan effort to reclaim some economic justice. Like some of the callers into Congalton today lambasting the movement perhaps you are just ignorant, out of touch or simply evil. The fact is many people are out of work, broke, hungry and/or mad because the wealthy have robbed us of our future-including you and your children (unless you are one of those hot shot ruling class jokers that now fear for their future). The snide and childish comments your waste our time on are not worthy of further comment.


OMG non patisan MY ^@^@! Your the one spreading the hate. If the government would get out of the way we would have plenty of jobs. This is a regulation induced recession. Omama is trying to convince the ignorant that its the rich to save his job and take total control through socialism/communism.


That’s too damn funny, and I’m laughing to keep from crying, that the “financial center of power” for San Luis Obispo is an effing government building.


Heck, they have more of my money than any other “business” in town… Well, Marstons might be close.


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