Woman accused of trying to buy a car with food stamps

November 10, 2011

Krystal Wood

Deputies arrested a Solvang woman for welfare fraud on Tuesday because she allegedly tried to buy a car with food stamps, according to a press release by the Santa Barbara District Attorney’s office.

The arrest followed a two-week investigation.

Krystal Wood, 22, was booked into the Santa Barbara County Jail on $20,000 bail. She is scheduled to be arraigned in a Santa Maria courtroom today.

Welfare fraud is a felony.


I have no dog in this fight but here’s another perspective on things. I had a neighbor who was also on welfare, she had two kids and was going thru some rough times after hubby bailed out and she needed a temporary hand up. Welfare was barely enough to take care of things. Attempting to get back on track she landed a part time job, not enough to pay all the bills or as much as Welfare paid her either, but on her way back up.

Welfare then told her your cut off entirely because you now have a job, either you quit and stay on welfare, or keep your job that affords about half what were doing for you, so what was she supposed to do?.

So was this woman tryin to buy transportation to get to a job to get off gov aid? or was she just screwin the system?

Theres one thing sure and that she’s not the only one potentially abusing the system if that’s the case, and that our Gov has no clue what much of its recipients do with the money, or who they really are.


Gee, a thoughtful reply …with some questions instead of assumptions from the right-wing echo chamber.

I, too, do not know this woman, or all of her motives. it would seem her situation was rather desperate , given what little we have from the story.

I do know this: There are over 50 million people living below the poverty rate here in the great US of A. Hear that, conservitards ? 50 MILLION ! And most of them are CHILDREN. And they don’t even include transportation and housing costs to determine what poverty is. Only food based on prices in the 1950’s, supposedly adjusted for inflation.

But these conservitards don’t care about that.

No, this young woman in crisis…even if she was gaming the system, …. they would rather prosecute and imprison her, thus costing all of society more . $60,000 a year minimum per inmate .

Yeah, that’s smart economics….conservative economics.


Sheesh. No need for name-calling. “Conservitard?” That’s just plain rude.

Regardless, I actually agree with you, slowerfaster & I’m confident our political views are on the opposite end of the spectrum. Sometimes the Right and Left really DO agree.

This woman wasn’t trying to buy a flat-screen TV or meth; she probably needs a car like the rest of us; maybe she has kids to get to school…who knows.

It would be absurd to throw her in prison. Assess her situation, get her some mental help and job-training, get her off welfare and put her to work.


I have to agree. I think the entire welfare system needs to be revamped again. We did well putting limits on how long people could collect welfare but now we need to fine tune it. I’m all for providing commissaries rather than cash debit cards so that we can control how they spend welfare funds but I’m also for providing enough so that they can get back on their feet. If a mother can find a job, I would not completely cut off her welfare in fact I would encourage her to work by only cutting back a percentage of what she is earning and that % would be less than what she earns if she still qualifies as low income with her job.


Yes pasoparent5, when people ( like yourself, evidently ) look closer and objectively, there are many times constructive agreement can be reached.

I was one voice that complained loudly about the Clinton administration caving to reactionary pressure to “end welfare as we know it”. The welfare system was working fine, and as it should have back then…providing mostly temporary assisstance for people that had been set back by some unforeseen crisis. Usually, it was a personal health problem, or that of a close relative. Sure, there were a small percentage that knew how to game the system, but you don’t scrap the whole program because of a minority of scofflaws.

I said then that all it would take would be an economic downturn, and people would be living under bridges and dying in the streets…and doing desperate acts of crime large and small.

Witness the present.

[ And, obviously…being a true ‘conservative’ of the old school; meaning to be careful and even protective, is where you would appear to be. I apologize for my rude term, but it was not directed your way.

I do use harsh terms to describe accurately those with an attitude of indifference that don’t give a damn about civilization . ]



Thats a good point, its realistic

It is very difficult for anyone to get by without a car

But we do NOT know at this reference whether she had prior misuse



How was Las Vegas!


When there is free stuff from the government, a certain percentage of people have, and will figure out a way to cheat and steal from those who give to them. This is the case here. I hope her arrest will send a message to the other schemers that cheating those of us who give is counterproductive and morally wrong.

There is a racket out there…a mini laundering operation and cheaters who laugh at their providers while taking from the very system that sustains them. Very sad… And don’t say it’s a small percentage. It’s certainly not most, but it ain’t small either…


You can’t even buy a frying pan with food stamps. Why did she think that she could buy a car? Even if you are buying food, the retailer has to be signed up with the program to have the card work. They’d never get a dime if they weren’t part of the program.

So what other problems does this person have? They obviously weren’t thinking straight.

Anon E. Muss

The question here… HOW

Anon E. Muss

did she try to do it? Food stamps come on a debit card now and have for nearly a decade.


The debit card method was the most ingenious way devised to obtain evidence and curtail fraud


Not only that, but it is an even BETTER fiat currency than our “legit” fiat currency! The government or the Federal Reserve can go in and just add a zero or two to an account and VOILA! Instant money! …well, credit…. well, instant fiat currency! Hooray!

I can’t wait for everything to be computerized so we can let the government control the computers. I’d like to reserve the identifying number: ELEVENTY BILLION.

fat chance

Makes you wonder how many people are defrauding the food stamp program….I imagine quite a few.


Yeah, it is kinda like white collar crime, people with low morals – of any economic class – will try to take what isn’t theirs.


When you start handing out dog treats, there’s always a dog or two eyeballing the box of treats instead of what’s just in your hand…


Wow, she must have had a lot of food stamps. Either a druggie or else just not all there.

I don’t want to say anything mean about this woman, she might have psychological issues. I hope that the investigators look at all sides of this, she might not be just someone trying to scr@w the taxpayers, perhaps she really doesn’t understand how to care for herself.


Can she make bail … with food stamps?


hehehehehe!! +1


OMG, How stupid is THAT? She’s a huge drain on society & imo, 20K is not a large enough bail amount…