Arroyo Grande girl died, brother arrested

November 9, 2011

Theo Evan Macey

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s detectives arrested a Grover Beach man after his 17-year-old sister died from drugs he allegedly gave her.

Theo Evan Macey, 27, allegedly provided his sister methadone. She was found dead on the morning of May 5 at Macey’s home at the time on the 400 block of Amado Street in Nipomo.

Sheriff officials said she succumbed to a multi-drug overdose.

Methadone is a drug often used as part of a drug-free maintenance program for people with opiate addictions.

Deputies arrested Macey for furnishing a controlled substance to a minor and booked him into San Luis Obispo County Jail under a $60,000 bail.

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I knew her personally for a number of years. she was my ex girlfriend, best friend, and loyal companion. she was most definitely not a habitual drug user; I honestly can’t believe the tremendous assumptions most of you people are making. her mother is a wonderful lady who loved her daughter very much and would never do anything to harm her. her death was not because of bad parenting, fiending junkies, ill intent, or habitual drug use–it was the result of an extremely unfortunate accident. theo should not be held responsible.

You take this thread too seriously. This is a media site and of course we are going to speculate, share ideas and put forth theories. You’re right, we don’t know this family and we don’t know the facts. Therefore, these posts aren’t personal but rather it’s about making sense out of the senseless death of a young girl who is no longer with us and a big brother who is facing criminal prosecution and yes, Theo will have his day in court and until then he is innocent. Too often, people can make mistakes and life as we know it can blow up without a moments notice. I think that’s scary and some of us (human nature) attempt to analyze the why’s and how’s of it all. This thread will disappear off the front page here in few day’s and everyone will go on to the next story. Like I said, don’t take it personally.

I for one (and I’m certain many others) send the Macey family my best wishes and ask that God Bless them during this tragedy. I can’t imagine what they’re going through. Frankly, the family should not be reading this thread at this time. Few facts have been released and of course there will be a great deal of speculation. Again, God Bless and may they find peace.

Seems like someone has been awfully sheltered..”sound ignorant” haha! I have known this whole family for over 15 yrs and I’m sure of what happened and where things went wrong, so id appreciate your comments and opinions because if I was as ignorant to the situation I might say the same thing, but no matter what you never f*** with family or the deceased this shouldn’t even be brought to the publics attention

I knew this girl, Not as a drug addict, As a happy person… full of life.. I was a drug addict and didnt see it in her, i was it in everyother addict….. she wasnt one, she was a beautiful person, is a beautiful person… and for you people to blame her parents or thing ill of her is sickening… and you can all go to hell

id appreciate you all take into consideration this man loved his little sister of her best friends and everything he is being charged for is SO INAPPROPRIATE, not only are her family and friends dealing with one of the most difficult times of our life. People like myself know theo and love him dearly and know he would never have any intent to hurt her..let a lone take her life. This girl was my best friend from childhood and on she had her own problems and the public should really take into consideration of a situaton before believing bullshit the news will tell you & start to talk out of their ass. Thank you


I do believe he did NOT intend to harm his sister

c.paonessa, I understand your feelings and I don’t doubt that Theo might be a nice guy who loved his baby sister (in his own way). BUT…….. Theo is apparently a drug addict and of all things, he is addicted to HEROIN! I have to wonder how a nice person gets addicted to a drug like that and what sort of “nice friends” he had/has in his life? I suppose he could have accidentally got addicted if he had serious pain and had been over prescribed a heroin derivative but I find that to be a LONG SHOT,

Maybe his baby sister was the addict rather than him and he managed to get her some methadone because he was trying to get her off the drugs. That would be rather noble of him if that were true, noble perhaps but stupid and irresponsible. Then again, that would be a LONG SHOT too and I find that scenario unlikely.

You see the bottom line appears to be that a 27 year old heroin addict shared his methadone with his 17 year old sister who was also a drug abuser . In the process of enabling her, she died. That isn’t love, that isn’t a good guy, that isn’t the example that a loving big brother sets for his baby sister. The big brother is the one that protects her, not kills her with the love of drugs. Sorry but I have a hard time feeling sorry for him. I think he is a selfish, self centered heroin addict that has an “all for one and one for all” drug mentality who “blows off” the danger and is willing to take the chance, even with those he supposedly loves. Think about that and if I’m wrong (I’ve been wrong before) , get back to me on it. Why does he deserve the benefit of the doubt here?

YOU Bxxxxx do not know what you are talking about. And until you know the facts you should be very careful about what you say. You can be found out and sued for libel.

Most methadone consumers must consume their drug at a state sponsored dispensary. JUst so you know. It was someone else that was on methadone that gave her the drug.

And from other posts of yours that I have read YOU have no compassion for anyone but yourself.

“Think about that and if I’m wrong (I’ve been wrong before) , get back to me on it. Why does he deserve the benefit of the doubt here?”

Perhaps you missed this portion of my post? For your information, I am free to state my opinion and NO I can not be sued for anything I said here. I welcome someone to explain the facts but I don’t have to take any crap off you. You sound extremely ignorant especially with the name calling.

You say there is nothing to indicate that it was Theo’s methadone and you claim that someone else gave his sister the drug. Yet, Theo has only recently been charged with this crime after an obvious extensive investigation. This is November and his sister passed away back in May, that means it was determined that he did in fact give her the methadone and if he gave it to her, it’s reasonable to believe it was his. If it wasn’t his that almost makes this all the worse.

You’re welcome to respond to my posts with “FACTS” if you have them but I suggest that you read the site rules and curb your name calling. Personal attacks and inappropriate name calling of other contributors to this blog are grounds to have your post deleted.



drug addicts aren’t always bad people. they’re just human beings that make some bad decisions. you’re stereotyping.

Ok….I took it into consideration but, the fact remains that he OD’d his little sister of 17 years. How does love somehow enter into your mind?

If you read the description it tells you what methadone is..he was no “addict”. He may have made the wrong choice by giving it to her but like I said you do not know the story and I do. People make wrong choices every day like mixing pills with alocohol or taking medication not perscribed to them I get all of your point besides water boarding and prison f*** that. People make there OWN choices regardless and to blame such an upsetting thing on her own family member who probably has enough damn guilt doesn’t need the publics opinion on this sitation that’s messed up enough. You know how many times I have watched this girl smile because of her older brother, find the drive to succeed and so much more. If this was your son and daughter how would you feel.. I am absolutley heart broken she is gone a long with many others so to those of you who don’t know her life her hapiness and everything she was about id appreciate your opinion to be kept to yourself, because this is a good man who deserves a chance in life.

From the mug shot and data given

My impression is he approves and shares the effects of the drug.

For what?

Willie, You OBVIOUSLY have NO idea what a heroin user that’s high looks like.

One thing for sure: no matter what the circumstances, if he provided the drug to his sister, he is going to carry the pain and guilt for the rest of his life. I can’t even imagine…

And the rest of the family will also carry the pain and guilt, I can’t imagine what what their parents must be going through.

What kind of parents produce two heroin users? Duh!

Are you kidding? There are many good parents whose kids choose to go down the wrong path. It’s really not fair to blame the parents without all the facts.

I believe that drug use generally indicates that there is a problem in the home especially when it is two kids. We probably all know of a good family who has a child that has always got into trouble no matter what but when it’s two, one has to wonder? It’s normal to experiment and I don’t consider that a problem when we find that our kids are using alcohol at parties or marijuana or things like ecstasy. I know plenty of good kids from good homes that have used (tried) those drugs. In fact my friends and I used to sneak beer from our parents refrigerators when we were as young as 15 and share them. By 17 we were trying out marijuana for a $5 fee. I believe this is probably quite normal for kids, I know that all the kids that I experimented with turned out fine back then and all went on to college with strong GPA scores.

With that said, heroin is another story. I knew from the time I was a young child about drugs like heroin and you couldn’t have paid me to try it and everyone I knew felt the same way. We all knew how addictive something like heroin and it’s derivatives were because we had all been told about it by our parents. Heroine is a destructive drug and anyone who uses it is self destructive right from the start in my opinion. When two kids from a family are users, most times there is a problem in the home. I’m not saying that is the case here but its suspicious.

Seriously, no one needs to be commenting on the parenting. It’s really easy to point fingers, especially when you have no idea who these people are, where they’re coming from, what they’ve been through, etc.

It’s incredibly frustrating that people are even allowed to comment on things like this. You’re all just passing judgments, and unless I’m mistaken and you all have led perfect lives and have no regrets nor made any mistakes what so ever, you all are not qualified to do so.

How about you go focus on your own business and save the gossiping, assumptions and hearsay for another day. I feel like many of you have forgotten that both the girl and Theo have a family, and this obviously isn’t an easy ordeal to go through for them. I’m pretty sure they feel horrible enough for the year’s past events, they don’t need complete and ignorant strangers’ cruel words to add to the pain.

What kind of parents produce two heroin users?

Adam and Eve

It CLEARLY states in the article that they were HALF siblings. In case you don’t know , it means that they had ONE parent in common.

“detectives arrested a Grover Beach man after his 17-year-old sister died from drugs he allegedly gave her.”

It does NOT CLEARLY say anything about half siblings, in fact it doesn’t mention it at all. Are you on drugs or something?

Upon conviction of these crimes, I feel that this individual deserves a sentence of life behind bars with twice daily waterboarding.



What about we make him read all of your posts. No, that would be cruel and unusual.

Please excuse yourself from the jury pool for the betterment of all.

That’s exactly what I’d tell the judge… to get out of jury duty.

Yeah the truth always gets a fair verdict. Right?! Juries are made up of those to dumb to get out of it. No wonder……

to dumb? Really?