Atascadero man barricaded in home

December 1, 2011

An Atascadero man who allegedly threatened a woman and several children with an ice pick and a machete is barricaded in a house at 5765 Dolores Avenue.

The woman and children were able to escape.

Atascadero Police and the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department have evacuated nearby residents and fired tear gas into the home to drive the man out, but he did not leave.

Officials are worried the man may try to start fire to the house. They are asking the public to stay inside and close all windows and doors.

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Is it just me or is there a sudden uptick in violent mental issues with similar circumstances, especially in ATown?

I was just having this discussion last night, it’s not you there has been a huge serge of this type of thing. One of the complaints that I heard from an employee at County Mental Health is that there’s been a sudden large increase in people that need their services. That tied with a huge drop in funding to help these people has been a disaster.

I’m not sure why there’s so many more people now with mental health issues. Perhaps it’s the economy, the wars and the increase in population? It seems like there’s been an added increase in north county but I believe it’s everywhere, we’ve just been hearing more about No. Co..

“They are asking the public to stay inside and close all windows and doors.”

They evacuated all the nearby residents and they think everybody else should stay home and close the windows!! It’s not as if he has a gun or a bomb, he has an ice pick and a machete for cripe sakes. Call a shrink……

And how do they really know that???

Being a cop is like sifting thru human garbage everyday. Jobs gotta suck after a while.

He doesnt have a gun??? Why dont they just go in?? Are they scared??

These “brave hearts” shot a guy last year while he was standing in his driveway with a head injury and covered in blood after he had been attacked. He was injured and confused and didn’t want to drop the metal pipe he had been holding so they shot the victim in his own yard. They pepper sprayed the retired county fire chief after he tried to explain that his son had suffered a stroke. They didn’t want any explanation, they wanted the kid to do exactly what they said, not that he was presenting himself as a threat to any of them. Yeah, they aren’t going to confront some guy with an ice pick or a machete, they’re going to shoot him.

Explain to me again why we didn’t vote in Joe Cortez as sheriff???

The current bunch is as lame as the last bunch.


I voted for Joe, the only one really qualified.

Although a friend of mine is a deputy and says the current Sheriff is really working his ass off, stops by the jail all the time unannounced. The last smuck never went there and did not give a hoot. So I will give Parkinson time and judge him by his actions.

They didn’t ‘just go in’ because they had his wife and crisis negotiators on the phone with him, and he told them he wouldn’t be taken alive. So instead, they waited to figure out what he was up to, used multiple rounds of tear gas to force him out the front door, after shutting off power and gas to the home, and he finally surrendered.

This guy was playing games with the cops, sticking his head in and out of windows, trying to get them to shoot him. I heard this all go down on the APD TAC frequency this morning. They got the guy without serious damage to property, no one was hurt. Well Done IMHO.

Its the city manager after he found out his benefits are going to be cut!!!

Now we should be able to get an increase in our Soc. Sec. checks. Even a little one will help. How about 5%? God Bless. Ron