California leads the nation in hate crimes

December 28, 2011

California recorded more hate crimes than any other state in 2010, according to recently released findings from the U.S. Department of Justice.

California reported 1,331 hate crime offenses in 2010. Three of those crimes occurred in San Luis Obispo.

The FBI describes hate crimes as offenses motivated by biases based on race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity/national origin, and disability.

In 2011, San Luis Obispo County saw an increase in hate crimes with the most egregious occurring in Arroyo Grande. Many of the recently reported hate crimes were based on race and/or religion.

In March, four Central Coast residents allegedly set ablaze an 11-foot cross in direct view of a 19-year-old black woman’s bedroom in the Arroyo Grande home she resided in with her mixed race family.

The four suspects face felony charges of arson, cross burning, terrorism, and conspiracy. The charges include hate crime enhancements.

In April, three teens allegedly broke into Mesa Middle School in Arroyo Grande and wrote anti-black and Jewish graffiti on the whiteboards and drew a swastika on an outside door. Statements such as “white power” and “fuck niggers and Jews” were found in several classrooms.

A few weeks later, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies arrested the teens for vandalism with hate crime enhancements.

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Oh… interestingly enough, greater education has nothing to do with hate. No one hates like the left.

In his book What Americans Really Believe, Rodney Stark reports the results of a survey of professors: 53% admit negative feelings (HATE) towards evangelical Christians, and 33% feel the same about Mormons. Another group looking at the growing rise in antisemitism confirmed that over 50% of college professors ‘hated’ evangelical Christians.

OMG what I have done! I read one of Roger’s posts,,,must wash brain, must erase his idiotic post from my memory.

Hey Rog,,who cares what this Rodney Stark thinks? I took a survey of stupid posts, 70% of them were yours. You are a great example of what causes this terrible divide and hatred that is so prevalent in this country. No fool like an ole fool.

Now, how do I erase the stupidity of Roger’s weak comments from my brain. Oh yea, go back to not reading his posts. Gosh, I pick one of Roger’s posts to read and look what I get, more worthless drivel. Life is to short, you are back with standup,,plunk, in the bin you go. No more attention from me, no more reading such hateful nonsense.

Hate crimes or perception of “hate crimes”.

This is not news as California has the largest population. So a little digging shows the data here:

Further, California is not even in the top 10 when adjusted for population. California ranks 17th for total hate crimes in 2010 after Colorado and Michigan, and just above Vermont and New Hampshire.

The top 3? D.C., South Dakota, and New Jersey, which all have Hate Crime rates more than twice that of California.

This doesn’t surprise me. I’ve seen such a rabid hatred for Muslims, Hispanics and even our prez as of late. Sad.

Less education=more hate crimes they go hand in hand.

We’re number one! We’re number one!