Pismo Beach man carjacked at gunpoint

December 29, 2011

Charles Ravert

A Bakersfield man held a man at gunpoint and then carjacked his Toyota Echo in Pismo Beach on Wednesday.

A short time later, a California Highway Patrol officer spotted Charles Ravert, 40, speeding on Highway 166. The officer began following Ravert who lost control and rolled the stolen car.

Ravert is being held on $100,000.00 bail for carjacking, brandishing a firearm, theft of a vehicle, driving under the influence and driving on a suspended license.

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I think Mr. Ravert is a little koo-koo-for-Coco Pops………………………..

He’s smiling because he is “the 99%” and he is winning.

What he really wanted was a cell in the jail, a bunk and a punk, including 3 square meals a day.

Dumb criminal of the week.

Not a lot of info here.

Judging by his mug shot and the fact that he lusted after a Toyota Echo, maybe we don’t need more info.

If you’re going to risk years of prison, why would you carjack a Toyota Echo?