Health insurance fee looms

December 29, 2011

A new $1 fee will be charged by the federal government to your health insurance plan starting Jan. 1, the result of a largely unheralded provision of President Obama’s health care law. [SFChronicle]

The annual fee, assessed to each person carried on a policy, will be used for research to determine which drugs, medical treatment, tests and procedures work best.

The insurance fee could be considered a tax by many in this politically-charged atmosphere.

According to officials, the fee won’t be collected until next year. It doubles the following year, and then will be attached to the cost-of-living index.

Insurance industry spokespeople said they expect the fee revenues to be used to “fine-tune” health plans. The idea is to lend some credence to tests of drugs and other procedures often advertised to consumers on television.

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Local governments to feel Obamacare’s rising costs as well

Municipal budgets take health-care hit in 2013

By Duffy Hayes

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Local governments—perhaps like many Americans and business owners—are eyeing their budgets for 2013 and projecting they’ll be paying more in health care costs, some by quite a lot.

Recent study shows that waste in the US healthcare system is an estimated $765 billion per year, which is 30% of the total. Dr. Keith Smith explains how hospitals and insurance companies have an incentive to overcharge. [Hint: They know they are not going to collect the full amount and make money from their accounting ‘losses’. He calls it a racket. Dr. Smith’s surgical center operates on a market-based model, accepts no federal money, and offers excellent care at lower prices than those in the system.]

RT 2012 Sep 10

Socialized Healthcare vs. The Laws of Economics

Mises Daily: Tuesday, July 28, 2009 by Thomas J. DiLorenzo

The government’s initial step in attempting to create a government-run healthcare monopoly has been to propose a law that would eventually drive the private health insurance industry out of existence. Additional taxes and mandated costs are to be imposed on health insurance companies, while a government-run “health insurance” bureaucracy will be created, ostensibly to “compete” with the private companies. The hoped-for end result is one big government monopoly which, like all government monopolies, will operate with all the efficiency of the post office and all the charm and compassion of the IRS.

Of course, it would be difficult to compete with a rival who has all of his capital and operating costs paid out of tax dollars. Whenever government “competes” with the private sector, it makes sure that the competition is grossly unfair, piling costly regulation after regulation, and tax after tax on the private companies while exempting itself from all of them. This is why the “government-sponsored enterprises” Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were so profitable for so many years. It is also why so many abysmally performing “public” schools remain in existence for decades despite their utter failure at educating children.


To Ted Slanders:

You ask why premiums go up?

Insutrance premiums are a function of profit, overhead and claims. Assume that profit and over head remains the same. Now, when there is no more pre-existing conditions rejections, those previiously denied are now insured and with that, comes guaranteed claims. Those claims alone will be cause for increased premiums,large increases.

There is no free lunch here, when the Gov. mandates all to be covered, someone must pay for it and that someone is the policyholders


Subjectively, this is just another reason why we should have Universal single payor healthcare if one chooses to do so, if not, keep your healthcare plan. Not only will this eliminate the blood sucking lobbiests, but it will GET THE DAMN PROFIT OUT OF SOMEONE DYING OF CANCER! What’s wrong with that picture?


This as been a long standing fallacy. California has required covering pre existing conditions long before health care reform. .My family has been paying out the nose for pre-existing conditions for at least 15 years. Obama should have thrown in that some suit behind a desk at an insurance company can’t determine what a pre-existing condition is, that should be determined by doctors. If you had high blood pressure at point in your life then if that blood pressure goes down and then stablizes and the doc gives you a clean bill of health then those pre-existing conditions should not be counted and should be taken off of our premiums but many times they will stay with you for life. A tip for women, 70% of you have uterine fibroids that will never cause any health issues. If your doc accidentally finds them, beg him not to record them in your records. Stupid things like this can financially ruin you.

It’s very unhealthy for all of us to be dependent on big profit making corps for our health care, it can and most like will shorten many of our lives.

Healthcare is like housing and financial aid for college. When the government gets involved and pumps money into the sector, the prices rise in a manner that is completely out of step with the rest of the economy. I know it seems like the government should be helping, because healthcare is so expensive, but it is a self fulfilling prophecy. When the government starts pumping the funds in, it creates a bubble. Now that insurance will be required, and reimbursement for medical procedures will be more stable, the prices will begin to rise even higher until no one can afford medical care and we will all be dependent upon government programs when we need medical care.

You want cheaper healthcare? Allow insurance companies to compete across state lines. Do not guarantee them customers. Allow doctors to sell primary care plans to their patients. Allow doctors to request liability waivers from patients. Over time, remove medicare and allow the private sector to compete for the market. Close up the FDA and require patients to do their own due diligence for the products and services they want/need. Let competition sort out what is most effective and isn’t.

There are times when you read a persons comments; when you truly cannot believe in what that person has said. In mkaney’s last paragraph alone, it is so inept, dangerous, and non-caring to our population, that I can’t believe he said it, and actually meant it!

Naw, I just dreaming, yeah, that’s it! I need to go back to bed, maybe I am having a nightmare and I’ll wake up tomorrow morning and his post won’t be listed because it really didn’t exist in the first place! I can only hope that this will be the outcome. :( Wow!

It’s truly amazing.

They will charge us one dollar, but the real question is how much money will it take to “administrate” that one dollar? Put that dollar up to your ear before they take it. Can you hear the flushing sound?

Health Insurance Premiums have steadily risen an average of 28% annually since 2000. Health insurance premiums rose 49% during the Bush administration. Obama Care is far from the best solution, but it is a small step in the right direction.

Even in this horrible economy. The number 1 cause of bankruptcy remains to be from the direct high cost of uncontrolled medical expenses to people who have health insurance.

It is not a question of “If your health fails” It is a question of when your “Health Insurance fails YOU when you need it the most”

The ungodly Republican’s mantra is “Remove and replace” relative to Obamacare. But, they keep bantering about the removal, but they have yet to give us what they will replace it with? Is sure must be a top secret, huh?

After Obamacare passed my private paid health insurance DOUBLED!!

My health care keeps going up. There were many raises in health care insurance cost over the last 20 years, much higher than the ave cost of living increases.

I’m so glad that my college kid can still be on my insurance as opposed to using free care at CHC like so many other young people are forced to do.


Why did it double? Give us actual facts of why it did, thanks!

I was not given actual facts by my insurance company, unfortunately, it just doubled.


It just doubled, and you don’t know the reason why? So, you just “assume” that it was because of Obama cares? LOL!!!

I truly doubt your claim of it doubling in two years without you questioning it, or getting other quotes if it is not a part of your employee healthcare plan.

Furthermore, on average, the U.S healthcare costs ONLY HAVE DOUBLED IN THE LAST TEN YEARS!

So, tell us, why are YOU so special with your healthcare costs doubling in only two years, whereas, on the average in the USA, it’s only doubled in the last ten years?

Here’s that scary concept, can you show us empirical evidence of it allegedly doubling in the last two years? I know, it requires that “proof” thingy, but nonetheless, if you can’t show us the proof of your claim, then your statements are once again based upon “assertions!” :(

Maybe you tell us your healthcare provider so WE can look up the stats for you, okay? Thanks.

“It is not a question of “If your health fails” It is a question of when your “Health Insurance fails YOU when you need it the most”

Been there done that. On more than one occasions my insurance company has failed me. One goal of Blue Cross is out price women, especially 40+ year old women.

I have several stories of being victimized by BC and I could very easily be one of those bankruptcy statistics. I HATE private insurance companies. I don’t hate too many things but absolutely HATE them. They are murderers and they have put my family through hell for many years. I had a doc that said that he couldn’t in good conscience operate on a Blue Cross executive as he’s had so many bad incidents with their insurance co.. One of the top if not the top doc in SLO country, president of the SLO Medical Association: “They are bastards”, that’s what he said to me when talking about Blue Cross. But it’s not just Blue Cross, they’re just the biggest b@st@rds. Perhaps that why they’re trying to change their name to ‘Anthem’, kinda why Amway changed their name, they realized that the name leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

I’m more than happy to pay it. I wonder what else I’ll be happy about, regarding Obamacare?


Obama cares, yes! At this point, the three health care situaitons below arenow in use!

Let’s see, are you happy that health insurance companies can no longer end or refuse to renew coverage unless you have misrepresented yourself or your medical situation or if fraud has been committed? Yes?

Wait, are you happy about Obama care that requires all health insurance companies and all health insurance plansare to cover both immunizations and preventive care?

Okay, this one you have to like, It used to be that unmarried children could be covered under a parent’s health insurance plan until the age of 22. Under Obama Care, that age is changed to 26 as long as the child remains unmarried. If you have children at home, that can’t find a job due to the drunken sailor Republican spending within the Bush era, you have to like that they’re covered under your health insurance until 26 years of age, yes?

Yes, from now on, Obamacare just gets better, praise Jesus!

A 26 year old–married or single, unemployed or working–is NOT a child.


Granted! Now that the fluff is out of the way, what about the three propositions that I mentioned that you should be enjoying at this time?

Yes, but if you are putting that (to me their kids) kid through college it sure helps. In the past most young people didn’t even have insurance. Many young women utilize the free clinics for their exams and birth control,,BTW who pays for those free clinics? Most kids don’t make enough in their early 20s to afford med insurance so if their job doesn’t provide it as many don’t these days then they’re scr#wed.

Tarbhcac! (which in Irish Gaelic means…bullsh*t) They are gonna “fine-tune” each and every one of us into poverty.

Our company health insurance has gone up 30% since obama care, we have changed plans 2 years in a row to try and maintain coverage .

Painful now and soon to be agonizing.


Why has it gone up 30 percent?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Mine went up 30% in the last year just as the insurance companies threatened to do if health reform passed. But it certainly has gone up a lot lot over the last several years, long before Obama got into office. But yes, they did increase the rates by approx 30%. The recent rate increases was a way for the insurance companies to turn people off of health care reform and as you can see it’s working. It was a very calculated move by the insurance industry.

Ask Blue Shied and Blue Cross, guess their cost of business went up so they passed it on.


Your Blue Shield CEO, Bruce Bodaken, only earned 4.6 million last year, could this be a factor of your costs going up? Notwithstanding, those other individuals within the hierarchy earning lessor amounts, but still in the millions!

With healthcare costs going up, and the reasoning behind this fact, is mind-numbing to figure out! This is barring the fact of healthcare companies sitting upon BILLIONS of dollars in cash reserves.

Subjectively, this is just another reason why we should have Universal single payor healthcare, not only will this eliminate lobbiests, but it will GET THE DAMN PROFIT OUT OF SOMEONE DYING OF CANCER!



Are you saying that it’s not because of Obama cares? Now what is the other faction going to use now?


QUICK, GET A HOLD OF MKANEY ABOVE AND TELL HIM OF YOUR HEALTHCARE PLAN, BECAUSE HIS DOUBLED IN ONLY TWO YEARS BECAUSE OF OBAMACARES! Even though Obamacare was signed into law on March 23, 2010! Not two years as mkaney has proffered, but who needs to count when you throw assertions out as fact! LOL

Show him your healthcare so he can save probably 70 percent in the future!!!!!! Quick!!!!

Ted, Ted, Ted….you need to learn to pick your battles. You are wrong. Health Insurance premiums have indeed increased in the last 3 years, more so in the last 2 years. I have plenty of proof for you. I can provide you underwriting, RAF factor calculations, and have any health insurance company of your choosing speak to you directly about these increases. You feel the need to challenge people on this matter….well, challenge away!


Conversely, you should not only pick your battles, as you so miserably failed in the USPS thread, but be able to READ in what others actually say when you do!

You were responding to my post above, in which I facetiously stated for Robert to get a hold of mkaney post haste. This is because Roberts1’s healthcare only went up 30 percent in the last two years, whereas, mkaney’s went up 100 percent!!! Robert1 could have saved mkaney 70 percent! Get it???!!!

I am NOT arguing the fact that health care costs have gone up, it’s in what time period and the percentage when they did! Understand? My facts show that it has doubled over the last ten years, and NOT doubled in the last two years as mkaney proffers. Understand?

Thank you.