Grover Beach man sentenced for sister death

February 23, 2012

Theo Evan Macey

A Grover Beach man who plead no-contest to a charge child endangerment that followed the drug overdose death of his 17-year-old sister was sentenced to 91 days credit for time served in the San Luis Obispo County Jail. [Tribune]

Theo Evan Macey, 27, allegedly provided his sister methadone. She was found dead from a multiple drug overdose on the morning of May 5 at a Nipomo home Macey shared with his girlfriend.

As part of a plea agreement, the charge of furnishing methadone to a minor was dropped.

Ilan Funke-Bilu, Macey’s attorney, successfully argued that his client was both a defendant and a victim who had lost the most precious person in his life.

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Victim???? REALLY Ilan?? Did you get in this guys stash? If she (sister) had found this guys stuff and used it without his knowledge, while still responibile to a degree for having in the house, I could see your arguement a little but HE GAVE IT TO HER!!! Victim? The only victim here Ilan was the justice system.

One more. 91 days is a joke. I don’t think he needs to go away forever but I think he should have got 2-3 years. That would be about a fair sentence for the CRIME.

What purpose would be served if he spent more time in prison?

I know how you feel about prison sentences from prior comments. While I understand your point of crowded prisons, the problem I have with our sentencing of this and white collar crime anymore, is that the more we give out paltry sentences, the more that anyone wanting to risk a crime, figures that if not much time if caught, then the risk isn’t so great.

It isn’t even so much the over crowding, although that is an important issue but to me it’s the costs involved. It’s a lot of money to house someone like this. IMO we should only lock up those that are a threat to the public. I don’t know all the mitigating factors in this case so I can’t really make a fair opinion but I would imagine that this guy is a drug addict that didn’t mean to kill his sister. He could possible be punishing himself more than a prison sentence could. I don’t know his history. I’d like to hear what his family says and I’d like to know if he has a record full of violent prior offences and if so then for the public’s safety then yes I can see locking him up. Study after study shows that the threat of prison isn’t a deterrent or I would say lock up anyone if it will prevent them re-committing a crime but that’s just not the case. On face value the only thing locking this guy up would do would be to cost us a lot of money. IMO we will pay for this guy and I would rather money go somewhere else like our schools. Also IMO this guy should be paying us not the other way around.

I think a better punishment would hae been community service maybe working with drug addicts or those addicted to liquor or whatever. 1000 hours might even help him. Or children that have lost their parents through addiction of one kind or another.

God Bless all

I agree. At least he’d be doing something productive and giving back to society rather than just taking.