Grover Beach man’s plane strayed into Obama’s airspace

February 17, 2012

A plane loaded with a large amount of marijuana was forced to land after it strayed into President Barack Obama’s no-fly zone over Los Angeles on Thursday. [LATimes]

U.S. Air Force jet fighters forced the pilot of the four-seat Cessna owned by David W. Major, 52, of Grover Beach to land at the Long Beach Airport. The plane entered restricted airspace as the president was flying into Los Angeles aboard Marine One, a military helicopter provided for his use.

Federal agents detained the pilot after discovering what they described as a large amount of marijuana on board. Because of an ongoing drug investigation, the name of the pilot is not being released.

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Meh, don’t believe a word of it…..

….it was a campaign donation flight….


What a freaking dumbass…

At least look at the flight plans in your area…

I could care less if he is carrying pot, but I sure axs want to know if my government is tracking those who have more dangerous intentions in mind

Remember , 09/11/01 they had flying permits to land but not to take off.

Simple pimple…

It is possible and is a daily occurrence to fly VFR right under and through the LAX TCA Class Bravo airspace without talking to any body. The corridor takes you literally right over the top of LAX which is the safest place to cross avoiding landing and departing aircraft. If I had to guess, this was the route this pilot was headed. Because he wasn’t talking to SoCal Approach, which would have routed him AROUND the TFR, he flew right into it. On any other day, he would have gone unnoticed. He just picked a bad day to stay off the radios.