Police raid massage parlors

February 18, 2012

A sweep of nine massage parlors located in San Luis Obispo County failed to produce any arrests for prostitution amidst numerous complaints from concerned residents. [Tribune]

Paso Robles police and federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents checked the immigration status of the employees at five massage shops in Paso Robles. At one shop, officers discovered lacey negligees, hand sanitizer, baby oil and mouth wash, but no evidence of prostitution.

In other shops, it appeared some of the employees were illegally living on the premises. Owners were warned of the violation, but not cited.

In an unusual move, Paso Robles police allowed Tribune photographers and reporters to cover a post-enforcement briefing other members of the media were not informed of.

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies and ICE agents preformed similar sweeps at two massage businesses in Atascadero, one in Nipomo and one in Los Osos.

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What surprises me is two things:

First, why just the Tribune? Sounds too close to ‘we give you the story and you print it.” I hope that’s not whats going on here.

Secondly, call me naive, but I thought all the amateurs replaced the need for professionals long ago.

What a complete waste of taxpayer funding! Even those who don’t live in Paso Robles are stuck with the bill for the federal agents (FBI) who were assigned to this ridiculous effort to make it look like Solomon and her officers are actually doing something to make PR safer.

And how bright are these FBI agents, anyway? There they were, in the same room with a female who has been accused by many of illegally groping males, against their will, for her own benefit. Many of her victims are afraid to speak out against this illegal groping because of the PR City government mob that provides protection to her and her illegal sexual practices.

This has been discussed repeatedly over the last two weeks, both in articles and in message-board discussions.

Yet these FBI agents couldn’t find the obvious accused, government-mob-protected, sexual predator, when she was in the same room with the FBI agents?

No wonder they couldn’t find any other prostitutes operating in the city. I’m surprised they could find their own kiester if it didn’t have a label and a kleig light focuse don it.

Pimpin’ ain’t easy

Ha ha I give you this. a map with no prostitutes. What is a lonely man to do?


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