Pair accused of doing meth in front of a child

February 16, 2012

Clyde Cody Roberts

A man and a woman are suspected of doing methamphetamine at a hotel room they shared with the woman’s nine-year-old son.

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies arrested Clyde Cody Roberts, 22 of San Miguel and Shanna Diane Calderwood, 34, at the Avalon Motel on Spring Street in Paso Robles where Calderwood had been staying for several months with her son.

Police tested the boy for exposure to methamphetamine once they found evidence of meth use in the room. The test results returned positive on Wednesday morning and Calderwood was arrested on child endangerment charges.

The boy has been placed with Child Protective Services.

Police arrested Roberts for selling methamphetamine and two outstanding warrants.

Calderwood and Roberts remain in San Luis Obispo County Jail with her bail set at $100,000 and his at $55,000.

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The smirk smile photos speaks volumes about this sad loser…

And for any of you folks that sit at home and so easily put down the fire service or the sheriffs dept.for their hard work you need to SFTU…

This is THE most dangerous aspect of any firefighters or first responders response,” a dwelling with a possible meth lab”. Those who post here have no idea what it takes to do the job required and how much danger there is involved…

It’s very easy and very safe to sit back in a chair and blog safely as an anomalous poster, but it is entirely another a different situation as the actual call goes out to respond 24/7 to a possible unknown. IIs it a tone out to a call for a very dangerous situation or just a frivolous 911, we do not judge, we just go?

We go not knowing what all the circumstances are, but we risk our lives in order to assure public safety. So if any of you “safely ensconced folks” want to criticize any fire station and make your whining knonwn… Please feel free to come by any fire station and volunteer to join in order to show us how we can better do our jobs…

I take great offense those who attack LEO and Fire fighters repeatedly for what they do.

You have no idea what we see and respond to everyday, we pick up and deal with all of your trash and do it without asking why or how much…

If just one of you whiners could see what I see wh\at I do on just one call, you would shut the hell up and disappear. You could not handle the severity of what happens but you blog daily about how you hate us and how it could be done better.

I for one would love to see you try…

You’re a fireman!? I had no idea. Good for you and I agree with your post. As long as humans are involved there will always be a few bad seeds and that goes for every profession but over all I have no problem with the firemen or the cops and I give them a lot of credit for doing difficult jobs. I really like the cops and firemen where I live, they’re great! It’s too bad though that Cortez didn’t win the Sheriffs race.

Quote: “You have no idea what we see and respond to everyday, we pick up and deal with all of your trash and do it without asking why or how much…”

Mmmmmm no….. I think he’s a Trash Man?


Did you know that Cortez was Chief of Police under City Manager Kevin Rice?

Yes, but Cortez was not a product of KR. Cortez was a good chief in spite of Rice.

You are preaching to the choir. Been there, done it, now retired.

I think that most posters who “attack” fire fighters and LEOs, don’t do it because they think the jobs are easy or safe. They do it because they think the rewards (especially retirement benefits) are disproportionately high.

In the case of LEOs in particular, they (and I) have huge problems with the tendency of officers to not hold each other to the same — or even higher — standards of behavior that the law expects from the rest of us. Abuse of power by those to whom it is entrusted, whether from bad training or bad attitude, should not be tolerated in a free society.

These are the basis for most criticisms. Taking the rare rantings of some idiot and projecting it upon those of us with more reasonable views is the kind of “straw man” demagoguery one expects to find in a Glenn Beck rant. Please don’t engage in it.

If you disagree with the economic argument, fine. Make your point but respect those of others too. If you can produce an acceptable explanation for “covering” for the morally bankrupt or incompetent among your “brothers”, I would like to hear it. No one has yet made a case for that to me. It is always, “You wouldn’t understand.”

I must say this is exactly the kind of comment that got the FD all the flack in recent months. You’re provided the finest equipment,the finest modern communications,the finest in training and really nobody disputes the dangers of your job. However there are lots of dangerous jobs, far worst than yours,where your dead no questions asked simply because your there, the players get far lesser pay and have no equipment shined up and ready to be put to use and those who perform it do it without the arrogance or threats of putting the city on its knees if they don’t give you what they want. So to you I say perhaps you should STFU . Your gripes pale in comparison to those I refer to, when you decide to show us how humble you really are and get some hair on your balls come back and try again. Next time we’ll play Oh Woe is Me for you and we can all hold hands and sing along.

Bulldozing seedy cheap motels would help flush out the vermin like this. However these might be good traps for law enforcement, kind of like flies on flypaper.

Looser low life’s . They are everywhere, raising children, living in motels. cooking cheap assed dugs that are pure poison. A complete disconnect from what almost everyone agrees is a good lifestyle.

What the hell is the answer? More jails? You tell me. Jails seem to be a cushy time- out . Courts decree against any kind of real punishment. The only winners are the incarceration factories. Anyone got an idea?

I imagine his smug assed face would have a different visage if he was looking at six months on a chain gang making small rocks out of big ones in the middle of town

Perhaps, but the real truth is he’s smiling because he now gets color TV, 3 hot meals a day, a roof over his head, a nice library full of books, a gym, religious,dental,medical and physiological services all compliments of those who pay taxes.

I’m puzzled…if they have a picture of this guy’s ugly mug, however smug, where is the picture of his tweaker girlfriend? She didn’t look too pretty on the TV.

Glad these scumbags are off the streets. Hopefully the kid has some clean & sober relatives to take care of him.

Kudos to the sheriffs who arrested these tweakers. Interesting that Paso’s police dept didn’t nab ’em but it was–once again–the county sheriff who came to the rescue in darn near paradise.

That was my first thought, and then the article referred to “police”. So it’s a little vague on who did the pinch. But given PRPD’s response to drug sales which was to pass on the information to the now defunct NTF, I can only assume that the Sheriff’s SPU was on the ball and is doing the job that the boys in blue would be happy to do but are prevented from doing by mind numbing policy. Good job SO.

This provides a good reason for drug testing welfare recipients.

Nice try; when Florida implemented mandatory drug testing for welfare recipients, as the results starting coming in, the results were surprising to say the least. 2 % were found to be using drugs, which is less than the general population as an average. Link here to the story as it happened in Florida before the Supreme Court decided to put the drug testing on hold. Your assertion that drug testing welfare recipients somehow is a “good idea” is thoroughly discredited.

There is probably a higher percent of Florida State legislators who would test positive for meth or cocaine than there is the percentage of Florida State welfare participants.

In this economy? We still get the knee-jerk welfare-mom-as-the-root-of-all-evil-in-society crap?

Were these two druggies on welfare? I missed that part of the story.

These tweakers probably didn’t even NEED welfare. The 22 year old dealer was probably making enough tax-free cash to support the mom & her kid at the run-down motel.

i don’t know how anyone can stand that stuff. If I drink a whole can of Pepsi I feel like cr@p from the caffeine. I hate that feeling of my heart racing, having the jitters, not being able to sleep and feeling tense.

Poor kid. I hope she has a good home to go to.

This guy is accussed of possiblly giving the kid meth. What in the HELL is he smiling about in the mug shot? I for one would LOVE to smash that smile and teeth right down his throat!!!!

Hey moron this isn’t picture day. Nothing to smile about. It’s a mug shot because YOU’RE AN IDIOT!!!

The kid was EXPOSED to meth. The chemicals from making and smoking can react with observers. The test is used, as I understand it, as after-the-fact proof that they did meth or made meth near the child and supports the child endangerment charges. The KID did not necessarily take or use meth.

Well with how DANGEROUS the chemicals are for making it, that is even WORSE in my book. Either way the guy is a shithead, do you not agree???

FYI another media report said that the guy was arrested for SELLING meth, which–in my book–DOES make him a $hithead. Drug dealers are scum, period.

Meth is just a bunch of highly toxic chemicals not fit for human consumption. Hard for me to think of it as a recreational drug, more like a toxic cocktail of slow death.

Yeah, pseudonephrine with a twist. A proportion of “non-drug-users” routinely use pseudonephrine for allergies.

I’m not saying that there aren’t casmalia-level crap with which dealers cut meth. I’m just saying that some of the chemicals “normal” people take on a daily basis for legitimate reasons.

So is that what it boils down to? The “scum” are those who can’t come up with the politically-correct-excuse-for-using du juor?

When you watch how meth is made, there are numerous toxic chemicals involved that are not over the counter remedies and were never intended for human ingestion via orifice or vein. Same goes for cocaine. Watch a video on how it’s made….full of toxic chemicals and substances.

Mary, watch Breaking Bad on AMC. It accurately portrays how meth destroys people’s lives–the dealer, the families, the user. Meth is not merely “pseudonephrine with a twist.” And yes, dealers ARE “scum”.

That’s the best show on TV (besides the Daily Show). I love Breaking Bad. The acting is phenomenal. I can’t wait till the new season starts. You’re absolutely right thought, meth is much more than pseudoephedrine with a twist.

Not to worry. He won’t have teeth soon.

Maybe he’s smiling because he’s a bit smug. He’s probably not a user of meth–compare his photo to the mom’s (on other media sites). She’s 34 but looks 54. He still looks like a scraggly-haired 22 year old. He’s a smug & confident dealer who knows that once he’s outta jail, he has hundreds of cash-paying customers ready to buy his product again. :(