San Miquel man accused of molesting children

February 24, 2012

Johnny Flores

A San Miquel man is accused of befriending parents of children under 14 years-of-age so that he could molest their children.

San Luis Obispo Sheriff deputies arrested Johnny Manuel Flores, 47 a civilian employee at Camp Roberts, and charged him with multiple counts of child molestation.

Paso Robles Police first learned of an alleged incident last October while a separate investigation began in November in rural San Miguel, which is in the Sheriff’s jurisdiction.

Deputies booked Flores into the San Luis Obispo County Jail where he is being held on $1,000,000 bail.

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“A San Miquel man is accused of befriending parents of children under 14 years-of-age so that he could molest their children.”

That’s a bullshit lead. CCN just took what KSBY broke yesterday. And all of the local media should be ashamed for using that same lead. I only know of one family involved here, and I can tell you straight up that he has known them for a few years. He didn’t “befriend” them to get to their children. And it’s my opinion that the parents should be investigated. Hard partiers. As Johnny was. Alcohol does wierd shit to some people.I’m sure there’s a back story to all of this, but CCN and the rest won’t look into it. So much for truth in media.

Something else that pisses me off is the fact that the media is allowed to name and post the mugshots of individual’s who have “ALLEGED” to have committed a crime such as this. Remember the McMartin case years ago? And 4-1/2 months to investigate this? I wonder what has been put into the heads of the children during that time by the parents and the Psychologists who have interviewed them. Again, the McMartin case.

If Johnny is guilty of these allegations, then he is where he should be. But if he is not, and only the parents [if you want to call them that], and God know that he is innocent, then an innocent man will be spending a long time in prison. Unfortunately in cases such as this, the accused is automatically guilty, and must prove his innocence, if he is truly innocent.


There is an even possibility at this point

Your post is something to really think about

Its a good post

Alcohol does wierd shit to some people.

So if he did do it then he was not culpable because he was drunk? That’s some bullshit justification right there dude!

You’re an idiot. That wording was not meant to justify anything. Go back to your hole …

how can i get in contact with u? VIP

Innocent until proven guilty!!!

“Johnny Manuel Flores, 47: befriending parents of children under 14 years-of-age so that he could molest their children”

How low can one crawl!

Does anyone know why it took 4 months to arrest this guy? I’m not trying to be snarky…just sincerely wondering how a kid could get molested in Oct yet the perp doesn’t go to jail until Feb.

If a child (children) were involved, wouldn’t the Paso cops speed it up a bit? I didn’t realize an investigation could take that long.

Kelly Gearhart three plus years. Yea they can take a while sometimes.

Lol btdt it must suck to be you

Paso got it first in October.

Then for some unknown reason Sheriff got it in November.

Chief Lisa Solomon wouldn’t allow the PRPD officers to respond to the call? Just guessing…


I am not the parent, who knows what baggage they toll if any at all.

Myself, if Paso PD did not take action, and Sheriff did not take action, it is not beyond me to take the law into my own hands on something like this if it was for real (and I certaintly would not let them know).

But I am guessing that the parent let the same sentiment be known (to the Sheriffs) to pressure some action to be taken.

Just guessing for conversation sake

cynicalatbest has bought up new good points to think about, so I’m re-open for more to come.

Lisa Swallowqueen oops Solomon has been keeping her force focusing on her and watching their own backs. Leaves little time for law enforcement to do their jobs. Notice how many cases are just now coming to light? Groping a man’s penis against his will is sexual assault… am I wrong?