App to Solomon: Lovely Lisa Meter Maid

March 20, 2012

Manager Jim App


Paso Robles City Manager Jim App labeled Police Chief Lisa Solomon as “Lovely Lisa Meter Maid” in one of a number of sometimes bizarre emails between top city staff, in which App also identified himself as “P.B.G. phat bald guy.”

In his emails to key staff, App often signs off with “Don-key-ho-tee., or Word. J,” or “Danke!”

CalCoastNews requested all emails between certain city and police officials for the past six months, but received only a portion. City officials have not explained the deficiency. But several sources have told CalCoastNews that within the past several months, App ordered the city’s information technology (IT) department to delete emails older than three months.

For example, no emails between App, Solomon, and key police administrators have yet been provided that discuss the three-month barrage of allegations against Solomon, other than one App reference to “that other matter.” Sources in the department said that one day’s usual exchange of emails from Solomon and her top brass would number as many as 20.

Solomon used an obscenity to describe the intellectual level of individual  members of the Paso Robles City Council, and put her thought in writing to her boss, City Manager Jim App.

Solomon wrote in an August 2011 email that she was displeased that Council Member Fred Strong had talked to a CalCoastNews reporter about a police department issue. She also was dismayed that the city’s Mayor, Duane Picanco, was asserting he was unaware of a major new police policy called “safe mode.”

Solomon called the issue “complex” and wrote, “It also would be very helpful to me if council members would let me know when the press is poking around for a story so I am aware. We need to send to council a message to let me speak for the department.”

App wrote back, “The message should include diplomatic urgings to direct police related inquiries to the chief.”

Solomon’s “diplomatic urging” was in her response to App: “Fucking morons.”  The first four letters of the first word of the two-word retort was redacted by City Attorney Iris Yang, and was one of several hundred email messages between city officials obtained by CalCoastNews under Public Records Act requests.

Officials have gotten temporarily stingy with public records relating to the Solomon matter, but the limited email copies officials were willing to share were not without interest.

One was from Don Gentile, senior editor of the National Enquirer, who wrote on January 27 to Solomon: “We are preparing a story about the city’s alleged investigation into sexual harassment on your part against male officers in Paso Robles. We are asking for a comment.”

Solomon’s email to App: “I’m not responding.”

App: “Good grief.”

Without specificity, App wrote that same day to the city’s executive managers and Marlaine Sanders, head of the Human Resources Department: “We are distributing the attached to the media and public to acknowledge that allegations in CalCoastNews are noted, why we can’t comment, but generally assure that we are doing what we are supposed to do in these matters.”

Some of App’s emails to top staff in February were curious: “The order of department presentations follows the sequence of your reports in the meeting materials. (1) P.B.G. phat bald guy (intro); (2) Megatron; (3) Jimmy the ‘T’; (4) Jooo-leee; (5) Edwick (the Scot); (6) Dougie Doug; (7) Ken (but no Barbie); (8) (Lovely) Lisa (Meter Maid).

“Duane (Picanco) will likely invite council Q&A with each of the Magnificent Seven. Public comments likely after all-y’all be done. Can ewe pheel it like a phingurrtip? Word. Uhn. J”

Than App followed with this note about an upcoming social function: “To all staff re: Saturday nosh: “Roasted bean squeezing’s, bagels und phruit in da am, sammies, rabbit nibblers and phinger-sweets mid-day. Nuf fer 35, Dig? J.”

One exchange between App and Solomon  refers to requests by CalCoastNews and New Times for specific records, and calls them “fishing expeditions.”

Solomon’s emails show that in November she identified Paso Robles’ $78 million lottery winner to all officers and dispatch, and gave his address and nickname.

She revealed in August that a New Times reporter tipped police about drug use in two local bars, and then discusses with Lt. Tim Murphy an office romance between two department personnel: “Is love still in the air around here?”

Murphy: “Yes, I believe so.”

The officials then talked about getting a written statement from both people that their relationship was consensual.

Jack L

Karma bats last. App is history. The emails will dictate his fate.


It was common knowlege that App routinely made demeaning remarks about employees and council. He would cheer when people quit due to their negative work environment, and people left in droves in several departments. This wasn’t just the incentive program. People were unhappy with executive directors, Human resources, and App.


I think spying on the union will be his Waterloo…


Thank you Daniel Blackburn and Karen Velie. You are the voice for us who feel we have no voice. Now lets clean out the rest of the stinking hole!


Mayor Duane Picanco and City Manager James App have a chat after canning Police Chief Lisa Solomon:



Where is Boob Cuddy these days?


Don’t let this App guy off the hook…


Thanks again, Dan. Please don’t like this App thing off the hook. This guy is a demented scumbag. Please NAIL him on the union spying.


Swamp Gas has overcome … Long Live Swamp Gas !!!


Where is the Attorney General? Where is Sheriff Parkinson? Are we really left to the whims of Jim App and a bunch of political eunichs?

This police department is in crisis. The sheriff really needs to step in and take over the operation of law enforcement and we citizens of Paso Robles need to vote in reform candidates to the city council. Then we can decide whether to contract with the sheriff for law enforcement or hire a new chief who will deal with our gang oroblems and clear out the lops like Captain Burton and Lieutenant Lewis..