Cleaning up Paso Robles from the inside

March 16, 2012

Gary Nemeth


I have been asked what it takes to make the changes necessary to bring back the community we all remember. I have found that difficult situations such as what we have been going through often bring out qualities in all of us that otherwise might not have risen to the surface, such as courage, faith, and our need for one another.

As a Mayor and leader the following are what I believe are prerequisites: character, candor, conviction and honesty.

Whatever this council decides to do is too little and too late. Any action taken now is strictly taken to protect their reelection and shaky reputation.

In considering my option for mayor I looked at first starting to make changes from the top, the community must regain their trust and confidence in the mayor and council. That will not happen with the current council and top management in place.

The community must elect a mayor that the community respects, has trust and confidence in.  The community must know that the mayor has no hidden agenda, has only the best interest of every person in Paso in mind regarding all decisions made.

As I consider the office of mayor, I will provide careful deliberation and decisive action doing my best not to add to the fiscal crisis we already face. It is time for real leadership, progress and accountability; which is what this council lacks. What I sadly discovered is that some city staff has too much influence and power over the decisions that the council should be making as elected representatives of the people of Paso Robles.

Leaders who are elected to lead should do just that, lead, not be told what to do by those that work for them. How many times do we need to hear, “let’s do a study,” “we have no money,” “wait till after the election” or “just wait, wait, wait,” then they vote to spend money elsewhere. After hearing the excuses so many times the council hopes you will give up and go away.

Once the mayor and two effective council persons are in place, then to start with a change in city manager and city attorney can be made. The city manager for so many reasons, the emails between Chief Lisa Solomon and  Manager Jim App destroy any trust/confidence in the relationship between the employees, management and council, and if this is how they feel /treat those that work for them what do they think of the citizens?

The alleged intimidation of city employees, micro managing their every move, alleged attitude towards the public and applicants. The $1.4 million unfunded liabilities in vacation leave that has been run up according to the San Luis Obispo County Grand Jury. The city manager is not a dictator, and is intended to work for the council not the other way around. The job description needs to be redone, absolute power corrupts absolutely and that will change.

How can we trust a city attorney that allegedly states the wrong numbers were due to: (1) computer system error, (2) the State DOJ had it wrong, or (3) human error starting in 2002?

Nowhere does Attorney Iris Yang attribute any blame to those responsible for filling out the forms, or making sure they are correct prior to submission to the city manager, city council, DOJ or the media. Excuse after excuse? Did the city attorney provide advice about the emails to Solomon, App and council regarding negotiations?

Chief Solomon and the alleged problems are too numerous to list. Why has the council waited so long to act or speak out on any of the problems or provide support to the community? Personnel rules that have not been updated since 1998, who is kidding who: we as a community cannot allow this to continue.

As mayor, I would start here making these recommendations for changes keeping the community aware of the progress.  This would only be a start, the first step in rebuilding the trust and confidence in the position of mayor and the city; I believe we have lost that trust/confidence in our elected leaders over the past years and with your help I intend to bring it back.


Please Paso…please bring in new faces, new energy…this circus has become dark and

the tent is tattered and leaking…The pool of individuals that are in and around this city

government are too involved with the same things that has held the city back and dang

near brought it to ruin…it is going to take something like what happen in Carmel, when

Clint Eastwood came in and ran for mayor to clean up the good-ole-boy network, which

he did. We need a progressive outsider that is not afraid of growth and taking a entire

new direction for the city…this group has not and can not even get the pot holes all over

town fixed, much less straighten up the water issues, the police department, problem

with the schools, the gang and drug problem and on and on…

With the setting, the wine business, the logistics between LA and San Fran, hot springs,

an ocean 30 minutes away, all the incredible restaurants, shops downtown, finally some

art gallerys, and on and on, this town should be a wealthy town like Aspen, Boulder,

Telluride, Santa Fe…

The city leaders are more concerned about keeping outsiders out of the city government,

running off events like the West Coast Kustoms Car Show, the Winery Music Awards,

covering up the hot springs with a friggin’ parking lot, working to stop progressive growth,

and the attitude from the so called leaders has filtered to the tourist bureau, the chamber,

the Main Street Association where the are such a locked in “good-ole-boy and girl” mind

set that no one from outside their small and small minded circle gets a hearing…

Reading the hundreds and hundreds of comments here on Calcoast News, and now the

coverage and comments in other papers and on TV and Radio Stations, we see that there

are many many people “Mad as hell and are not going to take it any more…” Many are

commenting that they are packing up and leaving town…and soon all of this is going to

hit the National news and people/tourist are going to stop in A-Town and other destinations

and not this back-ass-wards town…

Meanwhile look at the corruption that now has spilled over to so many areas of the city,

that how could anyone think that someone from the “inside” is going to be able to make

any change…the changes can not wait the many years it would take these same ole

same ole folks folks to free themselves from the same ole way of doing things…we need

a new young dynamic leader that can understand how a small town as this can dig out

of the hole…a perfect example of the CLOSED SYSTEM here is how the Fair Grounds


NUMBER ONE HORSE TO RIDE IS TOURISM!!!!!! And these people are afraid of

anybody that did not grow up here…the town is dying and needs EMERGENCY CARE…


You made some very good points, but we can’t put all our eggs in the tourism basket. We don’t have the summer weather to do that. We need light industry and tech that bring in regular families and provides jobs, and we can’t make the people of Paso pay for tourism when they can’t get their roads repaired, get semi truck traffic diverted out of the neighborhoods, and can’t protect their own areas from undue traffic, gangs, and “events”. When people can’t drive to town in a reasonable amount of time, they are not going to be happy with an invasion of tourists and bicyclists. Most residents want the basics first–water, sanitation, and roads. We are tired of making sacrifices while supporting ” wine events” with taxpayer money. The vineyards are taking all the water from the North County aquifer, and that’s why we are having to pay for Naci water. They bring in illegals and dump them on the city and schools. The wineries pay taxes to the county, not to us. The city does not get the real benefit from wineries.

The next mayor needs to clean up the city, and I don’t think a complete outsider is necessarily an asset. This new mayor will have to figure out all the secret deals that App has made with developers and others and see if we are obligated to fulfill our part. The Nacimiento water project is dependent on these agreements as is the waste water plant financing. Already the city is talking about changing or raising rates.

The first thing that has to happen is a new mayor/council. The City Manager and Chief of Police have to go. Then the worthless City Attorney is next.


Good points Citizen! I agree, now that I think more about it, tourism is not the only income we can hang our hat on, and more and more as gas prices rise, less and less people are going to venture very far from home. Tech industry, movies or tv shows being shot in town, and some other creative ideas should for sure be put on the table


Stop. That too fantastic. You should be ashamed of yourself. This town does not need someone, or a group of outside someone’s, to ride in and save it.

The town is not dying. The theater is not on fire.

There are issues here, like everywhere, but selling the soul of the community to cater to rich people is not the solution.

Anyone active in this community knows plenty of people, “Not from here” that are contributing and participating.

Paso does not need an outsider to take this community in an entirely new direction. The growth has been good, the direction is good.

This town needs thoughtful, informed people to make thoughtful, informed decisions in the best interest of the communities future. Not easy.

Taking the game board and throwing it in the air, will not help.

Be more responsible.


If we were playing poker, you would fold on this bad hand in Paso City Govt. Deal out some new cards. Anything is better than what we have now.


It’s time to fold our cards? I don’t think we have all aces, but I don’t think we have a 2, 4, 6, 9 and Jack in five card stud.

Maybe I just like it here. I like that we have more restaurants and foot traffic downtown than ever before. I like the wine industry, the fair, IQMS, the park, the clock tower, Joe’s, the kids that my kids are friends with.

For the nth time, I don’t think this town is problem free, and leadership faultfree, (ever, right?) but I think a row boat is better off slowly, going in the right direction than flailing, frantically in circles.

If the leaders need to be changed, great. Upgrade. Improve.


Remember the old Kenny Rogers song?


Yes, I do and I feel like it’s not time to push away from the table.


We do have 6 or 7 jokers.


I would like to play cards with you.

It’s sounds like you put in money every hand, play impulsively and leave early.


I think your metaphorical rowboat is actually one of the lifeboats that needs to save the city by leaving the current Titanic of a city government. The crony-fied city government has corrupted the very skeleton and architecture of the city government, and the city is in danger of sinking.

If your row-boat moves slowly away from the Titanic of a PR city government that is sinking the city, the row-boat is in danger of going down with it.

The direction of the city the corrupt city leadership has placed it on is almost certainly as corrupt as its makers and stewards.

There has to be complete change in the leadership of PR and the advisors (i.e., legal counsel Yang and Seitz), who have taken advantage of PR’s design and architecture to corrupt it to the point of sinking. Once that has been accomplished, a completely new evaluation, with completely new consultants and contractors, needs to be done.

I believe Mr. Nemeth has the right idea on how to approach accomplishing new leadership. Most important, is a top-to-bottom revamp of city policies, consulting with specialists in restructuring a corrupt city into an ethical city that serves its residents first, and makes cronyism impossible.

There are pluses and minuses to every proposed idea for the future of Paso Robles. “Light technical industry” uses water that is going to be extremely expensive for PR to deliver (thanks to the cronyism leadership of PR’s current leaders). There will very likely be associated grade waste that needs special disposal, which is also an extra cost. Can such a business remain competitive?

Tourism uses a lot of water. Again, PR’s water is going to be expensive. Will tourists be willing to pay enough to visit PR to offset the costs to the taxpayer of tourism?


All progress has problems. Let’s not grow. Now prices of houses are too high and no one can get jobs.

Losers will always find problems for solutions.


I am confused as to roll “The Mayor” plays in Paso. From reading all the scandal lately it really seems like the City Manager is the one in charge, and Mayor is just the smiling face.


So are you confused by the President and his relationship with the Joint Chiefs of Staff?

Please don’t vote if you can’t see that many people should be responsible for decision making when running a government. Checks and balances? Confused?


Paso-scott. We’re not confused with the relationship between the President of the United States and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but I am laughing out loud at your explanation. You and Fred Strong must have gotten your explanation from the same source. At least Fred can explain it.


More than one person should make decisions regarding the direction of a community. No one person should be able to dictate.

Sorry, if it didn’t make sense to you. I guess I was trying to say there are many situations where more than one person is involved in making important decisions.

The mayor shouldn’t be just a smiling face and the city manager shouldn’t make all the decisions. I don’t think either is true.


I listen to the City Council meetings. Why does App make all the decisions? Name one decision where the Council has opposed and voted against the directive of the city manager?


Every council member has voted with the city manager on every vote?


Without question?

Without any personal investigation?

Without thought?



No. I asked you to name a case where the city council voted down a Jim App directive. You see. You can’t name anything. Where is the example of Picanco’s leadership?

Why is Lisa Solomon still the Paso Police Chief? After so many misdeeds, not even counting the sexual assault allegations, why is this person earning $240,000 a year. You cannot deny the loaded unregistered gun incident. You cannot deny the bankruptcy leaving businesses all over the county holding the bag. You cannot deny Solomon’s leadership in COPS, investigated by the Attorney General’s Office for fraud. You cannot deny that the Sheriff cleaned up North Paso when our own Chief couldn’t do her job.

Why won’t the city listen to the citizens and repair the streets. Now we have two that have to be repaired or they will be compromised, meaning that the street will have to be torn out and replaced.

Did you graduate from Bauer-Speck Elem., or did you just get a speed pass?

What is wrong with you?


A bully from a distance. Putting me down?

I went to public school, not bauer, and got good grades. I grew up on the central coast, not paso specifically, and have been around.

You implied the council never questioins the city manager and I can tell you believe in solving things through attacks.

It’s not bad if people work together, they can actually get more done.

I never defended Lisa. Why assume I believe in her? I am simply saying Gary is not doing the right thing to get people in Paso behind him. Do I think Duane is better than Gary? You obviously think I do. But what you mistook for support, is simple.

Let me explain again.

Finger pointing and whining, don’t solve problems.

The sky is not falling. The guy who wrote “this town is dying” is an idiot. It’s someone from outside the area who wants to steal the keys to show. Be careful with that. Be grateful you live in such a wonderful place.

Gary is not capable of following the theoretical solutions he wrote down.

You have a horrible perspective and you are rude. You don’t know me, but because I don’t think overreaction is a good way to run community, I am stupid and my opinion is wrong.

Who are you? Not to me, but in life.

Is our country suffering from a lack of quality public discourse? I believe it is. Do we lack this because when two people disagree, one turns and attacks the other instead of taking time to ask and listen?

It’s what you have done here. I don’t care. Live like it sucks here and blame whoever you like.

The SF Chronicle has an article about 20,000 teacher cuts state wide, not the council’s fault. I don’t think JIm made them do it.

You are miserable and you should stop acting like everyone here should be too.


@paso-scott sheesh, I ask a simple question and you go down this path? No checks and balances don’t confuse me. The role of city manager vs mayor confuses me. Spare me your condescension.


Mayor is an elected official that has a vote on the city council. The city manager is hired manage the city. Part of that is advising council.


You are correct.


A very good post. Perhaps this would be a good topic to chew on for awhile. What roll does the Mayor play in actual city management? How about the city managers job and that of the city council members??? Maybe, just maybe some people are not aware of their respective jobs. I would like to hear what others have to say.


It is easy to be a Monday morning quarterback and rant about what you would have done. It’s just as easy as empty rhetoric and vague, theoretical solutions.

It’s is hard to lead. Gary is not fit to lead.

Being a leader takes more than sitting back, waiting, then being critical of the people actually trying to make things better. Perfection is an illusion in government. Pleasing everyone, all the time, is impossible. It’s sad to see you have no platform, no concrete solutions, no real contribution to make and yet you want to be in charge.

When compared to other cities, Paso Robles is wonderful. There are so many strengths, so much success here. Why take every opportunity to criticize? Because you lack what it takes to solve.

Stay out of the mud if you want to be a leader in Paso Robles. If you can prove you are above the muck that CAL COAST NEWS exists on, maybe you have a chance.

No one showed when the lynch mob was supposed to take down Jim and Lisa, because that is not the way to shape leadership and make decisions.

Saying no one wants to hear about the High School quarterback unless he is on drugs or screwing up, which the “leaders” of this blog did on radio, is in stark contrast to the ture spirit of this community.

I want to hear when the girls water polo loses after putting up a good fight in a match. I hope if the quarterback has problems that he gets the help he needs to live up to his potential.

There are problems everywhere, I will take ours over those faced by many communities nation wide.

Stop trying to get over by riding the wave of overreaction.

Don’t yell fire in the theatre, compromise everyone, just to try to prove that the emergency response isn’t perfect.

Contributions instead of criticism!

Wasn’t Gary in leadership? Was it perfect then?


Geez Paso Scott, at least the man is admitting there’s a problem there.



I don’t see parrotting rumors as identifying any specific problems. Nothing he said was insightful.

He is saying he wants to lead and proposing no solutions. That’s a critic not a leader.

Sheesh? I live here and have to suffer the consequences of these tantrums.

I have no more patience for the whining and finger pointing.

If you have solutions, put them out there. IF not, shut up and stay home.



What RUMORS are you referring to?


There are many references to rumors that have yet to be thoroughly investigated.

“The alleged intimidation of city employees, micro managing their every move, alleged attitude towards the public and applicants.”

“How can we trust a city attorney that allegedly states the wrong numbers were due to: (1) computer system error, (2) the State DOJ had it wrong, or (3) human error starting in 2002?”

“Chief Solomon and the alleged problems are too numerous to list. Why has the council waited so long to act or speak out on any of the problems or provide support to the community?”

Three instances refer to alleged situations. Those are rumors. Not substantiated. Is it possible the council is waiting for facts?

It sounds like Gary doesn’t need those to move forward. If he were on the council or the mayor right now, he would be doing the exact same thing they are. It’s silly to suggest otherwise.


The solution is pretty simple, actually. Get rid of Jim App, Lisa Solomon, and the current City Council. Direct enough for you?


You really believe that is the solution.

We get class sizes back to 20 kids per teacher. The state budget won’t be an issue and we get all the money due to our community. Gas prices come down. More jobs come to town, that support one earner families. Current and future development becomes manageable. Our traffic circulation issues cease to exist. The water issues, and statewide drought, get resolved. Gangs pack up, and take there DRUGS, and leave.

Awesome! Do it! WE don’t even need other people to replace the ones that are there now.

Lynch MOB! GET EM!

I miss the cruise.


Wow! “When compared to other cities, Paso Robles is wonderful”, which cities were you referring to? The cities who haven’t experienced rampid uncontrolled growth, whose water bills haven’t quadripled, whose city finances don’t allow them to have enough police officers to service the uncontrolled growth, whose school district had to send out 1000 lay off notices to it’s teachers, whose gang problem has grown to an unmanageable numberdue to the reduced police force? Need I say more?


Don’t worry about saying more, SAY SOMETHING!.

You should get out more. The entire central coast is wonderful. Drive to LA, it’s not as nice down there as it is here.

There are problems in every community. Every district in the state is facing cutbacks, No? Gang problems? Wake up! Walk around any neighborhood in this town, then walk around parts of Modesto, Fresno, South Central. IF you make it, I think you will understand the difference between Paso Robles and towns that have gang problems.

The nation is tanking. We have it easy, stop whining.


Oh, I see…your comparing Paso Robles with “South Central”, I’m assuming you mean South Central LA. I think if you looked at each of these cities when their population was comparable to what Paso Robles’s current population is, your going to see some uncomfortable similarities but I’m not so sure that “South Central” had as many issues 30+ years ago as Paso Robles is currently facing. Its all about leadership or lack of.


South Central LA in the early 80’s, is like Paso Robles today?

I feel sad for you.

We, the US, lacks leadership is that because of our city council.

The sky is not falling.

Of course there are problems, just like everywhere else.

If our only problem is leadership we are very fortunate.


A city or community degrades to the level of South Central because lack of effective leadership.

It happens gradually, and by degree. What becomes currently acceptable was considered intolerable a few years earlier.


PasoScott, Modesto, Fesno, South Central all started like Paso. It is because of ineffective leadership those cities became what you now use as comparison. We don’t want that for Paso, thank you. I will continue to whine.


Ineffective leadership is the only reason Modesto is as dangerous as it is?

I don’t want to live in Modesto, Fresno or any part of LA. That’s my point.

Paso is great and has a chance to be even better.

Drought, statewide budget cuts, prison overcrowding…….this state has big issues. Schools have been on the decline in CA for a long time.

Blaming “the leadership” is one thing, but won’t it be other “leadership” replacing them.

Keep whining. I hope it makes you feel better. I don’t think it will help anything improve though.


There is a reason you don’t find ostriches forming valid opinions about the status of cities. It’s because their head is in the ground where it cannot see the course of events. Pull your head out of the sand and realistically assess Paso’s reality.

“Paso is great”? Really? Tell that to the taxpayers who will be paying for the massive debt current city leadership has saddled it with…..

….. AND taxpayers who can’t get police to answer its calls except on flamingo-croquet days–that is, when the Red Queen who runs the police department isn’t more involved screaming “Off with their heads!” at anyone who tries to point out the lunacy of her leadership rules…

……AND concerned residents who are constantly besieged by the Mad Hatter wearing the city manager’s hat, who is cleverly distracting the residents he serves by fostering chaos and corrupting by which he keeps residents distracted and intimidated.

Worse, residents now must face conspiracy between the Red Queen chief of police and the Mad Hatter city manager to commit crimes against city employees.

Oh, yeah. “Paso Robles is GREAT”—if you’re the Red Queen running the police department or the Mad Hatter sitting in the city manager’s chair.


I think you should run, then. It sounds like the whole things is about to crumble. Get out while you can. And if it doesn’t don’t come back.

Go to the imaginary place where there are no problems.

I would rather stay here.



This is an opinion piece, not an election speech. Nor is this the opinion piece he’s putting out right before the election. The first step in addressing a problem is admiting there IS a problem. That’s likely what this is. Sure, I’d like to hear his ideas for solutions, but ease up on the vitriol towards this piece. It’s pointless.

What would be helpful, perhaps, are hearing YOUR solutions. And I’d like to know if you’ve gone to any city counsel meetings and spoken out, or are you just another person lamely spewing behind the scenes (not saying you are, just asking the question.)


Did you write it for him? I know Gary. You should not put people down, just to make it easier to feel superior. I am not running for election.

I think solutions are very hard to come by.

Solutions for what. The drought? Class sizes in school and statewide teacher layoffs?

The solution for peole getting in to political positions and not being perfect?

Please stop.

What you did say, is that I am lamely spewing. I am tired of politicians trying to cater words toward getting votes.

If you want to lead, then do it. I keep saying the same thing.

I heard Keith Olbermann’s Vitriol speach.

I don’t think Gary being Mayor solves things.


sorry paso scott your wrong. there are some problems that are criminal going on in this town with the officials, there are gangs, the crime is growing, we can not compare our town to anywhere else then just say it is better so we don’t need to do anything…and we just want it easy we need the town to thrive, the town has potential, it could be a wealthy town…but, the greedy city leaders are running it with a “we got ours and who are you” attitude and it is WRONG…


Nationwide poverty rates and unemployment rates are contributing to crime all over the country.

Mexico is exporting crime and we are a neighbor. We are the best East/West corridor in the state.

Crime is on the rise and criminals are gaining momentum.

WE all need to do more.

I am not saying it’s fine, I am not saying I want things like that to have easy solutions. I don’t believe that.

I don’t think our town is worse than others, I don’t think it is free from problems.


QUOTING SCOTT: “I am not saying it’s fine,”


You just said, a few posts up, “Paso is great.”


I don’t think crime being on the rise nationwide is fine and I think paso is great. I don’t see the contradiction.


Paso-scott. You obviously do not have a clue as to how the city government of Paso Robles is driving Paso to the brink of economic disaster. Why do you think they are pushing the sales tax increase? Do you know how much money has been obligated to future projects? Why is the Olson-Beechwood development in failure status? If nothing else, maybe you could read the Grand Jury Report on Paso.

Do you know why the “Uptown Plan”, unless modified, will simply drive legitimate businesses from downtown? Do you understand the traffic problem with the Chandler Ranch and Olson-Beechwood developments? Do you know the giant flaw with the City Circulation plan?

You are basically saying that Paso Robles is wonderful. There are no problems here. Then, why did we have to bring in the Sheriff’s Department to control gangs and drugs?

I take it that you’re friends with “Jim and Lisa” and part of the oligarchy ruling Paso Robles. Unfortunately, this oligarchy is composed of some ignorant and unscrupulous people that are out for themselves and couldn’t care less about the people of Paso Robles and what is good for the city. Others just follow blindly behind Jim, Lisa, and Iris.

So, do you think Duane is the leader we should support? Tell us how he has been a leader. Give us some examples.


I am part of this community and work hard everyday. Have my entire life. Most of the breaths I have taken, have been in the 805 area code.

I have been to council meetings, know the issues facing future development, I have read the uptown plan and know many business owners downtown.

What I am saying is simple. Gary does not have what it takes to live up to his words.

We have a good community, with problems, that would benefit from less crying and more doing.

I understand how government works. We are not just victims. I am not.

Remember the downtown 20 years ago. Was there foot traffic from 10th to 14th? How many restaurants? How many destination, type events were there?

It’s simple, let’s stop all the whining. If there are issues, get them on the table.

Let’s get to work.

Gary is not that guy.


You are so blinded by your “anti-Gary” sentiment you are almost offensive. Maybe Gary isn’t the right person for mayor, maybe he is. In your view, he is not. Are we to believe this because YOU say so? How about less preaching and more examples?


His health is not good. The stress that he will be under will be tremendous.

I am anti mud slinging in politics, not Anti-Gary.

I am against people making accusations and using lynch mob tactics.

When the proper investigation is over, will we all know the facts?

Should we wait and see?

I am saying be thoughtful.

Make up your own mind, that is the whole point. But be careful about drawing conclusions based on limited information. Overreaction is dangerous.

What was I preaching about?




I’m sure there are others, like myself, who would like more information on the points you bring forth. Is there some way you could provide some links? I’m sure they would be most appreciated.


Paso-Scott is swinging between attempting to convince the readers that “Paso is great” and attempting to intimidate the reader into feeling overwhelmed by stating that the conditions in Paso of a completely corrupt city government, with a soul-less city attorney supporting them, where cronyism rules the city, and no one can be held accountable– are what is present everywhere in our nation…and that somehow makes us wrong for demanding there is change.

Paso’s status does not exist in a vacuum. It taints other cities in our county because cronyism left unchecked empowers cronies to breed like cockroaches and infiltrate other cities.

Whether we live in Paso or not, we all have an interest in the corruption in Paso. A grisly murder in Paso impacts the rest of the county, as does the chief of police refusing to allow the PD officers to roll on calls.


LOL @ “contributions instead of criticism”…for everyone else but you?


I contribute, with my time, money and energy, to making Paso better every year. That’s why I know the difference between talk and work.

I hear people talking, when there is work that needs to be done, and wish they were doing more and talking less.


Perhaps I should contribute with my time, money, and energy to making Paso better every year? But apparently YOU are the only one who does this, PasoScott. There is work that needs to be done and yes, people should do more. And they are. Perhaps YOU just don’t know about it…yet. : )


I don’t think I am the only one and yes you should help. That is what makes a community work. The people in it getting out, working together and making things happen.

Acting like I said I am the only was is weird. Words versus action. I take action.

Why would these people be keeping secrets?

What am I missing?


You cannot make a city great with the kind of corruption in the leadership that Paso has. Yes, you can volunteer in picking up trash at the side of the freeway, or any other of the volunteer positions that work to help the community, but all that does is give the false illusion that the city council is doing a better job at leadership than it is.

Danika, your plight at your office is a perfect example.

You can go outside and pick up the trash in the parking lot next door every day, and sweep it spit-spot clean.

But the fact that illegal activity has been allowed to flourish there, even after your many, many attempts to get police to deal with it, shows exactly my point: you can drape beautiful bunting at a crime scene, but it is still a crime scene–and one that the police ignores because of the pi$$-poor leadership of the chief of police.


Waving pom-poms doesn’t count. That’s what lisa solomon does. She’s got that covered.


If you had a valid argument, Scott, you wouldn’t have to use the “attack the messenger” tactic to support your point.

Focus on Nemeth’s opinion, not on Nemeth.


I hope you will decide to run… We need your direction, Gary. What a great way to start getting our city back – imagine the concept – a city run by elected officials working to better the city of Paso Robles…


After years of working at the County Airport I have a theory about how these local governments work, they start OK but as the years go by no one who works for one will hire anybody who is smarter than they are. So, as time goes by they are hard pressed finding new people. And, ta-Daa, here we are now. Kind of an artificial De-evolution.

The Gimlet Eye

Possibly, they should set time limits on how long people can work for the city, at least the managers and supervisors, anyway.

As you say, as time passes, they learn to game the system and make it work for THEM and their cronies instead of YOU. That’s when your city turns into a POLITICAL MACHINE.


Having worked in two local governments, this is what I’ve seen.

Ethical city councils or boards of directors hire ethical city/district attorneys and city/district managers.

Corrupt city councils or boards of directors hire corrupt city/district attorneys and city/district managers.

Ethical leaders will not select unethical staff, nor will they tolerate unethical actions by staff.

Mr. Holly

HooooooooRay Gary! “Let’s roll.”


Gary, I hope you take them by storm and this time no lame duck third parties run. You’ll have a nice support check from us.


Maybe we should start a recall on the entire city council. Fred Strong is a complete joke with his statements. He now has evidence but is still afraid to piss off Jim App. I, for one would love to give jim App a mile high kick in the ass right out of city hall along with the princess.


ditto standup…how do you start a recall? I will sign it, vote for it, support it…


I wish Mr. Nemeth godspeed on his mission. I just hope he is prepared to fight and fight hard! There are plenty of pigs currently being sloped at the Paso Robles’ trough that are going to fight his candidacy with everything they have. The last thing they want is a reformer who is prepared to finally deal with the mess.

Just imagine what a scumbag like James App will do to keep his job. He’s certainly not going to get another one that pays him what his current job does. He’s going to fight as though his life depends on it. In other words it’s going to get nasty.

What about a knucklehead like Duane Picanco? When he gets beat (assuming he does not first resign) his name will forever be linked the this current App/Solomon cesspool. He too will fight with everything he has to get another term in the hopes it will give him some time to clear/re-build his name.

You have a tough road ahead Mr. Nemeth, but it’s certainly one in which I think you can prevail. The good residents of Paso Robles are counting on people like you.


No need to worry about App getting another job, with his pension he’ll probably earn more retired than he does stealing, I mean working for the city. Especailly after he cashes in his vacation in violation with city policies, and pension spiking before he leaves office.

The Gimlet Eye

His life DOES depend on the outcome of these scandals, Crusader. If they end badly for him and he gets fired, he may never be able to get another job in his field again. Therefore, we can expect him to fight the reformers tooth and nail.


If App gets sent to prison, especially if it has to do with financial corruption, it will be difficult for him to get hired in any position. They won’t want him working at Taco Bell.


Mr. Nemeth I wish you lived and Pismo Beach so you could help clean up our city government. Paso Robles is lucky to have you. Good Luck! Let us know in So. County what we can do to support you and your campaign.