Son of Kelly Gearhart dead at 21

March 16, 2012

Kelly Gearhart

Jake Gearhart, the son of embattled former North County developer Kelly Gearhart, recently died of a drug overdose at a rehab center in the Los Angeles area.

Amid allegations that Kelly Gearhart helped defraud investors out of more than $100 million in an alleged Ponzi scheme, he moved to Wadsworth, Ohio, in 2009. The move occurred shortly after threats of physical violence by an angry investor.

After his father moved away, Jake Gearhart stayed with friends or relatives in San Luis Obispo County. Friends of the family said the cloud over his father and harassment directed at him because of his father’s alleged misdeeds took a toll on the young man.

Workers at the rehab found Jake Gearhart deceased from a heroin overdose on a bathroom floor.

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Sorry not much sympathy for Jake, a junkie is a junkie, only idiots and fools use heroin and everybody knows it, Gearhart was a piece of shit father as he was a piece of shit and he will always be a piece of shit , Jake say’s,” thanks Dad and up yours creep!”

Did he do this to hurt his father? The Devil has no soul and no feelings, you should of took him on your trip with you, rip. Jake! Junkie or not you did deserved better!

I am contacted by so many people from your area who are also going through some sort of legal or hassle related to Kelly Gearhart or Grigger Jones. Last month a woman I spoke with casually mentioned a friend of Jake Gearhart’s had also passed away recently from a drug overdose So sad to see a family go through this. Loss of a child is unspeakable. my sympathies to the family and feel that the burden comes upon the source which is the DEA not being as diligent as they need, other’s looking the other way. Too easy to NOT SPEAK when all a child needs is a hug and a swift kick in the ass to tell them they are being destructive.

So sad. R.I.P. Jake.