Crime stats don’t tell real story

March 5, 2012

Karen Daniels


It’s hard to accept as convincing the assertion that crime is down in Paso Robles when one can look out a window at a passing parade of daily lawbreaking.

But the criminal activity that occurs regularly outside the picture windows of Karen Daniels’ Pellet Insurance Services Inc. does not interest the local police, who have ignored “for many years” her complaints, she said.

“We see everything that happens in this parking lot… from both sides of our office. We see the exchanges. We see the money changing hands. We see it all,” said Daniels. “This particular location is a hot spot for this kind of activity.”

Daniels said she questions recent claims by Paso Robles Police Chief Lisa Solomon that crime rates have declined in the North County town of 30,000 since Solomon took the helm of the department in 2007.

“I would certainly want some substantiation of her numbers,” Daniels said.

Solomon has initiated policies and procedures that severely limit the kinds of incidents to which officers are dispatched, or on which they will make a formal report. For example, drug and gang activity, many kinds of assaults, and burglaries with limited financial losses may not even get a patrol response. Both of these factors tend to diminish crime report numbers.

Additionally, the department’s roster of sworn personnel has been greatly reduced under Solomon’s watch, from 46 to 27.

Crime rate statistics are used to justify a department’s written policies; to lobby for pay increases;  for public relations purposes; and for applying for grants and other financial assistance from state and federal agencies.

Daniels said she is speaking out in the hope that other community members will find their voice: “This is a situation that is bad, and getting worse.”

“I had a client in recently, and as she was getting ready to leave, things started happening in the parking lot. ‘What’s going on?’ she asked, and I said, ‘Just watch.; It’s a little horrifying to be in a professional setting, and for that kind of thing to be going on right in front of you. Fortunately, she was a long time friend and client, but we did have to let her out the back door.”

Things have gotten so bad in recent years, Daniels said, that “my employees have to lock the doors when I’m not here. I have called the police. My employees have called the police.”

She estimated that she and her employees have made more than 50 calls to police. “But we have yet to have an officer show up here.”

Has Daniels witnessed a recent growth in obvious criminal activity?

“Absolutely,” she said. Her business has been a tenant at the Spring Street location since 1996, and during that time, “I’ve seen it all. But during the last year or so, there has been a definite uptick in (criminal) activity.”

She worries about her employees sitting in front of windows at the office.

“I didn’t have to worry about that 16 years ago,” she said. “More patrols and more visibility of police would go a long way toward helping solve the problem.”

“I’m aware that I could endure retaliation, it’s a distinct possibility,” she added. “But I have a duty to make sure that my employees are in a safe environment. This situation is way too repetitive and is headed to where someone is going to be injured, or worse.”

Daniels said she thinks the situation has gotten to where “we all have to do our level best to help one another, because our protection is not (the police department’s) number one priority. Right now, all they can do is damage control.”

Daniels said she wants to be a voice for business owners and residents who share her concerns, who can’t get a response from police when needed.

“We are failing as a community if we remain silent,” she said. “We have to join together. The police are our insurance against crime. Their job is to protect and serve, and quite honestly, I think they are failing to do that. What is it going to take?”

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I have an idea that I hope Ms. Daniels takes seriously and I hope she discusses this with Mr. Blackburn. I think it could bring profound attention to her problem and added safety to those in her office.

Ms. Daniels and everyone in her office (and neighboring offices) should consider undergoing firearms training and then applying for concealed carry firearms permits. They certainly have a valid reason for doing so. They will have to apply to Chief Solomon first. When she denies or ignores their requests then they can apply to the SLOC Sheriff as the county’s chief law enforcement officer. It would be absolutely fascinating to note his response which I think would be positive.

Before beginning this process Ms. Daniels should create an account on and document the entire process beginning with Mr. Blackburn’s article. Chronicling this process would be massive attention to the problem statewide.

Ms. Daniels, her employees and neighboring individuals should then follow through and legally arm themselves. They should also encourage others in Paso Robles to do the same. After all they all have a legitimate reason to do so — the PRPD ain’t getting the job done!

I suspect Mr. Blackburn realizes the massive attention this could bring to the problem, Ms. Daniels. Please discuss it with him…

Crusader, this is an idea worthy of further discussion. I have been addressing the need to take firearms training and this just might be the push I need. Thank you very much for the time and effort you took to give me this option. I will keep you posted what comes of it.

Okay–here’s the ticket! You want media attention? Here’s the way.

I thnk a CCTV cam (i.e., video cam) or two aimed at the problem areas would bring as much attention, plus it would give you plenty of evidence (as long as you archived it). In fact, you could drop off a DVD every day at the Police Department, delivered to the city manager, and present DVDs at each city council meeting (one for each member).

Maybe CCN could even sponsor part of the CCTV effort, as a public service to the people and businesses of Paso Robles.

Once it was known that these drug deals and whatever (if there is a place where drug deals are made, in very close proximity are a prostitute or two) were being recorded, and the video broadcast, and DVDs made part of the public record at council meetings, you betcha things would change…at least, your parking lot would not be the go-to place for illegal activity.

Closed-circuit-TV cams are what brought us so much of the footage we have of the plane landing in the Hudson. These were security cams on docks, boats and buildings along the river which just happened to pick up a pretty miraculous landing by a jet in a river.

There are websites where you can have your CCTV shown 24/7. People sign into your CCTV site and they can watch what your camera is recording–live. You could–on the CCTV site–encourage them to call the PRPD, city hall, and city council members to report each illegal event.

In the 2008 election, a Democrat, Markley, was running for office. A single mom and her teenage son put out Markley campaign signs on their front lawn–which were regularly stolen. So her son put up a cam and connected to CCTV. Well, it became an internet, international, sensation. The drama was incredible. The family was great–had a great sense of humor. They put the lawn signs near a lawn statue–I think it was a squirrel or deer. They thought the squirrel/deer might want company, so they put out an old garden gnome they had. Well, the viewers LOVED the gnome.

One night, about 3:00 AM, people hanging around on the CCTV site, basically just visiting but also watching the gnome, deer/squirrel and signs, saw two drunk girls come up, pick up the gnome to steal it, then drop it–and it broke! In many pieces!!

OMG–the numbers REALLY shot up then. That’s when CNN, MSNBC, etc. started carrying the story.

When the election was over, the mother–who is a schoolteacher–quietly announced on the site that they were turning off the CCTV cam, and going back to their previously quiet life.

The CCTV hosting website they used was

Here’s a Daily KOS article about the family with the yard signs, gnome, etc. There is even a video from the CCTV of the actual THEFT OF (the gnome) OMERKLEY!!

This is how much of an impact OMerkley and the family’s efforts made: others (not the family) are still selling OMerkley stuff.

Here’s a mug with a screen shot of the girls stealing OMerkley:

Here’s an OMerkley facebook account from during the 2008 campaign:

As you can see, there are a lot of possibilities for getting the world’s attention to your little drug-user-filled parking-lot. Especially with election season under way.

Mary, what a wonderful idea! Thank you so much for your input and suggestions. They are proof that our little community CAN work together to achieve a positive end result. I appreciate you and all other suggestions and comments I have received from the CCN family. Blessing to ALL! : )

Update: we witnessed a CHP unit drive through our parking lot, around the building and onto 18th Street early this afternoon. I like to think this isn’t a coincidence. I appreciate the patrol!

So the chippies are doing the paso pd job , NICE , glad you got someone looking.

How humiliating that SHOULD be for the City of Paso Robles!

Too bad you didn’t have a CCTV cam up and running. THen you could really rub it in the city’s face.

Ms. Daniels: Thank you for making us more aware of what’s occurring in Paso Robles. Let’s hope the City assists you very soon.

I encourage you and everyone else to attend the City Recovery Plan meeting at City Hall at 9 am on Saturday, March 24th. It’s an all-day gathering of the city manager, city council and department staff (incl. the police chief) reporting facts, figures and talking about how to get the city finances out of the red.

From what I understand, the public is invited with opportunity for questions.

“Hats or hooves,” indeed.

I hate to be the party-pooper, but you really cannot trust anything the city of PR or its agents, such as App and solomon, say or do. I would be especially wary of any statistics. Will there be an agenda and packet info to review ahead of time?

What and let the cat out of the bag ahead of time , no way

Mary, I would contact the city and ask that question of them directly.

I will certainly consider attending this function as long as those who represent the city do so in an professional, respectful, receptive and truthful manner. I am sure you understand that my experience with the lack of response to my call for assistance makes those very facts/figures suspect. I am interested in making Paso Robles a safer city in which to live and work. I am a business owner looking out for the safety of her staff.

I hope you and other people who care about Paso Robles attend. The word from the City Council is that they’re looking for public attendance and input.

Be aware that, by attending you are endorsing the city council and your belief that they are actually interested in doing something.

Having this kind of “workshop” or “meeting” is a political ploy often used to keep the residents quiet and compliant, and to show the media that the residents still believe in the city council’s willingness to do something.

I’m not saying “don’t attend.” I’m saying “your attendance may empower the city council to continue to do what they have been doing all along…nothing, or worse than nothing.”

If they had put Solomon out on administrative leave then I’d say, yeah, they made a gesture. Give them another chance.


That city council has proven over and over again that they don’t care a rat’s rectum about the city residents. It’s up to them to prove they are actually going to do something. Otherwise, your attendance is just supporting their reelection campaigns.

One could conjecture all day about what’s in the mind of the City Manager or each of the City Council members. Personally, I don’t think they all agree on anything. Their votes alone reflect that. Are workshops or meeting such as this often used as a political ploy in municipalities? Sure. But what good does it do anyone to remain frustrated without showing up and becoming involved in the process, regardless of how agreeable or amenable the City is perceived?

If people don’t have the willingness to take action, which includes simply showing up, it leaves little right to complain. Online forum laments are the least anyone can do.

Karen: Keep up the good work by staying involved and choosing to become part of the solution in the community you love.

Mary, I’m thinking some more of your word, “endorse.” I prefer to think that showing up doesn’t make it a political action or endorsing one’s election campaign.

Rather, as a member of the community, I see it as a dutiful, concerned and supportive action. If it enables anything, let it serve to inform me to better respond. If somebody other than myself presumes to see it as anything else, welp, that’s their business, I guess!

I’m telling you what the public and others, including officials at the state and federal level, will interpret by reading that residents showed up and were able to have an open dialogue with the council members blah blah blah. You know how the Tribune will turn it into a PR city council press release.

Residents showing up will be interpreted that the residents of PR still have faith in their city council to actually do something once they learn about the problem.

Is that your experience with the city council? Is that what you want to broadcast by your attendance.

As I said, if they had put solomon out on administrative leave then, great, yes, by all means attend, they made a gesture of change.

But they haven’t. A CHP had to drive through Danika’s parking lot. I know I am harping on that, but I can’t think of a better demonstration of the complete unwillingness of the city council to do ANYTHING to deal with the problems the city residents experience.

The City or anyone else can extrapolate real or imagined data from my attendance or another person’s attendance at a City-hosted meeting as they wish.

Fortunately, my words and actions (or lack of them) will always serve to speak more effectively than so many vain imaginations.

How did the city and the tribune spin the city council meeting where the protesters planned to speak?

I’m not conjecturing about what is on the minds of the City Council.

I’m going on their complete lack of action in making the city safer, or in any way improving the lives of the residents, except in look-at-me photo-op events and gestures.

After all of this, it is a CHP who drives through Danika’s parking lot. No PR officers. A CHP.

Does it take the city council hitting you over the head with a 2×4 to make you realize they simply are not in place to do anything to assist the residents?


I personally don’t believe it is conjecture about what is on the mind of the city manager or the city council.

One only needs to drive through our city to see:

our roads that have been ignored for years and are past repair

the city’s infrastructure that is old and dilapidated and has no ability to upgrade it.

Committing us to handouts from our bankrupts state for feel good projects we also have to fund and maintain for eternity,

The bloated wage and benefit packages of the city bureaucrats. While they gut our police.

Their obsessive compulsive appetite to control every aspect of us and our homes.

The list is just too long to list them all here.

These are all just management issues, issues they were put there to take care of, but have failed miserably to do their job.

The thought of sitting for a whole day listening to the people who created the problems our city is facing and how they now want to fix them leaves me somewhat suspect of their motives.

It wasn’t that long ago I shared your opinion our government servants really cared what the citizens thought, but they don’t.

I don’t fault you if you haven’t reach that conclusion yet. Thank you for your efforts. After the meeting, please let me know what their idea is for extending the term of the mayor. I am sure it is going to benefit all of us in the city.

I would much rather spend the whole day with other like minded city citizens that have reached the same conclusion. We could actually make plans and figure out how we are really going to fix our city.

I am not trying speak for everybody, but it is clear to me our public servants have no intention of taking care of the city that is here and exists today, if they did it wouldn’t be the mess it is today, only in their vision of manifest destiny.

Hear you loud and clear, pasojim, although this City and thousands like them in California seem to be suffering the same financial woes.

You wrote: “It wasn’t that long ago I shared your opinion our government servants really cared what the citizens thought, but they don’t.”

I don’t assume to know to what degree the city staff cares or doesn’t, but I do know that each of them carries a vote with which to voice the needs of the people.

“After the meeting, please let me know what their idea is for extending the term of the mayor.”

I mean no disrespect, but if you want to know this information, why, I wonder, don’t you attend to find this out firsthand?

Because I already know.

Then why bother asking me to repeat to you the details of a meeting you won’t bother attending?? Sorry, but that makes no sense to me.

Armchair quarterbacking is simple. Actually showing up, whether it’s by direct involvement in City or community activities (time, effort, money, communication, etc) puts feet to the rhetoric.

There are an innumerable amount of naysayers in this world. Far less are those who will actually get out into the field and plow it. If a pick axe is needed to break ground, so be it!

Goodness, can I get a witness…?


The idea of these types of community meetings are nothing new, they have been around for a long time. And I don’t doubt that at some point in time they were actually effective (we used to have responsible and virtuous civil servants, although that is just a fleeting memory). I have actually attended some back when I shared your attitude towards them.

I thank you for your concern for our city and the path you have chosen for your input, I am not belittling your efforts only applauding them.

That being said it doesn’t mean there isn’t more citizens can or need to do. A growing number of us are tired of being asked or told we have to look at the issues through rose colored glasses. Time is wasted on arguing about idiocy they define, while (in the words of our fearless leader app) there isn’t any chance any time soon to deal with the issues as we define them.

Some of us want to take a different approach, we want to go direct to the citizens with truth not watered down by city propaganda.

I has become clear getting facts directly into the hands of citizens is much more effective than what is being fed to us through the city and our local biased media.

When I asked you to explain to me the details of what you were being told about extending the mayors term, it wasn’t because I was interested or cared what their response was, I personally am not, I only hoped it might make YOU think about what you were being told. If one person walked away from one of these meetings with some new found ability for critical thinking, that would add an incredible amount of credibility to meetings of this type.

Jim, I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and concerns with me…truly. What are some specific ways people can otherwise get involved to find truth? What actions work for you?


Unfortunately, the pessimist in me feels there really isn’t much of anything we as citizens can do.

All these current events we have recently been discussing only reinforces my concerns that these issues are only the tip of a much bigger problem that exists within our city.

People who regularly have to deal with city policy or city employees will tell you how many times they have been told city staff doesn’t have to answer to us, or even work for us.

If a citizen has a complaint with the over bearing control the city exerts we are constantly told to sue them (the city). This mentality is probably the root of the majority of problems we face as a city.

I think the only tool citizens have left to deal with this insanity is our vote.

Over the last several elections, collectively us citizens have been irresponsible with the use of our vote.

We have been apathetic, we have wanted to stay ignorant of what was going on in our city, convinced our public servants had our best interest in mind. But in reality we keep putting Paso Robles renditions of our own little career politicians back in place.

While a segment of our population wants to effect change from within, I support you and hope you have an incredible amount of success in your endeavor. All city citizens will gain from the positive effects of your efforts.

I personally want to supply these same people I have been referring to with the truth about what is being done to them by our public servants. My experience so far has been equally frustrating dealing with an apathetic public that would rather just stay ignorant.

Although I am seeing some glimmer of hope. People are starting to become aware of their surroundings, after all, not long ago we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

I feel I want to effect change in our city by electing real citizens from our community. I don’t want to keep culling our candidates from people that have been hand picked city insiders whose only qualifications are they have spent time on city committees. The perfect candidate won’t have been introduced to the city insiders secret little handshake.

I feel changing just a few council men and with your efforts changing things from within, all city citizens will benefit.

Well put, pasojim. Excellent.

I agree, Danika.

But don’t you think, if they were interested in making PR a safer city, they would have made positive steps to deal with the many problems already published about, especially yours?

I think this is just window-dressing. If they were going to do anything to better the city, they would have done it by now, certainly.

The city has already had a city recovery plan meeting a month or so ago.

councilman hammon remarked he was really impressed with some of the ideas he heard.

apps attitude on the event was;

he appreciated and valued all the creative ideas for our city, but there wasn’t any chance any of them could be implemented in the foreseeable future.

Pasojim: Yes, they did meet last month, but the meetings look like they will be ongoing, at least for the short term. So imagine the City scheduling these meetings and the public doesn’t bother to show up to contribute their input. Hardly anyone from the general public was at the last one. Hopefully, people will show up at this one.

If no one shows interest, including stepping up to the mic in good numbers, the City will be left to believe no one cares and make their decisions on their own.

People except their City Manager and City Council to care and be involved. Likewise, a caring and concerned community needs to follow up rhetoric with action…letter writing, e-mail, phone calls, attendance and overall involvement in their communities. Doing these things cost each of us something…in time, effort, (occasionally) money, courage, and sometimes even our reputations. Anything else is lip service.


In bringing your statments to the forefront that were made on 03/05/2012 at 12:35 pm (second page) relative to you saying that this story has no foundation, I want YOU to address the following;

You’ve heard the old adage; “if it walks and talks like a duck, it’s more than likely a duck?” A hypothetical; suppose you were in the same situation where over many years, and outside of your business, you had “CONTINUED” suspicious activities. i.e., money changing hands, and activities that weren’t normal for a parking lot setting on the outskirts of town.

Now, it seems that according to you, you would take these actions as just some good ol’ boys were just betting on sports games? Wait, maybe they were just betting on the second race at Del Mar? I know, if a person drives up in a car and “money was exchanged”, well hell, that person obviously owed the other person receiving it because they lost a bet that was made? Yes? The key word is “CONTINUED”, get it?

Continuing the hypothetical relative to you being in the same position as Karen Daniels has found herself in, and barring the FACT that this type of activity is on an ongoing basis, you wouldn’t even give it any concern if it was happening to you and in your area of business, yes?

This is what you’re essentially saying, period! Furthermore, if you have children, I am sure that you wouldn’t mind them playing in said parking lot as well when “things start to happen”, because after all, these said actions are so “vague”, that you wouldn’t even worry about them, correct?

In ending the hypothetical, you wouldn’t have even called the police at any time over the period of many years while this activity CONTINUED because, what the hell, you would conclude that you’re watching to much Police TV drama, and drug deals, etc., couldn’t be happening in your parking lot!

MAKERSMARK: “Tommy, my son, go out there and see if you can get in on those bets that are made CONTINIOUSLY in our parking lot for some extra cash, okay?”

TOMMY: “ Okay dad, do you want to get in on the action too?”

Now, if anyone is to pat their back, it is you in the hypothetical situation described above that you’re easily put into becaue of your insidious statements in your post in question! Congratulations MakersMark, a job well done!

Paso is more dangerous than reported? Friends and family members will be told to stay away from Paso Robles due to the unreported crime.

KAREN I would suggest you and your employees start packin , if you get any BS from the chief , just tell her if she cant patrol and take care of the problems that WILL arise sooner or later , that you have the right to protect yourself , some day one of these drug dealers or clients will be in your office , and you need to defend yourself

If I had a business located next to a parking lot where drug deals and other dangerous enterprises occurred, and the police department failed to do anything to stop it, I definitely would have a firearm in the office, and ensure anyone who might have to use it had optimum training.


Not that this situation will present itself, but one should not only be trained in using a firearm, but WHEN to use it as well!

On a little different subject, But I think is still important to this discussion:

Has anybody out there heard the paso robles city council is entertaining the idea of changing the term of the mayor from a 2 year term to a 4 year term.

In light of the irresponsible representation we have in our city government and the obvious need to change the make-up of our government, I don’t think extending the term for the mayor would be in the best interest of the city citizens.

The current mayor has been in for more terms than I care to remember, clearly there isn’t a problem with the policy that currently exists.

I am sure the council member are aware of the fact citizens are finally starting to take a look at what our public servants are doing and we don’t like what we see. Anything they can do to make it harder for us replace them is better for their chances of being re-elected.

At a time when it has become painfully obvious that citizens are not being responsibly represented by the people we give our vote to, allowing them to make policy changes that will make it harder to replace them would be irresponsible on our part to not speak up to stop it.

We have already been removed in any say in matters that concern us in our city government.

We can’t let them water down the effect of our vote.

We can go to the city council meeting and voice our opinion, but It is clear that once the discussion starts it has already been decided.

I know all the city council members have phone numbers. Maybe we should call the them and leave messages voicing our opinion.

I know they all have city Email addresses and some even know how to use them, maybe we can send Email messages to all the council members to make opinions heard. (I know that would probably crash the new computer system).

There is no reason to extend the intervals to the citizens scrutiny of their duties.

The only tool we still have left in the affairs of our city is our vote.

Are we all hats and no hoofs?

Been talking abour the term thing on local radio KPRL and will be looking at it tonight at the CC meeting 7PM at the library

Irresponsible representation seems to be running rampant in all forms of government today. We need to bring forth conversation and accountability of those who hold our trust. Where I do agree our votes are important tools, votes aren’t the only weapon in our arsenal to combat the irresponsible representation. It takes a village, afterall…

Let me be clear…by “weapon” I mean our voices and heartfelt desire to be properly represented.

REALLY, Danika? Coming from you, I assumed the weapon was a howitzer =)

Local government agencies are required to retain emails, letters, and other types of communications.

That doesn’t mean that cities already do it, especially if it is to their benefit not to do it.

You can hire forensics to see if they can find evidence of erased messages–but you have to have a legal reason and something like a court order, or an order from the DFEH, to gain access to the computer system.

However, I think if it is important to erase messages by a city, they would have recruited their own IT people to try to cover up the evidence of it being erased.

I’m old school. I believe in writing a letter and hand-delivering, with obtaining a receipt (signed and dated) from the person who accepted the letter. I think non-electronic communications still carry more weight than email, especially if you have a hand-signed registered receipt.

Requiring a receipt also puts the city on notice that you are serious and are creating a paper trail.

I would like to make a suggestion to Karen Daniels. Video the crime that is taking place. Put it up on Youtube and point people to it from here. Send a copy of the video (or even simply a link) to the Paso PD and the SLOC Sheriff’s Office…

Go to Youtube and type in SLO sheriffs dept. You’ll get a first hand movie on how they roll, or did anyhow before Parkinson. You might have some reservations after this one.

Here’s the link to that video, doggin.

Are Paso police logs published somewhere? It would be interesting to see the logs and how many officers were on patrol that day.

Do you think the logs coming from Solomon’s PD would be credible?

After she was either so stupid, corrupt and desperate to submit fraudulent crime statistics to the state and the feds…I don’t place any credibility in anything that comes from Solomon, or anyone over whom she has power.

At this point, I think it would be a coincidence if any information coming from Solomon is actually accurate.

I guess I’m not convinced that everyone in the Paso PD would stay silent if the published logs were inaccurate.


Why would you think that? Because police officers are supposed to do right and to protect the public?

Did anyone speak out when chief solomon submitted fraudulent crime statistics to the state and feds?

There is so much information out about how Solomon’s officers have stood behind her as she committed crimes (like sexual assault), lied to the public, submitted fraudulent statistics to the state and feds, enacted policies that made Paso Robles a more dangerous place to live, enacted illegal quota policies, and systematically sexually harassed and sexually assaulted her subordinates and then, if they protested, used her power as their superior to intimidate and retaliate (sometimes by wrongful termination).

This very topic discussion folder is about a small business owner (who happens to be a regular poster here) whose business suffers from the FAIL priority setting and policies. These policies encourage dangerous activities such as drug dealing, gang activity, assaults and theft.

How many of the Paso PD officers have taken a stand against Solomon? For the love of god, some of the officers played goon-police backup to solomon’s staged performance at the city council meeting where protesters were forced by officers out into the hall where they could not see or readily access what was going on in chambers.

There is one officer–Jon Tatro–so far, who has had the spine to stand up to chief solomon and her FAIL policies, and provide his name to CCN. He is also the one officer, out of all of the officers who have been driven out of the PRPD by solomon, who has actually engaged an attorney and filed a lawsuit.

There are other officers who have supported Tatro’s claims–and added some of their own–who have provided their names to CCN, but do not want their names made public. Considering chief solomon’s history of sexual assaults, harassment, intimidation and retaliation, that is understandable.

But the fact remains, chief solomon has so heinously wielded her power as chief that these officers are afraid of what she will do to them.

In this economy, not many people have the luxury of leaving their jobs and insurance benefits, especially if they are supporting families with their paycheck. If they do leave the PRPD, they will most likely have to relocate out of the area to find a new job, and that means further upheaval for an officer’s family.

Look at how many officers have left the PD since solomon became prom queen–excuse me, chief of police. That is an incredible turnover.

Those officers left in chief solomon’s PD have been stripped of their ability to be the kind of police officers they want to be. As long as she is not instructing them to do something illegal, if they do not do what she instructs them to, they can be written up, which starts the road towards termination.

These officers don’t even have the option of going to the city manager with grievance complaints—unless they want to suffer the wrath of chief solomon’s intimidation, retaliation and, finally termination. The city manager has made it clear he will do nothing to stop chief solomon’s behavior, even when it is illegal, even when it forces officers to do what they know is wrong, keeping silent while solomon submits fraudulent statistics and other information to the public, the state and the feds.

What is the most aberrant behavior of App, the city manager, is he does nothing while solomon engages in acts that opens the city of PR to massive potential liability.

Finally, the city council–who controls the city manager, therefore, controlling solomon–ultimately carries the most blame (besides solomon) for solomon’s actions.

Unfortunately, the city council may not held personally liable, unless they can be proven to have willfully acted criminally. Then their personal assets can be seized, as the personal assets of mayor rizzo of the City of Bell, and the Bell council members who are convicted of crimes.

It will be the taxpayers of PR who will likely carry the greatest burden for the city council’s failure to instruct App to either bring solomon into line or fire her.

And that’s a cautionary tale to all taxpayers…the price for not getting involved and forcing their city government to either get into line or risk being booted from office AND investigation by a really independent team of experienced investigators.