Where do you get your news?

March 1, 2012

Gary Nemeth


Where do you receive your news? How do you keep current on what is happening in Paso Robles and the community?

I was very fortunate recently that Dave Congalton who is on KVEC radio interviewed me and asked the listeners that same question. Dave had a response that was “get your information from various sources so you can become more informed.”

I have always subscribed to that philosophy and I try to receive firsthand information. I recently read the CalCoastNews article dated Feb. 28-28 and was shocked and dismayed that our community of Paso Robles is not as safe as I was lead to believe by our city council.

Reporters Karen Velie and Daniel Blackburn have questioned city officials repeatedly over the conflicting crime statistics provided to DOJ and our local media. I was able to look at the DOJ numbers be accessing them on the computer.

A few days ago, I attempted to search the cities web sites to research the same information, but I found that all information was down and not available. City Attorney Yang according to the article stated the problem is due to: (1) a new computer system, (2) the State DOJ, or (3) human error starting in 2002. Nowhere does Attorney Yang attribute any blame to those responsible for filling out the forms, or making sure they are correct prior to submission to the City Manager App, City Council, DOJ or the media.

I have served as a city councilman and I know that the men and women who work in IT (computer department) for the city are highly trained and very efficient. If there were a problem with the “new computer system” it would be a problem with the entire system the city uses. This would mean that it would have affected the finance department, your water and sewer bills, and potentially the city may be forced to complete an audit of the entire system to make sure of the accuracy of the billing if the computer system is compromised as attorney Yang suggested.

Did the incorrect numbers that the “new computer system” used find their way into the grants that the police department submitted to the state and federal government and is the city responsible to reimburse them for using incorrect data to obtain the grants?

Did this error start in 2002 under the supervision of Chief Cassidy and was never discovered?

It would seem that the Department of Justice would see some sign of a reduction in crime and take notice. It would seem that a nine year mistake would be highly unlikely. What did Chief Solomon do differently to reduce crime that Chief Cassidy had not done?

Did no one check these reports for accuracy prior to being sent out? The reports are shown to city Manager Jim App; the city council received them for budget review.

If Chief Solomon knows the actual numbers how did this get by everyone without Chief Solomon knowing they were wrong?
The final few questions are who signed off on these documents prior to being sent out to DOJ and the media and made public? If this is a software problem has the manufacturer been contacted and can they be held accountable? Does this spill over to other departments or is it only the police department?

As a prior city councilman I listen and speak to many different citizens in our community. They all understand that I am not bitter but I do want to make this a better community than we currently have.

I explain that we all must become better informed and be involved in what is going on. Ask yourself the same question that I ask, when is the community going to realize there is a problem?

We do have a gang problem that needs to be addressed, employee morale is almost non-existent, our city employees have been reduced by 37 to 40 percent and the council wants to increase your taxes while your water and sewer bills increase.

The article above is another example of what is taking place in our city. Become informed and get involved.

Gary Nemeth retired from the San Luis Obispo Police department following a 30-year law enforcement career. Nemeth sat on the Paso Robles City Council from 2000 through 2008.

Nemeth said he has sent his opinions to other media outlets such as the San Luis Obispo Tribune which have refused to publicize his views. CalCoastNews welcomes opinions from both sides of an issue. Please include a contact phone number. Send opinions to velie@calcoastnews.com.

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Where do I get my news? An excellent question. From the Internet, where else? There’s an information revolution going on right now, and the Internet is right at the heart of it.

Some food for thought which the Internet has brought to light:

>Why doesn’t NORAD stop the illegal drugs coming into this country? We spend BILLIONS on the best air defense in the world, yet the drugs have continued to pour in for many years. Why?

>Why don’t more news outlets report the chemtrails raining down on us? Anybody having any problems with respiration? A hacking cough for no apparent reason? See: Denying chemtrails is dangerous for your health, http://www.naturalnews.com/035269_chemtrails_asthma_health_effects.html

where do I get my news?

Locally, CCN fills a big need.

World and International? The internet provides everything. It even includes Ann Coulter’s entire speech and questions at Cal Poly — in case you weren’t one of 1000 folks at Cal Poly here is a link:


40 or so years ago, i acquired a shortwave radio set . My Dad was one of the first ‘dealers’ in early radios. These were your Grandparent’s ( and now Great-Grandparent’s ) powerful super-heterodyne sets that needed to be strong to draw in the signal from weak AM stations at the time.

Shortwave sets were not in vogue, although in BIG usage throughout the REST of the world.

Anyway, prelude to prologue…my Dad got an early shortwave set, and knew that he would have a hard time selling it. So, he gave it to me.

Surprisingly, I was able to get it up and running. It worked fine.

Then, I put on the headset and listened. AMAZING. What was being told as NEWS in America was JUNK everywhere else !

Oh, local stuff was pretty pedestrian. But there were SO MANY other sources from all over that PUT THE LIE to American propaganda …what I call BullS**T , and it was EASILY confirmed , that it was apparent that USA news was just junk.

SO, the lesson is to NOT rely on ONE source, or even a compromised two-source; but to look at many sources.

This does not apply if you are Right-wing robot.

My new year’s resolution was to become more outspoken about the drug/gang activity in Paso Robles. Many of you know I have spoken about it at here and in other media outlets. I will take my voice as a long time business in Paso Robles to the city council, the press, and to whomever will listen. I firmly believe it will take the people of Paso to effect change; clearly the PRPD, city manager, and the city council itself have another agenda.

Why stop with Paso Robles? See my entry from above:

>Why doesn’t NORAD stop the illegal drugs coming into this country? We spend BILLIONS on the best air defense in the world, yet the drugs have continued to pour in for many years. Why?

I find it very interesting what the San Luis Obispo Police Department has provided for the North County. Atascadero has Mike Brennler, retired from SLOPD, and Paso Robles has Gary Nemeth. Putting personalities aside, one has to sit back and wonder what is going on? Most all of the accusations that these two individulas bring out to the public are not defended by those who are being accused. Most of the accused are government officials who seem to just ignore these accusations. As of date no one has ever declared that the accusations are false. The citizens really need to get involved and clean up dirty government.

and you can bet that the citizens aren’t going to get any help from the Tribune. Those in the know are going to have to take to the streets and rouse their neighbors or start groups and acquire local voter mailing list. It can be done but it takes a little work and time to change the face of a majority city council.

I suggest that people, particularly in Paso Robles get on it. As for the Tribune, they are already loosing credibility by the week and it isn’t getting any better for them. Just look at the comments they got for the swamp gas piece !! They got shredded….

Speaking of KPRL, I heard this morning that App was on the radio a couple days ago and said that a lot of the handicapp acc. we put in on street corners around town in the last number of years are all going to have to be torn out and replaced. Did anyone here this???

The reason being that they are suppose to be at 2 percent grade and they were built at 2 and a half percent grade?? So the difference is a half percent, which I think no one in a wheelchair would notice and yet we are going to have to do all this work again, in a city that wants more taxes because of lack of money???? Are you f**king kidding me??

Alright Paso people I think it is time we start SERIOUSLY asking, WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON AT CITY HALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This time, it’s not App’s fault. Some creep sued the city because they weren’t compliant with a stupid new state (federal?) mandate. Seriously. If I can push a stroller over a 2.5% grade, some guy in a wheelchair can also make it over the hump. It’s just another greedy guy looking to cash in. App confirmed that there *has* been a $$ payout already & the city’s trying to avoid future lawsuits by changing the curb. It’s truly ridiculous but not the city’s fault.

I beg to differ. The city has a attorney right? O.k. so why isn’t Paso fighting this? Are they just going to roll over? I would fight it on the grounds that we are talking about a half percent differential. I would fight it on the grounds that the work was done, in good faith might I add, to comply and that this creates a financial heartship on the community, that had the work performed.

If the attorney isn’t going to fight this or the city isn’t going to fight this then why in the hell do we have either? Why are we paying any of their salaries, if they don’t stank up for the citizens in which they represent?

I’m thinking that the city could fight it, but at what cost? Eventually, everything would have to be brought up to code, regardless. Surely, the city would rather fix a pothole than deal with this stuff.

Have you ever been at Walmart or one of the drug stores, and someone in a wheelchair comes up behind you and yells “hey, get out of my way, I’m coming through”. That’s one of the two people who sued. So, be careful, and get out of the way or you’ll be sued, too.

Please amend title / headline to reflect that this is an Op/Ed. I had to scroll to the bottom of the piece to find that this was an op/ed. From the headline alone, which is all that is seen in your RSS feed, I thought this was a plea for contributions to CalCoast News. Thanks.

This piece is located under the “Opinion” section; it could not be more clear (at least to me) that this is an opinion piece. Look also at the the credit for who wrote the piece, and it says: OPINION by Gary Nemeth; it seems you are trying to make an issue of a non-issue, IMO.