Will Paso Robles police chief be canned tonight?

March 20, 2012

Lisa Solomon


Lisa Solomon told her officers she plans to remain the Paso Robles chief of police, a claim that  appears to be up to city leaders who are slated to discuss disciplining or dismissing her at tonight’s city council meeting.

Listed as a closed session item to discuss disciplining or releasing a  public employee, department insiders say the investigative report into allegations of sexual improprieties will be discussed at tonight’s meeting along with whether or not to take action on the information in the report.

Current and former officers alike say that the 43-year-old officer, who has served as chief of police since 2007,  has sexually assaulted at least four of her men and retaliated against many others. Following several years of complaints by officers, City Manager Jim App agreed to hire an investigator to look into the allegations.

Solomon has been on a leave since March 12 and told officers in emails that she plans to return to work on March 22.

Investigation into allegations of sexual assaults

During his exit interview in October, Sgt. Brennen Lux told the head of Human Resources, Marlaine Sanders, that Solomon had grabbed his penis during a mandatory team building workshop after ordering officers to put swimsuits on and finish discussing department issues in a hot tub at the resort they were staying in. He also gave the names of other officers who claim to have been sexually assaulted by the chief.

In November, Debra Estrin, a private investigator from the Bay Area hired by city officials, interviewed officer T.J. McCall. He said Solomon grabbed his penis while he sat in her car with her husband, San Luis Obispo police officer Chris Chitty.

In December, former officer Dave Hernandez disclosed an alleged incident when Hernandez said he and another officer in full uniform entered a saloon then called the Crooked Kilt, to do a bar check.

Solomon, who had been out on the dance floor, approached Hernandez in a room full of people and allegedly pushed the officer’s face into her breasts.

“She grabbed my head and pushed it between her breasts,” Hernandez said. “I was shocked.”

The investigator, Estrin, has a history of looking into allegations of sexual harassment. In a 2008 investigation into allegations a San Leandro sergeant sexually harassed female department employees, Estrin reported most of the complaints stemmed from personality conflicts.

Estrin said in her report that she could not determine if calling subordinates names such as “baby” or “mama” was welcomed by the employees.

Allegations of illegal ticket quotas and falsified crime statistics

In addition to allegations of sexual assaults and harassment, officers contend Solomon implemented illegal ticket quotas, falsified crime statistics and illegally manipulated union proceedings.

Officer Jon Tatro recently filed a lawsuit against the department that says the chief implemented illegal ticket quotas. Ticket quotas are illegal under state law because they can pressure police to write bogus tickets to meet the department’s goals.

According to emails between Solomon and city manager App, the two allegedly used spies during negotiations last year with the police officers’ union and also had human resources director Sanders keep a list of officers attending meetings.

Amidst the flurry of complaints of alleging sexual misconduct, illegal management practices and retaliation, a handful of officers have retained attorneys who are working on filing lawsuits against the city.

During tonight’s city council meeting, following the closed session, city officials are required to inform the public of any action they take regarding disciplining and or dismissing Solomon.


What a bunch of CRAP! We are on the hook for paying that bimbo $250K AND pay off everyone whose rights she violated? F*CK THAT!


According to the Tribune tonight:

“Following a closed session of the council, City Manager Jim App announced just after 10 p.m. that the city and Solomon had reached a separation agreement that will pay her $250,000 to leave her job.

Agreeing to resign, Solomon’s last day would be April 2.”

Read more here: http://www.sanluisobispo.com/2012/03/20/1998224/paso-robles-police-chief-relieved.html#storylink=cpy


They have a lot of nerve paying that criminal $250K of the taxpayers money rather than just terminating her with cause and booting her butt out the door. That city council needs to be replaced comes election time. I noticed that the people posting over in the Tribune believe that she was paid to keep her mouth shut. The fact that she will be replaced doesn’t relieve the city from the liability surrounding any law suits brought against the tax payers for her behavior while she was the Chief either. By the time this is over, who knows what she will have cost us all?

$250,000….. Somebody should be tarred and feathered.


That someone is App, Picanco and company and CCN is the vehicle in which to do battle with both losers. Support CCN!


Agree, but they will save many fold that amount in the lawsuits because the city took action to correct a problem. Short term it appears discusting. Long term will be a huge cost savings. Besides it is most likely a term of her contract. Regardless, the PEOPLE have won this war.


No way will she be allowed back in the building unless escorted to clean out her desk. She’s done.



KCOY just posted they’ve released her.


Posted: Mar 20, 2012 10:10 PM MST Updated: Mar 20, 2012 10:26 PM MST

By James Burlison – email

PASO ROBLES, Calif. – Embattled Paso Robles Police Chief Lisa Solomon is out of a job, the city releasing her from her duties tonight. Chief Solomon had come under fire for allegations of sexual harassment and other misconduct before the city made the move late Tuesday night.

The City Council held a closed door meeting to discuss the fate of Solomon. This comes after several officers made allegations of sexual harassment and retaliation against Solomon.

Just last week City Manager Jim App confirmed that Solomon took a leave of absence… that she told us was just personal time.

Jim App said the city and Solomon reached a mutual parting agreement. Solomon agreed to resign and city agreed to pay Solomon $250,000.

Solomon’s last day will be April 2nd.


OH did I say crime pays!!! city agreed to pay Solomon $250,000.


Okay, I just looked at the agenda addendum. It’s a special meeting, just for the one item, which is to “discipline/dismissal/release” an employee.

This is what may have happened.

When solomon went out on leave, it was administrative leave. At that time she could very well have been given an Intent to Discipline notice, which could have, or have not, specified “Terminate.” If she took personal leave after getting an Intent to Discipline, that means the city didn’t put her out on PAID administrative leave. That does NOT look good for solomon, if that is the case.

They cannot terminate her until she has had a Skelly hearing. Unless that happened while she was off work, they won’t terminate her tonight.

The CC may, however, officially make the decision to terminate, and then the Skelly hearing will have to be scheduled and be carried out.

Nice of them to sneak the closed session notice as an addendum to the regular agenda.


I do believe you people are letting yourselves in for a big disappointment, After reading this article and seeing the comments of Investigator Estrin’s prior work I could see the Council saying 10 days no pay, time serviced. I would be surprised (delighted, but surprised) to see Ms. Solomon dismissed, but I guess we can wish. Also, the next one has to be Mr. App’s. Has anyone heard all the rumblings coming out of the Planning Dept. All the favors that either Mr. Apps or this Council have requested of staff for their cronies. The Council/Mayor positions are our responsbility and I am sure three will be gone this coming November, followed by the other two, but it is solely 100% their responsibility and liablity to take care of Ms. Solomon and Mr. App’s if they don’t do the respectful thing of stepping down themselves. What a mess this is!!!


There comes a point where solomon will simply be more trouble than she is worth, and keeping her on staff at PR will cause more problems than letting her go and risking her running her mouth.


I think that point is past. Could you imagine her staying on as Chief?


The Council can direct App to fire Solomon, then the Council can fire App.

That would be prudent, legal, and apt.


Because solomon is a government employee, I’m pretty sure she has to have a Skelly hearing before they can terminate her, and the have to give her an Intent to Discipline notice first.

Of course, the city will hire a rubber-stamp Skelly hearing officer, who will just rubber-stamp whatever the city says. But they have to go through the motions.

That’s what got Tammy Ruddock (ex-Cambria CSD general manager)in so much hot water–she did not give CUSD’s employees she terminated their due process (which is Intent notification and Skelly hearing).


They can terminate her contract without cause for any or no reason. If they give a reason, she gets a Skelly like any other government employee. The decision makers were called “F…ing Morans” by the Chief so I think we are going to find out tonight if they are or not morans. My bet is we will actually wave bye bye to the Chief tonight.


Well, I’m backing your bet because I like the outcome the best! I truly hope you are correct.

I wonder if she showed up for the closed-session hearing….


Let’s get real, the woman is a sexual deviant and she has misused and abused her position of trust, power and authority to fulfill her own needs. Her acts are criminal. Then there are her other issues: having an unregistered hand gun, running a side business on City time (wet t-shirt business), falsifying data to secure federal and state funding, unfair labor practices, Brown Act violations and who knows what else. What is even more disturbing, if it is possible is that so many other government officials in a position of authority, responsibility did nothing, but shove the Chief’s deviant acts under the sheets. Thus, App, the City Attorney, other managers and the Council should all go – they have failed and betrayed all of us. They have breached their fiduciary responsibility to the public. The “moles” or maybe Richard Gere Gerbils that Solomon and App have used maybe just the beginning of the corruption in Paso Robles? Great job, Karen and Dan. Maybe some accountability and true public service may be restored to the City of Paso. What about SLO?



The investigator, Estrin, has a history of looking into allegations of sexual harassment. In a 2008 investigation into allegations a San Leandro sergeant sexually harassed female department employees, Estrin reported most of the complaints stemmed from personality conflicts.


I said App was likely to look for a “fixer” investigator, who would go to absurd lengths to justify not finding any evidence for harassment by solomon. That’s exactly what he did.

Just like my friend who, for her Skelly hearing which decides whether termination will occur, had for a hearing officer Tammy Ruddock. The district she worked for went out of its way to find someone who would go to absurd lengths to ignore the substantial evidence supporting harassment.

This really stinks. It is wrong. The officers serving PR deserve better.

Mr. Tatro, Mr. Lux, Mr. Hernandez, and all the others who were insulted and demeaned by solomon’s filthy behavior: I am so sorry you have had to go through this. It’s just plain wrong. You did nothing to deserve it, and you are being treated horribly by the city of PR.

Had I known earlier, I would be there tonight.

I hope you are going to be present with your attorney(s) in the closed session. You know solomon will be there. At least you’ll have the satisfaction of being able to face her down.

Best wishes and good luck. I’ll be waiting to see how it turns out.


Ya gotta tell me. What is the message in spelling “solomon” without capitalizing the proper noun? This is a new tactic! Whether ripping into App, Solomon, Obama, Rush, Newt, what have you, I’ve never seen a name singled out for all lower case letters. I thought you were another semi-illiterate the likes of which populate these comment features. And then I realized that you had not only capitalized all other proper nouns, but that the post was free of any other grammatical errors.