Jellyfish-like creature forces Diablo into partial shutdown

April 25, 2012

An influx of a jellyfish-like creature into the intake at Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant has forced operators to reduce power to 15 percent capacity.

On Monday night, operators discovered a clog of a small barrel-shaped plankton called salps in the unit two intake. In response, crews reduced power to 15 percent on unit two.

Earlier this week operators shut down unit one for a scheduled refueling.

Diablo Canyon produces enough electricity to power more than 3 million homes.

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There seems to be some misunderstanding here as to the cause of this infestation, as responses to or about Brother Ted’s first post indicate.

Indeed, he is corrrect. Mind you, this may be but the initial plague visited upon an unholy people !

The Egyptians had to have TEN plagues fall on them before they relented.

Starting with Exodus 7:14-25, there was first the plague of Water, that turned to blood that killed the aquatic life. Successively then were Frogs, Lice, Flies, Disease of livestock, Boils, Hail and storms, Locusts, and finally #10 Exodus 12:12

“On that same night I will pass through Egyot and strike down every firstborn – both men and animals – and I will bring judgment on the gods of Egypt. I AM the Lord”.

So, repent or get ready !

As for the opinions of others here; you might have some apologizing, ‘splainin, and prayin’ to do.


If only others could see the way we do! These alleged Christians, you know, the ones who are read to on Sunday mornings at church, just don’t understand the true principles of the Holy Scriptures.

This incident at Diablo, aka, Satan, is only one of the many signs that will be forthcoming in the name of the Hebrew/Christian God. The majority will awake too late, as we bathe in the sunlight in Hawaii away from the prevailing radiation winds of Satan, aka, Diablo


None of the local news agencies handled this correctly:

“Giant Salps Attack Nuclear plant!”

Since that one was submitted to the trib, how about;

“Mutated Nuclear Giant Glowing Jellyfish menace sleepy coastal communities”

Residents run shrieking to their cars, only to find all inland routes blocked…

I hope the NT’s Shredder may yet come through on this one.

Thank you, three prior legitimate posters; Not just any plankton- Doggin “Irradiated Plankton” exhibiting “Synchronized Swimming Behavior” and we all know what that means. And Vagabond; Agreed, but we all know that you cannot petition the Lord of the depths with prayer alone. A substantial sacrifice must be made.

Oh this is much worse than I thought. Overall maximal power is reduced to 7.50 per cent.

And they stop being “Plankton” once they achive the hight of 600 feet, (Or is it Meters or is it 6 Milimeters or is it 0.6 millimeters? Hmm.)

Also, although Salps have two levels of colonial individuals (cellular and individual free swimming), the CCN is reporting a jellyfish-like creature And a clog of a small barrel-shaped plankton called salps

This puts first line responders into a “Singular” versus “Multiple” confusion state.

If you have studied the training documentaries “Alien”, “Aliens”, “Even more Aliens”. You should know this:

“Don’t go into the: Heating Ducts*Cave*Intake Tubes*Outtake tubes*Dark Corridor*Well lit Corridor in a power outage potential*Engine room* loading bay with hanging chains*well*mine Shaft*Meat Locker*-

while thinking there is only ONE of THEM

BTW DB- Oh SNAP! Now you better take the golden parachute and bags o money and jump into the night. The IRA of the ROTH has been stirred. See you Uptown.

Its plankton Ted, not aliens from some far off hellish plant to kill us all for building Nuclear power plants.

Ted, Ted,Ted can’t you see the truth revealed in this? Your faith in the Christian/Hebrew God is a false faith. Only Neptune can rule the ocean’s denizens! Better start praying real hard to Neptune before it’s too late!


True Christians, let’s do the simple math. Is this Jellyfish scenario at Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant a precursor of our Hebrew/Christian God’s judgment upon the Central Coast? Is he upset that His creation named this plant “Diablo”, which in Spanish, means THE DEVIL?! Of all the names to choose that slap our God in the face.

Do you think that our Hebrew/Christian God is giving us a slight warning because of all the shenanigans of our County’s local governments of late? Whatever the cause, we may be in store of Divine Judgment of biblical proportions like the Japanese experienced with their Fukushima nuclear power plant on March 12, 2011!

As the true Christian is aware, the Japan earthquake was the Divine Judgment of our Hebrew/Christian God, because for the most part, the Japanese are worshippers in the name of Buddha. Affinity to Buddha comes only after rejection of Jesus Christ as the only Savior.

“That whosoever would not seek the Lord God of Israel should be put to death, whether small or great, whether man or woman.” (2 Chronicles 15:13)

Our Hebrew/Christian God gives people time to repent, and after that comes Judgment (Rev. 2:20-23). Grace precedes Judgment, but the Japanese didn’t listen, therefore, the devastating earthquake and tsunami followed.

“Thou shalt be visited of the LORD of hosts with thunder, and with earthquake, and great noise, with storm and tempest, and the flame of devouring fire. (Isaiah 29:6)

Fellow SLO County residents, let us figure out what is pis***g our God off, and do something about it post haste before it’s too late!

Let us pray for enlightenment.

Ted, your attempted humor is wearing thin, Why not do something more fun and profitable? Have you considered driving a taxi? Provided you can get a license and drive a car, there are many opportunities for you to try out your comic diatribes on captive audiences to gauge reactions positive or negative before making a fool of yourself online on a routine basis. It would save you some virtual humiliation and give you a chance to get out of that musty basement in your mothers home that you reside in.


I take offense in you stating that the bible is humorous!!! I am bringing forth chapter and verse of our God’s word, in context, and you have the audacity to claim that it’s funny?! In your calling God funny, I suggest that you take it up with Him, and not me! Get it?

Bob, I have received your type of action ad infinitum from many forums in the way that a certain faction of God’s creation can’t handle the actual truth in the bible, and therefore throw red-herrings into the mix to hide behind. You’re not the first one that has done this act, and neither shall you be the last. It comes with the territory.

Your child like circular reasoning may be funny to your equally hell bound cohorts, but not to a man of my godly standing. Seriously, you definitely need a new writer to save a modicum of “face” that you have left on this forum.

If you don’t like, or can’t take the truth of my bibllical writings, then I suggest that you just not read them. Listen, I read your misguided and inept postings all the time, and I don’t whine or write disparaging posts in relation to them, but just accept the fact that not everyone can have my persona or knowledge, and leave it at that.

Bob, a word of advice, just stay “downtown.” Thanks.

Thanks Ted for the great, well thought out response.

I can see that you are a little off and a bit of an exaggerator since recently started commenting here and therefore you cannot be reading my comments “all of the time”. Furthermore, I did not request that you stop making comments, simply that you would develop a system to test market your comments to cultivate a sense of humor.

See Ted, when you spend many hours alone in your thoughts isolated from society because of various conditions and immerse yourself in the i comments section of CCN, you may lose your bearings socially.

Just want to help you buddy, praying for you and hope you are able to venture out a little. You can do it! Remember, baby steps and everyone needs help once in a while.

Take care Ted.


“Furthermore, I did not request that you stop making comments, simply that you would develop a system to test market your comments to cultivate a sense of humor.”

The Hebrew/Christian God’s intended word needs no test marketing whatsoever!!! This type of Satanic action is reserved for the many Televangelists that perceive themselves as rock stars! They will pay upon Judgment Day.

I find it interesting that you still bring up the point of humor with my godly and on topic posts. Whereas, I am only acting in the manner that God has given me genetically and predisposed at birth, in preaching His word.

I am sorry that you find my preaching humorous. This is NOT the intent.

I will pray for you tonight.

Awesome. Think I will find me a bowl of hash and share it with Crystal.


Drug induced, and inferred humor, is not worthy of any refutation other than what I have stated herein.

I will pray for you.