Teacher files to run for SLO City Council

April 25, 2012

Jeff Aranguena

Pacific Beach High School teacher Jeff Aranguena filed papers in his bid for a seat on the San Luis Obispo City Council earlier this month.

Aranguena, 29, and current council members Dan Carpenter and John Ashbaugh are each vying for one of two open seats on the council.

Raised in Mariposa, Aranguena graduated from California State University Stanislaus in 2006. He then continued his education at Cal Poly receiving a teaching credential and a masters in history.

In addition to having served as an alternate for Democratic Central Committee Chair Pat Harris, Aranguena has also sat on three different Democratic Central Committee sub committees: voter registration, endorsement, and candidate recruitment, Aranguena writes on his Facebook page.

“The last few years have been difficult years in San Luis Obispo,” Aranguena said. “I am running for City Council because I know things can be different.  Together, we can change out course and begin to create a more compassionate, sensible, and sustainable community.”


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Great, another teacher who has never made a payroll, hired, fired, bought, sold, or done much of anything beyond the tranquility and consistency of education. Hopefully he worked somewhere as a teen. And Pacific Beach really….the school for druggies. The teachers there have to be cool to keep their attention of those kids on the brink of dropping out. The pressure must be very high, that is where Brian Miller almost allegedly went postal a few weeks ago. Watch out City Council!

I agree.

I’d rather see one of his graduates run. These are the kids the police are constantly after for walking home drunk (instead of driving home drunk) or sitting on a now-forbidden couch on the front porch. They probably have a much better grasp of the espoused “quality of life” that is turning our city into a police state more interested fines than crimes.

What happened to the lady who owned Spike’s? I’d vote for her again. At least she had a clue.

Doesn’t this have to be better than any of our incumbents who say re-elect me because I already know the job and how things work? Look where that has gotten us. I agreee someone more connected with regualr taxpaying working people would be better but anything has got to be better than any incumbent we have now.

It’s time that the community and the media start asking specifically what ideas these candidates have. Specific ideas- not some ambiguous flowery statements that have no practical meaning. What the hell does “Together, we can change out course and begin to create a more compassionate, sensible, and sustainable community.” That means jack.

How does Cal Coast “News” accept that as an answer without any type of follow up questions. “We” the community are not served well by the local media.

I’d like to see every candidate put forth 100 specific ideas that they believe will make San Luis Obispo a better community. The ideas can be as simple as fixing a trip hazard in a sidewalk to as complex as how to increase the percentage of owner occupied housing in the City.

I don’t think we’re going to hear your “specific ideas” from any candidate from the millenial generation. If you think about it, they were educated by the question authority folks.

Those that enter government service express themselves with platitudes, buzzwords and cliches. Those that enter private enterprise spend inordinate amounts of time “crafting mission statements” or preening on Facebook or Twitter on company time.

If you take Mr. Aranguena’s only specifics ” create a more compassionate, sensible, and sustainable community.”, SLO already has two out of three in spades. I do agree that SLO could be more sensible. But come to think of it, SLO is run by that same question authority generation that educated Mr. Aranguena in the first place.


I’d love to see a younger and fresher face on the council. I doubt he can raise the $ to compete with the other two, but it’ll be a good experience for him, and he can share it with his students.

I always find it interesting when a person continues to refer to himself in the third person as this man does on his Facebook page (if the quotes at the end of the article are correct).

Another educator running for local government? Seems to be a prerequisite now.

He reminds me of someone…OH! I know! He’s Adam Hill Junior! :)

Yea, that’s what we need, more democratic ideas for regulating and forcing their agenda’s. I WANT NON-PARITSAN ON MY COUNCIL. I’VE HAD ENOUGH AFTER WATCHING OUR SUPERVISORS FORCE THEIR AGENDA. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

I’d love to have a partisan Democratic council. Just saying.

Partisan Democratic is a redundant statement as is partisan Republican. That is the problem with our government local or otherwise.

We need thinking legislators, not those who sign pledges or otherwise follow Structure’s party line. And the rest of us need to stop calling a politician who modifies his or her position a flip flopper.

When new information or new science comes to light, we need to value the politician that will modify his or her stance. I notice Debbie Arnold is acknowledging climate change. That must drive the tea baggers and Patterson nuts.

Need more info on him, but sounds like he’s very partisan running for a non-partisan office.

Good for him and good for SLO. Fresh blood is always needed.