Paso Robles woman accused of killing her mother

April 21, 2012

Sunni Jackson

Paso Robles police suspect an allegedly schizophrenic  woman of murdering her 61-year-old mother at their home on the 900 block of Olive Street. [KSBY]

Police arrested Sunni Jackson, 36, for allegedly murdering her mother Earlene Grove during an argument Friday morning.

At about 6:15 a.m., a man visiting the neighbor across the street called 911 to report hearing sounds of breaking glass and arguing coming from the home where the woman’s body was later found.

Police arrived to find Jackson sitting outside the home. She was booked into San Luis Obispo County Jail on suspicion of murder.

Family members told KSBY Jackson has battled mental illness and that she has a history of violence against her mother.

“She wouldn’t take her medication,” Taylor Castillo, Jackson’s daughter told KSBY. “So when you have schizophrenia the voices in your head tell you stuff, and she would listen to them, so no one really knows what she’s thinking.”

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The day before Sunni Jackson allegedly murdered her mother, there was an incident in the City Park, reported to the police. The person doing the reporting has been frustrated in getting their story out, but did make a comment both on KSBY and the Tribune web sites. He elaborated on his Facebook page and included pictures that he took. He reported that a woman had tried to grab or kidnap a child from the City Park. When the police arrived, he was told that the Police had received reports about this woman all day and that there was nothing the police could do because she was a 5150.

If this story is accurate, then it appears that Sunni Jackson was acting out all day long in a schizophrenic episode, that the police knew she was a possible 5150, and that she was not picked up and relatives were not notified.

It is possible, of course, that the Police did not have records to trace her whereabouts and were looking, but simply could not find her.

If an officer told the man in the park that there was nothing the Police could do, then that was incorrect as anyone(with cause) can be put on a 72 hour psychiatric hold, and anyone can be arrested for attempted kidnapping or other crime where there are multiple witnesses.

This is definitely something that needs to be investigated as to how it was handled. If Sunni Jackson had been picked up and held, then we would not have had a homicide in our city.


i got to hang out with my son today at the park and that was awsome

,but the City Park had some problems with a woman that was trying to

steal a kid to day when i called PRPD THEY SAID THEY WOULD SEND OUT AN



GIRL FROM HER MOM I th…en called911 and the then

showed up after i tried to video her doing this ,popo said they have had

calls allday about her well this time she grab this little girls hair

and thats when i chased her out of the park cops said shes 5150 nothing

they can do… whait till she steals a kid then well do something,BS”

The police would never say “she was 5150 there is noting we can do” because if she was 5150 then there WOULD be something they could do! You need to understand what 5150 is tho. Just because you are schitzo and hearing voices does not make you 5150. There is more to it than that. IF the police found her I am sure she would have been evaluated for 5150 and if a hold needed to be done, then it would have. 5150 is an easy fix to a problem like this, but the 5150 criteria need to be met. In this case, it might have been. I was in the park that day too and the parents of the kid were mad, but they also said she was “crazy” nd needed help. She did not really try to steal the kid either. I heard the parents say they did not wish to pursue criminal charges for assault, but wanted the lady checked out. Clearly id Jackson would have been found by the police during all of this, things may have been different. We an monday morning quarterback and second guess all day because hindsight is 20-20. If Jackson did not want to be found and was hiding from the police due to paranoia, then she finding her would be tough. Hide and seek in the entire City, advantage Jackson. Bottom line it is very sad and tragic what happened. No one can control human behavior, or predict human beavior. Throw mental illness in and the equation gets far more confusing. Sorry for the families loss, that should be the focus.

Thanks for that information.

You can only say what you assume would happen in a mostly “normal” PD.

For instance, you could say, “in ‘mostly normal’ police departments, the police chief would not grope her subordinate’s johnsons, certainly not in front of other subordinates.”

Or you could say, “In ‘mostly normal’ police departments, there would not be a ticket quota because, a) it is illegal, and, b) there have been such large judgments awarded to police officers who have sued their cities and their chiefs that no chief in their right mind would have a ticket quota.

You know what? You would be wrong on both accounts.

PRPD is not “mostly normal.” It has been driven to the realm of aberrancy by the failed leadership of Lisa Solomon. Indeed, it is still operating under her failed “security/safety?” policy.

So you can’t say, “The police would never say ‘she was 5150 there is noting we can do,’ ” because, until the officers get the kind of stand-up, decent leadership they deserve, they are forced to work in the Coo-Coo Land of police policies and procedures left behind by their last chief, Lisa Solomon.

The family’s loss is recognized AND I am sure they also would want to ensure that the city’s police department have decent leadership so the officers can do the job they were trained to do and that they want to do: protect and serve the people of Paso Robles.

You’re really starting to sound more than a bit ridiculous. Now the entire department is tainted and unable to make reasonable decisions to protect children because the former chief was accused of sexual improprieties? That’s a slap in the face to every officer who is still out there trying to keep the city safe. To make matters worse, you’re just feeding off of a completely unfounded statement that has not even been connected with Jackson in any way. You make some good points now and then but you diminish your own credibility with paranoid statements of this type. Even without “decent leadership,” trained officers are going to do the right thing when confronted with a situation that presents a danger to innocent children.


With all due respect.

Unless YOU are familiar, experieneced, or have been around an individual with a serious mental illness, there is nothing that can help them except, the individual.

Meaning he/she must get help in the form of medicine.

Spiritual guidance can play a roll. However, when there is a chemical imbalance, only the assistance of a mental health professional can give them a sense of normalcy with the proper dosage of medicine.

If you watched the KSBY interview with the daughter, she stated her mother stopped taking her meds…

It’s one step to get help, the remaining steps are staying on the meds.

Sad story all around.

The problem with some types of mental illness is that the patients don’t want to take the medications.

We learned that first-hand when Ronald Reagan was governor of California, and he decided–to save money–he would put the majority of the psychotic in-patients on the streets, and if they wanted their medication, they could just show up at the local mental health clinic–assuming there WAS a “local” mental health clinic. Within a few months, there was a huge increase in the number of homeless on the streets, panhandling, etc.

This is what happens when voters put addle-brained, vacuous pretty-boy actors in charge of public policy.


It is obvious to any TRUE Christian that Sunni Jackson allowed Satan to enter her mind and he told her to kill her mother. As Christians know, Satan cannot read our minds like our omnipotent Hebrew/Christian God can, but he certainly can influence our thoughts. Thus, the Bible instructs us to “put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes”. (Eph. 6:11 NIV) Bottom line? She had no godly armor.

The armor she was lacking was the Holy Spirit and using her time according to God’s will, (Eph 5:15-17), therefore her mother paid the price.

As a result, Satan took control of her mind with unclean spirits that kept her in bondage to him. “He who digs a pit will fall into it, and whoever breaks a hedge a serpent will bite him.” (Ecclesiastes 10:8) Since the report did not mention any snake bites, then we can only assume that she dug a pit and fell into it in the name of Satan.

James 4:7 tells us that as long as we are walking in obedience to the Hebrew/Christian God with our time, then we can resist the Devil and that he will flee. As long as we are focusing with our minds on God’s will, we will have control of our minds. Satan can only gain access to the mind of a disobedient Christians or hell bound atheists.

“He who is of God hears the words of God.” (John 8:47) Get it?

Brother Ted, it is quite obvious from her mug shot that this unfortunate woman was demon possessed. It is so sad that this creation of GOD went so far, when she could have possibly been a Republican candidate for Vice President or a lesser position if she had played her cards right.

We must all pray that this woman get the proper reparative spiritual therapy so that if she ever does get out of prison or the rubber factory, that she smites more deserving heathens than defenseless elderly relatives.

My fellow Brother in Christ,

Like I posed earlier, she did not have any godly armor on. If she was a TRUE Christian, and not like the 99.99 percent of the pseudo-christians that post within this forum, this terrible incident wouldn’t have happened.

Satan overtook her thoughts, and any rehabilitation must include our Hebrew/Christian God’s biblical teachings for her to overcome her malady.

QUOTING TED SLANDERS: “Like I posed earlier, she did not have any godly armor on.”


How about Jesus Rompers? Was she wearing any Jesus Rompers?


Blaspheme! I am talking about Sunni Jackson’s soul and how Satan entered her thoughts because she didn’t have godly armor on in the way of following God’s spirit and word! I am not talking about any man- made attire, such as your facetious “Jesus Rompers!”

You’re disrespecting the Hebrew/Christian God in the passages that I’ve shown above with your ungodly notions of Rompers being godly armor. Shameful!

You’ll pay upon Judgment Day by having the trap doors of HELL sprung in your behalf, as you take the one way e-ticket ride to the depths of the sulfur lakes!

Praise our ever loving and forgiving God for His eventful and future revenge upon you!