Blakeslee bill would ban gifts

May 31, 2012

Sen. Sam Blakeslee

A local lawmaker’s bill to prohibit lobbyists and the firms that hire them from gifting elected state officials has made it to the floor of the California Senate.

Sen. Sam Blakeslee (R-San Luis Obispo) coaxed his S.B 1426 out of the Senate Appropriations Committee last week. Now he will try to collect a 2/3 majority from the Upper House prior to a Friday deadline for bills to pass from their house of origin.

Blakeslee’s proposal also bans officials and members of their immediate families from accepting various kinds of gifts, including golf, hunting, and fishing outings, gift cards, spa treatments, and tickets to sporting events, racetracks or theme parks.

Also prohibited would be gifts of tickets to theaters, concerts or other entertainment venues with a value of more than $25. The prohibitions would not apply to a fundraising event for a bonafide charitable organization.

If the bill emerges from the Senate, it goes to the Assembly for consideration this summer.

UPDATE: The full Senate approved Blakeslee’s bill, 33-0 at 4 p.m. Thursday.

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I just wish that there were more like Sam that could be rerasoned with. Fair-minded ‘conservatives’ that are not completely bat-crap crazy.

But Sam has no political life in a party over-run and hijacked by extremist ideologues, flat-earth science deniers, and snake dancing religious nuts.

Sam would be welcome in a party where we can agree or compromise on the big things, and agree to disagree on the rest. That is NOT the Republican party.

Wonder if this bill applies to little things like Sam bailing his scumbag friend out of trouble with the state?

Hmmm… nice idea… but very impractical. They will just hire the guy or gals mother, sister or friend.

I still remember that Mr. Blakeslee was the only vote in the legislature that voted AGAINST the various educational foundations opening their books. … it thankfully passed eventually. Now, CAL POLY … open your books!

In regards to your comment about hiring the guy or gals mother or sister, may I suggest you go back and reread article. He put language in that says no imeditate family. Mother and sister would fall under that.

Come on! What a parting gift to all of us. How about all of the gifts that the taxpayers gave you while you were on the government entitlement program. How about the cars? Yes you did do some good while you were at Sacramento. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks. Sam where were you during all of the previous years in Sacramento. Why did you wait until the end? Maybe because now no one will be giving these gifts to you anymore?

Great idead but way way too late.

I won’t defend Blakeslee on all his actions in Sacramento but this is not his first attempt at this legislation and, if it seems too little, that may be only because it is the most he thought he had a chance of passing. You can criticize his policies and stances but I think that his character and honesty are way above most of the rest of the politicians in Sac.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Sam, but… this a joke? Corruption runs so deep in CA politics that this is like stopping a tidal wave with your arms outstretched.

Sam really cares about “The People” and I appreciate him and his hard work very much.