CSU chancellor’s office spending criticized

May 10, 2012

Amid a hunger strike by about a dozen California State University students over rising tuition costs,  chancellor’s office administrators are accused of recklessly spending public funds to purchase expensive meals and car service rides. [CBS2]

As students face another tuition hike this fall, a CBS2 News investigation discovered that  the chancellor’s office spent more than $110,000 in catering bills for 2011.

“I think that is completely ridiculous and that disgusts me, actually, as a student. They’re raising our tuition and eating nice meals and we’re suffering,” CSU student Matthew Delgado told CBS2.

Students are protesting escalating tuition rates for CSU students at the same time the CSU Board of Trustees has approved pay increases for university presidents who earn upwards of $324,000.

CSU trustees are currently discussing freezing enrollment, eliminating classes, and cutting some sports programs. Meanwhile, tuition will be going up 9 percent this fall, that is more than 300 percent over the past decade.

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When the Tea Party first emerged on our political scene, I held my breath for awhile hoping that there would be a targeted focus on our current situation concerning higher education, but was disappointed when most of the focus was on “gummint workers”, especially those in any unions as the end all to be all of government corruption and over spending. I have to wonder if those who espouse the “taxed enough already” mindset actually realize how damn corrupt and interwoven all of the various layers of management, supervisors and other, well connected persons in the CSU system of chancellors and presidents really is; is it some sort of God-given “right” for a person with a PHD that they have the chance, if they play their cards right, know who to kiss ass to, know when to hold their tongue, that they get to live a life of luxury at tax payer and student fee expense? How is it that every single time a university cries money woes that the first thing they do is raise student fees, usually followed by cutting teaching and other lower staff positions, but there never ever seems to be any reduction in administration positions? Those in the higher positions in our UC and CSU systems never seem to have to suffer any consequences when ever stories like this come out about lavish spending, it just seems like a huge “FU” to everyone who isn’t in that inner society. The whole system needs to be torn apart and rebuilt with a completely open and accountable structure so that we the tax payers can see who is being paid what, were every single dollar goes (and why) and whenever a questionable expense is found, someone has to answer for it with the possibility of them losing their job if they are found to be screwing the tax payers. Enough is enough.

Heck, just close the Chancellor’s Office. Let the University presidents elect one of their own to a 6 year term. The darn Chancellor’s Office cost more than the smallest 6 CSU campuses.

KCBS/KCAL, the Los Angeles CBS affiliate, aired an investigation on Monday revealing more than $750,000 in questionable spending by the California State University Chancellor’s Office. Among other things, KCBS/KCAL discovered tens of thousands of dollars spent on catering, private car services and other amenities.

Why is it that all the discussion about balancing the CSU budget focuses on hurting students and staff? As Structure says, the Chancellor’s office, which provides nothing to the educational enterprise but a lot of red tape and interference with the real purpose of the university — teaching students, eats up as much money each hear as the six smallest campuses combined. The quickest way to balance CSU’s budget is to close the chancellor’s office and fire the highest paid execs — let them find other similarly-remunerative jobs in this “competitive” market of which they are a part, and upon which they justify their high pay.

Oh, and did I mention that last year only 35% of the CSU budget went towards educating students (that includes all salary and benefits for the professors the riffraf claims are so overpaid)? The other 65%? Who knows.

It’s depression to watch, but here’s the video. Notice not only the expenses, but what a poor spokesman Reed is. Can this guy really be worth $451k a year??


Maybe they should bring their lunch from home like the rest of us.

Looks like the state senate office is paying attention. Look at this letter written by Senator Lieu.


Even a quick glance shows the corruption and arrogance with all aspects of the CSU system. My feeling is that we are still not seeing the bulk of it. $100k for catering? Probably one of many things that happen but are not generally out in the open.

Here’s one for you… the calpoly admin pays outside consultants to find candidates to fill open administrative positions. It seems to me these administrators should conduct the searches on their own and not pay out money for someone else to do their jobs for them. These administrators have multiple administrative assistants in their offices and certainly have no teaching responsibilities as do instructors.

“CSU trustees are currently discussing freezing enrollment, eliminating classes, and cutting some sports programs. Meanwhile, tuition will be going up 9 percent this fall, that is more than 300 percent over the past decade.”

Customers arem, paying more for a dwindling supply of services? Why is the supply dwindling? When demand for something increases, the production should increase also to meet the demand. Why isn’t this happening?

Something is WRONG with an economic system that cannot meet customer demand!

Do you see the same problem at Walmart, Target, or Costco?

Keep handing out that State taxpayers money. A little here, a little there, no problem, raise income tax, sales tax, property tax, cigarette tax, excise tax, vehicle tax, tuition, building fees, permit fees, water fees, utilities tax, gas tax, etc. Yep, tax all those millionaires in California (lol). I have given my last dime to the alumni / foundation at Cal Poly. You have $225 M in your foundation account (at least you did until you stated spending it for new buildings, president’s subsided salary, etc.). I am so done supporting all these non-profits who are now saying they don’t have enough and need more.

Some paragraph breaks would improve your writing to no end.

Indent, indent, indent!