Help find Gus

May 24, 2012


Dogs lovers in and around San Luis Obispo are coming together on the Internet to help locate a dog missing since last Sunday.

Tessa Bunge, a Cal Poly graduate, was in town over the weekend, visiting from her current home in Hathaway Pines.  Staying with friends on San Luis Drive, Bunge ran out to get food Sunday afternoon and her dog Gus, a tan Chihuahua/Terrier mix, decided to run out, too, last seen racing down Johnson Avenue.

A Facebook page—Help Find Gus—has been set up to spread the word about the missing dog. Bunge, who has delayed returning home, is blanketing the Johnson Avenue neighborhoods with flyers about Gus.

Bunge says that Gus weighs about 8 pounds and should still be wearing a blue collar with paw prints on it and a black ID tag.

“He’s shy around strangers and probably won’t come up to anyone,” said Bunge. “But if you tell him “Wait,” he will and you can grab him. Just please don’t run run on him or chase him.”

There have been multiple sightings of Gus along Johnson Avenue and Orcutt Road since Sunday.

Bunge and her friends plan on attending Thursday night’s Farmers’ Market in downtown San Luis Obispo to further publicize the missing dog. A reward is being offered for information leading to the return of Gus. Call Bunge at (209) 470-2802 if you have any information.

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I hope CCN keeps us posted or someone lets us know when they find cute little Gus. Seems like he has been missing for a few days and he will be getting dehydrated by now. He will probably be looking for a bowl of water. I hope he gets back to his mom safe and sound.

My heart goes out to little Gus and you guys. I have had three labs and one golden retriever. We just got the golden not that long ago and we watch him like a hawk. I’m thinking about getting him one of those implants to help find him if he gets lost.

I named all our dogs Skippy. That way I have a better chance of not forgetting his name. Just kidding, I’m not that old. We just like the name Skippy.

When we got Skippy four I decided to get a dog that would live about as long as I will. I probably have about 14 years left and I thiink they live about that long. Not that we know for sure when we are going to go. Only God knows that. Cheeze! I sound like a nut.

Anyway, as you can see I love my dog as I am quite sure you love your dog so good luck

in finding him.

God Bless