Hill supporters accused of manipulating poll

May 3, 2012

Adam Hill

In an apparent attempt to keep Adam Hill seated as 3rd District San Luis Obispo County Supervisor, several supporters allegedly used unethical methods to vote multiple times in a New Times poll. [NewTimes]

The weekly poll question asked, “Which of these candidates for SLO County Supervisor has your vote?” Answers included 3rd District candidates Adam Hill and Ed Waage and 5th District candidates Debbie Arnold and Jim Patterson.

On  April 28, Waage took a small lead over Hill with about 150 votes in. The Democratic Central Committee responded by sending an email to members explaining how to manipulate the vote by cleaning cookies and voting repeatedly.

Shortly afterwards, it appeared someone was using an automatic program. From about 8:30 p.m. until midnight, approximately three votes a minute were made in favor of Hill.

Waage supporter Kevin Rice, also a recipient of the committee email, checked to see if turning cookies off allowed a second vote, and then called several media outlets including the New Times and CalCoastNews to report the apparent crooked voting.

“It was very clear someone was using an automatic program because the votes were coming in consistently and then it just stopped,” Rice said “It looks like team Adam Hill shares the same ethics as their candidate.”

In the end, 86 percent of those votes, roughly 5,396, went to Hill with the other three candidates receiving between 4 percent to 5 percent of the vote.

In today’s New Times, the Shredder wrote that its “IT guy” discovered that 5,349 votes were made from just three IP addresses.

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What a big group of complainers we have. One group says over and over again “where is the proof?!” and the other says ” So what, there is nothing wrong with manipulating a poll to try and feel better about ourselves since we suck so much no one will choose our lousy excuse for a candidate”. Which is it? Did you do it and so what or being falsely accused? Did Ed Wagge sneak in here and make a prank vote maker and is using reverse-reverse psychology on Mr. Smug? I think it may actually be Bush or the UN behind this.

BTW, while I am ranting, I think Adam Hill has no right to be a supervisor anyways. From everything I have read or seen, he was a at the bottom of his class and a piss poor professor. He is not even from this area. I wish he would carry his fat ass back to New Jersey where he belongs and take his crappy regulations stuffed in his extra large body cavity that he is known for. Pack you bags Adam, we don’t like or need you around here.

Don’t you believe in democracy, Bob? Adam Hill won election by a landslide margin. In fact, he beat an recumbent by a larger margin than any SLO County supervisor candidate in at least the past 50 years or so.

That you choose to denigrate him because of where he was born or raised is shameful on your part, and certainly not of the spirit that helped found the United States of America.

I can’t say I know a lot about Adam Hill, but we certainly have the right to prefer him to his opponent who identifies himself as a Republican. That any person of would wish to align themselves with a political party associated with the criminal leadership of RichardNixon, Ronald Reagan, the Bushes, Dick Cheney certainly shows some questionable judgement and ethics on that count alone.

Whether you like him or not, it certainly seems that Adam Hill is a better choice than his opponent. The fact that Kevin Rice is supporting Waage is just one of the good reasons to question his candidacy

Nope, don’t believe in democracy. I believe that our system of a Representative Republic seems to be the best system for governance that has been tried in our world. Sadly, it has run amok recently with the masses voting themselves more and more “benefits” taken by force from other people.

And Republicans are corrupt huh. Really? Sure, politicians can be corrupt. But while your at it try Obama and his buddies at Solyndra, Holder and gun running, the dead ICE agent killed by ATF guns, Barney Frank’s boyfriend running a prostitution ring out of Barney’s house that he didn’t know about, John Edwards paying his mistress with Campaign Cash, Nancy Pelosi and her giveaways in the Bay Area to her family & friends, Hillary and her lucky investments, Harry Reid and his lucky investments, Charles Wrangle and him not realizing he did not have to pay taxes on 700k, William Jefferson with freezers full of cash, Feinstein and her insider trading with Mastercard Co. and I can go on and on and on.

Dick Cheney did what? Ronald Reagan? Laughable. You are a partisan who cannot look beyond you own personal quest to control others. Adam Hill won over a dull supervisor that never was a good choice. Adam sold himself off as a moderate and not an environmentalist extremist which he has shown himself to be. I actually believed his line and voted for him because he can sound reasonable, but his lack of Character and Integrity has turned me off big time. Had he admitted he made a prank call, I would still think it lame but at least I would not have to think him to be dishonest.

Yeah, he was elected. I think it is best to have deep roots, care for a community, and have a very good understanding of our county to make big decisions for it. You cannot get that being from the arm pit of the east coast New Jersey. We have a special place here and it deserves to stay special, not become a mini Santa Cruz or Santa Barbara or Napa Valley.

Believe in it or not, Bob, our election system is based on democracy. It is a democratic election system. That is the system that the Founding Fathers established. Look it up, if you don’t believe me. And Adam Hill won by a landslide. If you can’t respect that, you don’t respect our election system. What do you propose instead?

The Republican party was infiltrated and co-opted by crooks. There has not been a decent or respectable Republican president since Dwight Eisenhower. The Republican Party degenerated into a party of organized crime, sacrificing the U.S.’s future to the military industrial complex.

The Republican Party has been a disaster for the United States, no two ways about it. Nixon, Reagan, the Bushes. What a shameful legacy!

Your bigoted view of people born in other states is equally shameful and is at odds with the precepts of the UNITED States of America. Instead you promote dis-unity and celebrate some of the worst presidents our nation has ever had to suffer through. We are still feeling the ill effects of their disastrous, mendacious, malicious and murderous regimes that have turned portions of the United States into tent cities in order to make the rich richer.

Ronald Reagan was one of the most divisive presidents of the 20th century. His infection is still with us having devolved further, leaving us with monsters like Rush Limbaugh as defacto spokespeople and leaders for the Republican Party.

Wow. Criticize me because Adam Hill won in a landslide and he has every right to be supervisor legally. Can’t debate that, but I don’t have to like it and I don’t have to like the fact he is from a crappy place trying to ruin it here too. Yes, we have elections based upon popular vote to elect representatives like Mr. Hill to do the work. The closest thing to democracy seems like it is the referendum process here in CA.

Sadly, you go out on a limb without support of any kind and say Reagan, who won with maybe a larger margin than Adam did, was a corrupt and criminal President. I need to be fine with Hill, but you are sadly bitter and confused with Reagan.

Where were you in the 1980’s through the Clinton years which were directly attributed to the Reagan policy of less regulation and more business friendly attitudes. My dad just about went out of business in the late 70’s. Reagan came in and as a small business owner flourished. Have you ever done anything in your life Unwise besides work for some government or school?

Reagan’s policy or freeing up the radio stations has been a GREAT thing. We have local talk and national talk. We have left and right wing people on the radio discussing ideas. Did you think it is best if you or one of your cronies had the job of deciding which viewpoints were valid and dividing up their time “equally” so that the unwashed masses would not be swayed one way or the other too much. Not to worry, China may have opening for you in that line of work. LET THE MARKETPLACE DECIDE. Just like CCN, New Times, or the NYT, we can decide as individuals who to read, listen to, watch, and support without government interference.

I think Reagan did a great job rebuilding our military after Carter had rampant cuts, Bush the 1st was a moderate, Bush 43 worked too much with Ted Kennedy. LBJ and Kennedy sure kept us out of war huh? Clinton refused Osama 2 times after the 1993 WTC bombings, and Obama sure is not the freedom loving transparent administration that he promised. Corrupt to the core so far. Lies, stonewalling, and corruption is the order of the day for Carter’s second term.

Trying to find out where these tent cities are? Detroit? Washington DC? Los Angeles? New Orleans? Oh my goodness, these are the same BLUE cities that have been run by liberals for years spending the money on crap instead of what the money was for. Read Ray Nagen and William Jefferson Clinton, (D) Louisiana.

Bottom line Wiseguy is that you suck Adam and your arguments have no basis in reality. Your facts are weak at best. I wish you the best and think you might enjoy the Progressive Policy of North Korea or Putin where you can get away from pesky debate here in SLO.

“…the fact he is from a crappy place trying to ruin it here too.”

Oh I see, Hill is trying to preserve our area, he helped to make local govt. cutbacks and has made our county financially solvent. Waage wants urban sprawl, doesn’t care if our city runs out of water and without one or two exceptions he can’t make decision unless the rest of our council tells him what to do. Guess we have a different idea of what ‘trying to ruin it here’ means.

” Reagan came in and as a small business owner flourished. Have you ever done anything in your life Unwise besides work for some government or school?”

My business along with many others flourished during the Clinton admin.

Carter’s second term??

You’re saying that Bush was an idiot because of Kennedy. Wow, that’s pathetic.

Your whole post is just a bunch of BS. There is corruption on both sides but the right wins the trophy for corruption. For you to put this New Times thing on Hill is just silly.

The facts are not on your side Mr. Type Oh. Looking at total corruption within the last 50 years I cannot see how you can say that Republicans take the cake on that one. I am not for corruption, but come on seriously.

Can you answer a few specifics? Who was the Kennedy family and how did they attain so much wealth that the offspring even today do not need to work?

How did Jay Rockerfeller get rich. How did Harry Reid get that rich? How about Nancy Pelosi? Let me help you out since you won’t answer honestly. All of them are corrupt and gamed the system.

Carter’s second term is Obama’s first term. They are both horrible Presidents.

Adam Hill is not for “preserving” our rural lifestyle. You don’t have plastic bag bans in rural communities. You don’t tell your neighbors exactly what and what they can’t do in the country. We don’t need a law that tells everyone that sells a home they need to upgrade it to some arbitrary energy standard costing regular people tens of thousands of dollars to prevent “greenhouse gasses”. Adam Hill wants to be a regulator and much like Leon Panetta and Algore he probably wants to ride a jet as often as they like while prohibiting the common folks from enjoying the same benefit.

Lastly, this post is relevant because we all got started talking about Adam Hill and his Democratic Committee cronies that, according to the New Times, gave the supporters of AH instructions on how to vote more than once in the poll. Integrity is apparently in short supply in the camp.

Bob, you’re way wrong about Reagan’s margin of victory.

Would you be willing to specify what, exactly Adam Hill has done in SLO County, that makes it more like the bad aspects of New Jersey? Can you name ONE things to back up your wild accusations?

By the way, I make my money as a capitalist, but I don’t buy into the trickle upon economics that Reagan pushed. Ronald Reagan was a terrible president, as history well shows. He divided our country and to the extent that he helped small business owners become rich, he mortgaged away the future of our nation. His military spending was out of control and he put our nation in greater debt. He truly did use his bully pulpit to divide out nation and create greater animosity between so-called liberals and conservatives. He set our nation on a very terrible coarse, a coarse we are still suffering from You can re-write history all you want, as so many have done, but the truth is that Ronald Reagan was a terrible president who did much to harm our world. And by the way, he had noting to do with the Berlin wall coming down, but sure enjoyed taking credit for it. What a bunch of total B.S.

I’m neither a Democrat or a Republican.

I will give you one, but there are plenty. Ready……Gerrymandering of the districts in a partisan way. Shandon to Cal Poly? The coast to Creston? Eat it wiseguy.

There was gerrymandering in California and Slo County long before Adam Hill won office in a landslide victory. New Jersey does not have a monopoly on it. Conseratives and liberals “gerrymander’ when they have the opportunity. It a common political practice. Get real, please.

So you asked I provided an answer and you blow it off.

It is a poor excuse have made the districts this way to try and help Jim Patterson. The supervisors should not even partisan positions. The board is supposed to run the county in a fair and efficient manner. The fact you accept this as politics as usual tells me a lot about you.

Do you think it is right? Your not a conservative or a liberal but you sure seem to side with corruption a lot.

Are you serious, Bob? You say Adam Hill has turned SLO County into a New Jersey because of “gerrymandering”? By your “logic” then every state in the union is “like New Jersey.”

Step outside, why don’t you. Look around. SLO County is most assuredly NOT New Jersey and all the gerrymandering in the world will not make it so.

Lay off all the B.S.and get real, please. Otherwise you are simply wasting everyone’s time with your ridiculous, absurd allegations.

By the way, in case you didn’t notice, the Democratic Party REJECTED John Edwards in no uncertain terms.

But I’m not affiliated with either the Democrats or the Republicans. But I will chose the disorganized crime of the Democrats over the organized crime and murderous regimes of the Republicans. How many tens of thousands of civilian men, women and children did the U.S. kill in Iraq under the leadership of the Republicans? What decent or thinking person would wish to align himself with an organization that promotes such atrocities?

Only after it came out in the news. Have you been listening to the trial at all. Insiders knew what John Edwards was talking about with the two Americas for a while. One America was his sick wife, the other was the video making woman on the trail.

Democrats are always so hard on their corrupt and tainted? Wrangle, Weiner, Clinton, Sharpton, Frank, William Jefferson, Spitzer, Inhowe from Hawaii, the “lion” of the Senate who was such a great guy at giving other people’s money away ran away an accident scene drunk was elected over and over again.

Yeah, I can understand why you think so much of the democrats. .

Conservatives boot then out pretty fast almost to a fault. Foley in FL had affairs with ADULT interns and was gone almost immediately. Larry Craig was a gay in the closet and supposedly has a wise stance he may still be around, but it is not illegal to be gay is it unless your a conservative.

How can you align yourself with socialism and Marxism when you consider the millions killed by Stalin, Mao, Hitler, and Che?

I don’t “align” myself with any of those. Get real, please. And I am NOT a democrat.


“The fact that Kevin Rice is supporting Waage is just one of the good reasons to question his candidacy”

You might hate my guts but I am with you on this one!

Kevin Rice former city Manager of Pismo Beach with Chief Perez whom I am glad did not win the race for Sheriff. Neither one of these SOB are wholely honest or accountable although he (Rice) have been using this site to promote his credibility and trying to appear such a grand person which he is not to support Waage and rag on Hill (I am not promoting either) using his political experience amounts to no more than a contemporary Animal Farm in disguise.

If you checked out my past posts on Adam Hill, I raged him pretty bad.

But between Hill and Waage I will vote for Hill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wrong Kevin Rice, there are two of them. There is Kevin R the city manager and Keven Rice the private citizen and conservative political activist. And I believe that you mean Chief Cortez. If you are a voter in Hill’s district please vote willie. We can’t afford to let Mr. Waage win this race, he will destroy our area with over developement.

You are free to hate public servants as much as you want, but you really should have SOME shred of evidence before accusing someone of wrong-doing. And what, exactly, is wrong-doing when it comes to voting on internet polls? Are there ANY laws covering this? Any precedents worth considering?

If I vote twice for Barack Obama, do we chastise HIM? Hang him?

If I press “like” twice on a single posting, should I be banned for life from the internet? Arrested? A boycott of WiseGuy? A campaign to prevent me from ever holding public office? Is it a sin? A breach of fiduciary duty? A slap in the face of decency? Is it unpatriotic? Do I need to go to confession?

Maybe it was Pedro Garcia from Cambria?

I hope nobody thinks Adam Hill was behind this personally. Supporters can do lots of bad things without the candidates knowledge. Kinda like Ted Nugent and Mit Romney

I hope nobody thinks Adam Hill was not behind this personally. This is the guy that called up people impersonating Ed Waage and insulting them. This guy is another Dick Tuck…You all remember Dick Tuck the guy who ran against Nixon for congress and made all the posters that said F**K Tuck and claimed Nixon did them. Adam Hill is not that clever but he is certainly behind this fraud. I mean he doesnt spend all the council meetings on his IPOD doing county business. But then again why should he have any respect for those people so dirt-dumb that they would vote for him in the first place.

Sam, do you have ANY evidence whatsoever in this supposed case of “Fraud” you are spouting off about? Do you have anything whatsoever to prove ANY kind of “fraud”? Or are you simply another great, but sad example of the LYNCH MOB mentality that infects our community.

What about the folks who post up multiple “likes” or “dislikes” on this forum? Are they also committing “fraud”?

Seriously, do you actually believe the things you spew? As if your life depended on it? Face it, you are accusing a man of “fraud” regarding an internet poll where it is common to post up multiple votes. And you are singling out one person, who you accuse of “fraud” without one bit of evidence to back up your ridiculous charge.

What about people who make multiple votes for their favorite American Idol singer? Fraudsters all? Get real, please.

OK, Sam, let me put it this way: Is there any reason why we all shouldn’t believe it was YOU who orchestrated the multiple votes for Adam HIll? It seems we have as much evidence of you being responsible as anyone else. Correct? Or are you for some odd reason considering yourself above suspicion? What makes YOU so special? It seems you have a lot of NOTHING to back up your wild accusations.

Maybe you are right. It is possible. But face it, even YOU don’t know if you are right or not. That’s why I call B.S. on every single one of your posts on this thread. You got NOTHING! Come back and spew when you actually have something and then maybe you won’t sound like an unhinged, extremist, accusatory jerk.

Dick Tuck lol


Here’s why something smells fishy about this entire “controversy”:

Who in their right mind, who knows enough about computers to use a program to send hundreds of votes in, would be foolish enough or ignorant enough to not know that IP addresses are EASILY traceable and that the anomaly of hundreds of votes being cast at precise intervals would not be noticed?


prolly joe biden may have done it then.

Yep, its a joke. You’ve got NOTHING. You waste our time with complete B.S. and the Lynch mob mentality.

Democratic LOL !


Think of all of the “smart” people who use the internet for illegal activity such as identity theft. Smart doesn’t always equate to common sense, honesty or even thinking about the consequences. I’d bet the NT wouldn’t have noticed had Rice not received an email from the DCC.

Disgusted, does it matter to you that the New Times does NOT post any rule against casting multiple votes on its internet poll? There is NO rule against it! Plus, you have no evidence whatsoever as to who actually posted the multiple votes (for which there is no prohibition against.)

I’ll bet even Ed Waage doesn’t approve of your ridiculous, petty and sleazy campaign tactics. Where is HE in all of this? Surely he wouldn’t come out in public and support your absurd claims.

I shouldn’t waste my time by responding to such an angry, insulting person, but here goes, Wise.

I don’t need rules to guide my ethics. I can decide what I value as to human behavior without you or the NT telling me. The NT, as well as Kevin P. Rice, have posted evidence of an email from the DCC and an IP that skewed the poll. If this is what you condone and how you operate, I’d use your own words and call YOU “sleazy.” Btw, I don’t speak for Ed Waage. Ask him yourself.

Not so fast, my Disgusted friend. Who, exactly, are YOU accusing of a breach of ethics? Adam HIll? Based on what? What, exactly, you consider wrong with voting more than once on an internet poll for which there are no rules against voting more than once?

You’re way off base, Disgusted.

By the way, I’m not angry at all. I’m amused.

And do you, or anyone you know, actually base any part of your behavior or outlook on life based on the results of an internet poll in which results are so easily manipulated and inconsequential?

“Who, exactly, are YOU accusing of a breach of ethics? Adam HIll?”

I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I’m accusing the DCC who sent out the email, not adam Hill. And the 3 IPs. He can’t control everyone that supports him, so I’m not going to place blame on him.

I don’t think I’m way off base with regard to multiple votes, especially 3000+. If you read the Shredder, he refers to the “one-vote-per-computer rule.” I would have thought any reasonable person would understand that objective. He also refers to “cheating.” Why would 3 IPs go to so much trouble if they didn’t think it benefitted their candidate?

If you’re not angry, I’d hate to hear you when you are. Or maybe you just like to insult those with whom you disagree. Whatever rocks your boat, I guess.

I don’t think you get the impact polls have on people. It stands to reason that when someone, or a business, garners huge numbers of votes in contrast to their competition, it influences peoples’ choices whether it be for a candidate or choosing a restaurant.

You keep disregarding the FACT that you DO NOT know who orchestrated the multiple votes.

Also, what is is about there being NO RULE AGAINST MULTIPLE VOTING regarding the New Times Weekly poll. If there is some rule, it’s not posted on the website, so how is anyone expected to know or abide by a rule like that, especially in a society where multiple votes on things like that are encouraged?

You also ignore the FACT that more than one person has posted to this thread absolutely accusing Adam Hill of wrong-doing, even though they have absolutely no evidence to support their allegations.

P.S. What specifically have I written that gives you the impression I am “angry”? Are you sure you are not reading in something, or projecting your own anger?

“especially in a society where multiple votes on things like that are encouraged?”

Any sensible person would deduce that when voting for a CANDIDATE, society doesn’t expect multiple votes. This was intended to be a sampling of voters choices. Do you vote 5 times for your senator?

“You also ignore the FACT that more than one person has posted to this thread absolutely accusing Adam Hill of wrong-doing”

That’s their opinion. Unlike you, I don’t need everyone to think lock-step with me, and don’t intend to try and control their thinking when I don’t know if Hill knew about the voting scam or not. My OPINION is that he did not.

I’m not angry, but amazed at the amount of time you spend insulting others and repeating the same mantra, be damned any FACTS presented to you. Since you don’t comprehend what I write, I need to move on….

“Any sensible person would deduce that when voting for a CANDIDATE, society doesn’t expect multiple votes. This was intended to be a sampling of voters choices. Do you vote 5 times for your senator?”

LOL are you saying that if people could vote 5 times for their candidate that they wouldn’t? Don’t need to answer, this thread is done but you are pretty naive.

The question isn’t whether people would vote 5 times for a candidate if they could. The question is would it be right, honest, ethical? The answer should be obvious, and that is the question of this thread. You don’t have to answer because this thread is done and only repetitious at this point.

But I do comprehend what you write. And I see you slowly ratcheting back your attack as it becomes obvious that you have NOTHING to base an attack on Adam Hill.

You also have little or no foundation for your charge of an ethical violation by people who vote more than once on an internet poll. We don’t know who orchestrated the multiple votes, what they were hoping to accomplish, or whether they expected that no one would notice. Who is deceiving who?

Face it, this entire kerfuffle was pushed not the spot light as a means to attack the character of Adam Hill. But that attack falls flat and is based on misleading the public into believing Adam Hill should be held accountable.

Why are Hill’s political opponents focusing on Hill’s “character” rather than his political talent and accomplishments? I think it is because they can’t find enough faults in the job that Adam Hill is doing regarding the issues of government. And they want to deflect attention from the track record of Ed Waage.

OK, Disgusted, so now, buried deep in this thread, you try to seethe record straight for your reputation’s sake only, by telling us you think Hill did NOT orchestrate the multiple votes. So, then, why in heck do you continue to post, seemingly defending yourself, Hill’s other opponents, and attacking those who strand against the Lynch Mob Mentality that Kevin P. Rice and others are promoting in our community in order to push their own, selfish political agenda.

And then you have the nerve to try to speak for all of “society” in telling us, in essence, that no one expects, and that everyone is offended, by multiple votes from a single IP address, even when there is absolutely no rule against doing so.

Sorry, but your wrong on that count also: I absolutely expect that there are multiple votes from single IP addresses. That’s the way these things work. The websites, in fact, usually encourage that and want it in order to create the impression of more users on the website. That is why they usually set it up that if you erase a cookie, you can vote again. It’s easy and the dirty little secret is that they like seeing it.

Your “ethics” theory, is, therefore, shot all to hell.

You speak of FACTS, but your postings are glaringly lacking in them. Instead you excuse yourself by falling back on “It’s my opinion, aren’t I entitled to my Opinion?” B.S.

Then, you fall back further by criticizing me for persistently standing up for the truth. You would rather i stop posting, and from your ill-conceived viewpoint, I can see why.

What happened to demonstrating integrity, and demanding that those in one’s own campaign or polictial party demonstrate integrity. This falisfying the vote on the New Times poll just looks like one more in a long string of events where Adam Hill has failed to maintain any standard of trust in, or trust by, the people he serves.

The truest thing he has said recently is when he told the New Times editorial board that he is pretending and acting when he has to talk to forums of constituents or working as a Supervisor listening to voters at a Board meeting.

Wow, that’s sure a STRETCH, “Cicero”. Now, YOU, with no evidence, are accusing Hill of “falsifying” a “vote.”

You have just given us another great example of the LYNCH MOB MENTALITY that infects our community.

And does it matter to you at ALL, that there is NO LAW AGAINST any of this? Nor is there any type of community standard or common etiquette about this?

And that we don’t know who is responsible, in any case?

Get real, please!

Well said. I’m going to miss your posts.

Miss my posts? That’s nice of you to say, Typo, but why will you miss them? Are you going somewhere or retiring from the internet rat race?

I’ll try this again and word it differently. I won’t be posting here after this thread and the DeVaul thread. Come visit me at the Trib.


Hard to stay away, isn’t it!

I saw someone in this thread basically say “BFD, it’s just a New Times poll”, and I sort of agree with them, plus I seriously doubt a SLO supervisor has super-secret people in Modesto submitting meaningly polls, honestly… seems like quite a stretch. That doesn’t effect my quality of life, my house, or my business in SLO, either.

But with all this talk about ethics and clearly a lot of passion about right and wrong, I did some Googling today about both Ed Waage and Adam Hill, and am I’m curious to get an opinion about this Ed Waage “extortion” issue:


What happened to this “just deed the lots to the city” thing? The video doesn’t have any comments, so does anyone know why Waage said that or what happened? THAT sort of thing seems like it would have a tangible impact on SLO county residents… unless it was a joke… like a prank phone call, but just during an actual meeting rather than to a friend on the phone ;)

Anyway, like I said, this seems to be the place to go if anyone knows about what happened.

Alwaysamazed. If it wasn’t Adam Hill’s people with some type of automatic program voting for Adam Hill, then who was it in Modesto? Do you really think people are so stupid that they will believe what you are saying. Give us a break. You are obviously an Adam Hill supporter and will dismiss any bad behavior that comes from his campaign.

Citizen, first of all there is no law against any of this. Secondly, you are accusing someone, despite having absolutely no conclusive evidence.

You are presenting another great example of the extremist LYNCH MOB MENTALITY that infects our community.

And you’re the Queen of Denial.

That’s an empty cliche that signifies absolutely nothing but your lack of foundation for your accusations and lynch mob mentality. Weak.

I watched that meeting, quite a bit of it is chopped up in that video. Mr. Waage did vote no on it, one of the very few if not the only time that he voted against the majority. First of all as a side note, that architect is one of the city’s good ole boys. He’s the same architect that got the 24 lots on beautiful Price Canyon Road approved with Waage’s vote. These homes will be so close together that they had to be placed at an angle to get them to fit without touching each other, really ugly. The same developement that the kids can’t get a bus to school from,,,Waage voted in favor of that one.

Mr. Waage did ask during that posted meeting ‘whats in this for the city’. My friends and I thought that was weird, it did sound like extortion. Granted, I don’t approve of this developement and I’m grateful that Waage postponed it with his vote. But it’s just a matter of time before he votes for it. This property is in the coastal zone so at a meeting prior to this one the city pretended like they were deciding on whether they were going to send the coastal commish a letter to request changing the current zoning from open space to residential so Spangler could build on this property. Waage did go with the city on that letter. The deceptive part of this was that city had already sent the letter months prior without letting the public know and Mr. Waage knew this. They just pretended that they were going to write it up knowing that the letter was already signed sealed and delivered.

This property will be coming before the council soon to change the current land use for that area, they are changing the zoning simply so Spangler can build on this property and no doubt Waage will vote to change the zoning from ‘permanent open space’ to residential. That’s just how they roll.

This area is important for two reasons. One of the reason that the coastal commish has concerns but did agree to let the city change the zoning is that it is the first view of the ocean that you see when traveling south from San Francisco and it’s right next to the FWY. If the people that buy these homes put in trees or large shrubs the view will be gone. The other reason that these lots are so significant is that they are currently zoned ‘permanent open space’. That is the true land use as currently zoned. But the city is currently in the process of changing that and I’ll bet anyone here 10 bucks that Mr. Waage goes along with changing that zoning. So my point is, ‘permanent open space’ means nothing to the city of Pismo Beach. If they want build on Dino Caves Park then they will, it’s zoned the same as Spanglers property. Waage will vote to change zoning in favor of the developer, he wouldn’t want to risk the chance of getting that arcitec mad, he is one of our city council’s ‘owners’.

Typed fast no proof reading please excuse typos.

Thanks, typoqueen. I really appreciate a thought out answer, rather than just blasting away my question. Cheers to a little civility, thanks for the extra info.

Where can I buy one of those ‘voting machines’?

The DNC headquarters.

I’m trying to defend LOGIC and combat the LYNCH MOB mentality that some members of our community enjoy promoting. I don’t even live in HIll’s district.

This issue about multiple voting on internet polls IS worth discussing. The fact is that it’s such a relatively new phenomena that none of us really understand the complexities and the extent that this is going on all the time in various forms, and what it means in practical terms or in ethical terms is not a simple matter.

So, I find it barbaric that someone would single out a single instance of this as a reason to bludgeon a public servant and disparage his morals and ethics with so few facts or and so little thought having gone into this.

Like it or not, we are living in a culture that celebrates “gaming the system.” In this particular instance, who really makes the rules? The New Tmes? Sheeeit, they used to be an organization that celebrating flaunting “rules”.

Perhaps there is a serious moral issue attached to this latest POLITICAL CAMPAIGN attack by Mr. Rice and others, but it seems to me that NO LAWS WERE BROKEN, the rules are tenuous, and no perpetrators have been positively identified.

BUT, we clearly see that a Democrat political organization was gaming the system to get ahead in the polls and their opponents are trying to trash them in the polls. Would you expect anything less?

In your defense of “logic” and Hill, you seem to think it’s okay for you to insult and criticize others, but the rest of us aren’t allowed to criticize Hill. Amusing.

Hill’s not in my district either, but he affects my life with his decisionmaking nevertheless.

That’s why it’s fair for me to cry foul when I witness his character flaws.

Adam Hill, like Lisa Solomon, has demonstrated his bad behavior over and over again. If you support him for office, you are likely to dismiss his behavior as unimportant in the scheme of things, but he will continue and there will be more incidents, and hopefully they will not rise to the level of Police Chief Lisa Solomon’s antics.

Yes, bad behavior like keeping our county financially solvent by providing jobs and making cut backs when so many other counties are either going bankrupt or on the verge of it,, so bad.

After listening to to Debbie Arnold yesterday on Congelton and knowing more than I want to about Waage, you people would be crazy to change horses in the middle of the stream..oh wait you are,,,nevermind.

If you people would could worrying so much about the gossip and lies and could get your heads out of the gossip mill for awhile and simply looked at the important issues ie the welfare of the county then you would see that we need to keep things the way they are. We are so lucky to live in this area, we are so lucky to have a county that’s doing so well but you just can’t see past your hatred.

Typo, Are you “people” trying to bait me to say something hateful or spread gossip?

I do know Adam Hill and nothing I’ve said is either hateful or gossip.