Atascadero businessman allegedly claimed to be a doctor

July 18, 2012

An Atascadero business owner is under a fraud investigation by the California Department of Consumer Affairs for allegedly claiming to be an audiologist. [KSBY]

A search warrant obtained by KSBY says that Aaron Marquis of Advanced Hearing Aid in Atascadero misrepresented himself as a doctor to his patients. He then allegedly used the title to fraudulently file insurance claims.

Authorities have not yet filed any charges against Marquis. However, state officials are investigating him for falsely advertising himself as an audiologist, charging patients under false pretenses, insurance fraud and grand theft.

Marquis contends that he has never advertised himself as a licensed audiologist or performed any procedures he was not licensed to perform. He blames his competitors for making false claims of wrongdoing.

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Hearing aids are the biggest ripoff ever invented I have a pair that cost over six grand they have been

back in

for re pares five times they do not sound as good as a twenty dollar par of ear buds!

my dad has different brand that cost 2300$ same thing very unreliable. The hearing add supplier clam

its because off the small size and technology I just look at my android phone and shake my head It has a PC, camera , TV, music player that holds over 5 thousand songs, camcorder, and good knows

what else I haven’t figured out yet!. As much as I hate to say it I wish someone like Sony,or JVC would

start making these

Oh yeah I forgot that all of you know all the facts! And it said that no charges have been filed! There is a reason for that I’m sure… Let me think… Oh yeah they probably couldn’t find anything to charge this guy with! Anyone can make false accusations! It’s people like you why small businesses struggle! Which I’m sure you LOW LIFE’S feel real good about youeselfs for writing your false accusations down on a little blog sheet! I’m out!

I was talking about hearing aids in general I have not had dealings with this guy .

if you think six grand is reasonable for a pair of hearing aid you ether sell them or are in the top

one percent? Mine are 30 months old they were warranted for 24months and yes they have been back in for re-pares 5 times when the warranty was up I was forced to by insurance because they are so unreliable.

Just the facts ! I think a lot people that need aids cant afford good ones?

1. “Marquis contends that he has never advertised himself as a LICENSED audiologist” So is he trying to say it’s ok to falsely advertise that he has a PhD and miss lead his clients as long as he doesn’t say he has a license? Telling people you have a PHD when you don’t is not misleading it’s FRAUDULENT.

2. “or performed any procedures he was not licensed to perform” But he doesn’t deny that he illegally BILLED for these procedures which he is not allowed to do since he does not an audiologist nor does he have a LICENSE that would allow him to bill for diagnostic testing!

3. “He blames his competitors for making false claims of wrongdoing” Yes I am sure that your competitors crept into you office at night and billed claims while you quietly slept dreaming about how you can inflate your ego even more and deceive the people you are supposed to be helping.

Google Hein Tran with the California Air Resources Board. He is the one to blame for the truck and bus regulations that will cripple small businesses. He said he had a phd from UC Davis when in fact he only had an online degree from Thornhill University. He is still employed by CARB. Our state is a fraud, plain and simple.

The educational requirements to become an Audiologist are just as specific, if not as rigorous, as any other medical field. If this fella wasn’t properly edumacated but was practicing and treating and billing patients and insurance companies, he’s in trouble – particularly for messing with the insurance companies. That’s gonna hurt.

The title of the article is at least a little misleading. He was actually charged with claiming to be an audiologist, not a doctor. The title “doctor” gets a little fuzzy with chiropractors qualifying in some people’s minds, but I think physicians or medical doctors come to mind when most people think “doctor.” I also think most of those same people would agree that pretending to be a cardiologist, oncologist, radiologist, or anesthesiologist is worse than pretending to be an audiologist.

Unless he get’s out a drill and does the very common surfer’s ear surgery, I have had three ears done, well one of them they did twice, it was extremely painful, this would probably not happen but in the happiest city in the states and the cities unraveling sitcom, I could see it happening.

Remedy ,,,, we all get to do some surgery on this piece of crap liar or alleged liar, that was milking our failing system, gee maybe this is why it’s failing , theft from within, will it ever stop, lazy greedy jerks on every corner, it didn’t used to be that way.

Fraud is a prerequisite for doing business in Astascadero!

Like Miller and Courtney Brard,, the,,,VICE PRESIDENT of Hurst financial, sorry Courtney you are going to face me in court, fraudulently incurring dept. and filing Bankruptcy is against the law, it’s not over until “I” say it is.

Also, to my recollection, there is no statute of limitations on insurance fraud. Therefore, where ever this fraud practiced, claimed he was a doctor, and filed fraudulent insurance claims–he can be prosecuted for every claim he filed.

Do you think that the DA will get to this before or after the Gearhart fraud case. I would say stay tuned in but my hearing aid just failed.

Actually there’s a four year statute of limitations on insurance fraud, from when discovered or when it should have been discovered. However if it was ongoing it’s a continuing crime so you can go back farther than the 4 years. To file each claim as fraud the DA will need to show that there was a misrepresentation and that the person relied on the misrepresentation for each claim. They may be better to group things together.

Does this apply to the insurance companies, as well? How about if he submitted fraudulent claims to a government (state, federal, military) program?

With the slap on the wrist they gave Guth and Yuda, this guy will only loose the license he didn’t have and waltz away on probation or hide behind a blade of grass and get off scott free.

Could have been worse for our citizenry. He could have claimed to be a gynecologist.


Gyno is indeed widely practiced in Atascadero, mostly by public servants on the citizenry.

And after Dyno did the Gyno the public bloggers tore her to pieces like sharks in a pond!

She sure did balloon up nicely after getting all that money for doing such a great job, ah such a great job she did too! I’m sure the cop that sued her or cops, just hated every minute of such torture and aren’t they supposed to be trained in restraint holds, nobody made “her” tap out!

No, hon, in Atsacadero the public servants proactice PROCTOLOGY…..

Atascadero…………. The arm pit of S.L.O. County………… Again… Whats new ?


San Luis has many more drunk driving arrests and accidents so talk about that will you?

You must not have visited our zoo or park. Or even smelled the clean air in the cool of the evening. Photocal stay in San Luis will you? You are waay too negative for us country folks. We mostly love our area and you are not invited to the new Walmart. How’s that make you feel? Go to your own big box stores and fight the traffic.

San Luis sucks if you like wide open spaces. You know, I can sit in the middle of my property and not hear a damn sound. Just peace and quiet. Now that’s what I call a peaceful home. Too many stars at night to count. I just sit there with my wife and friends and take it all in. And be thankful that San Luis is far enough away to not see it, smell it, or hear it. God Bless

Since when do you need a license to practice anything in Atascadero?

Hi Booty, long time, I think they sell licenses in those gumball machines by the courthouse, in Paso.

And I heard they passed out the licenses as Cracker Jacks prizes…

We really don’t need that much practice. Going to San Luis Obispo is punishment. Too many cars, stop lights, noise, honking at each other, snobs, and etc.

We may have some government problems but people here are the creme of the crop. People help each other here. I know we don’t have much of a town but we have people that say high to each other just because we passed each other at one time or another. People are not demanding. I have never heard an ounce of impatience at any store. I even see others giving up there spot in line so an elderly person can go ahead. Or someone with a child. You guys should come here and observe the people. We can teach you something about giving with a smile.

Yea Atascadero!

We don’t have to prove how good we are. We are just good. If I never had to go to SLO I’d be happy as a clam.

Try to keep your insults to yourself will you? I know you are trying to make yourself feel better because you live somewhere other than Atascadero. Maybe a hug would help. I have plenty of those, just waiting to give you one.

God Bless

Are you female?

I’m not female but I am very sensitive to other’s feelings and wants and needs like most women are. Took me years to get rid of that macho image. Being sensitive to others is being a man.

It’s still a “mud-hole”.

There is a lot to like about Atascadero, really, but the way the place is run is not one of those things….