SLO County supervisors pass smoking ban

July 18, 2012

The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors voted 3-2 Tuesday to ban smoking at all parks, county parking lots and at other outdoor locations

Supervisors Bruce Gibson, Adam Hill and Jim Patterson voted in favor of the ordinance that takes effect in 30 days, and Frank Mecham and Paul Teixeira were opposed.

Supervisors agreed to allow exceptions for airports as well as at the psychiatric health facility. In the future they plan further discussions on how to regulate smoking at golf courses and airports.

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Like it or not, smoking gives off highly toxic output. The sort of output that can cause cancer. Remember when SLO made smoking in public buildings a non-no and we all heard how that would be the demise of SLO? It didn’t happen…

If smokers don’t have the common sense/courtesy to smoke only in private (shame on them!) then something has to be done. I suspect this law won’t do much. I suspect it’s a window-dressing attempt by the politicos but it least it’s a start.

More politicos trying to look like they’re “working” to make things better. How about the NYC mayor outlawing 40 oz. sodas? What a giant step towards the healing of America.


Funny how reefer became good for you overnite, isn’t it?

They’d just take em out back and beat the sh*t out of em, but that wouldn’t generate rev. When possible always go into City Hall to fart.

This is another stupid rule. Another reason SLO needs overhauling. I quit smoking 4 or 5 packs a day for 54 years. Loved every second of it. Wouldn’t have quit but I was coughing from it. I walk real close to anyone having a cig around me. Still love the smell.

Drop the rules, who gives you the right to tell people to not smoke outside? It’s outside for God’s sake! What are they going to take away next? And don’t tell me what I need to do to make your world better, as far as you are concerned. Try a little weed. I promise life will go better for you and you will live longer. You won’t be nearly as tense. Oh well, once you force all the rules down my throat you will be in total control I guess. What’s next, no smoking in the car?

I quit smoking after 44 years, every time I wanted a cigarette I would light up a joint and have one small puff this controlled the cravings although the first two weeks were somewhat foggy not bad just spacey,

clear for three years never backslid because I had my joint with me all the time for about six months, now I am totally ambivalent about cigarette smoke just don’t care done with it

Bully for the county keep the private habit private. Medical marijuana is a nicotine craving interrupter that works, would do again two thumbs up .

You “loved” smoking 4-5 packs/day for 54 years? Is it even possible to smoke 4-5 packs/day? Really?

If it actually is, I’m amazed you’re still alive to type this. All those years of smoking — did you ever ask those around you if they also “loved” your second-hand smoke?

There are a lot of rules that outlaw behavior in public that you can legally do in private. For example, you can’t drink a beer in public. You can’t walk around naked in public. You can’t have sex in public. You can’t urinate in public. With the exception of maybe urinating in public, none of those things can affect the health of bystanders like smoking does, so why should smokers get a free pass to do whatever they want in public when there are plenty of other restrictions on public behavior?

If a person can’t smoke by county buildings, where will the homeless smoke when the new 200-bed homeless shelter is built adjacent to the Dept. of Social Services?

They discussed making exceptions for County Mental Health and I’m sure they’ll do so for the homeless shelter, too.

Stupid ordinance…no way to enforce it.


Tung and Cheek: This is not about greenhouse gas, think fewer teen pregnancies and executive priviledges. A big savings to our county budget. Buenos Dias.

Truth is, I dislike smokes but outlawing smokes in areas where I can choose to be elswhere regulates everyones freedom of choice, a poor example of equal representaion.

It’s also illegal to walk down the street with a beer in your hand. Should we start allowing that too?

Will this be a credit towards any further “green gas” studies? Whackos!