Man attacked with hammer in Paso Robles

July 26, 2012

Roger West

Officers arrested a 38-year-old man for attempted murder Tuesday after he allegedly beat a man with a hammer in rural Paso Robles.

Roger Glenn West allegedly hit the unnamed victim multiple times with a hammer during a dispute over money at 5585 Aluffo Road near Nacimiento Lake at about 5 p.m.

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a 911 call and found the victim suffering from major injuries. The critically injured man was life-flighted to Twin Cities Community Hospital in Templeton.

Deputies arrested West and booked him into the San Luis Obispo County Jail where he is being held with bail set at $500,000.

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Tweakers? I wouldn’t be surprised in a rural area south of Nacimiento…

This is in a gated development of widely scattered houses (Running Deer Ranch). Most of the residences are not your typical “trailer trash” types. In fact, I suspect that anyone living in a trailer there has that trailer on acreage with a larger house. It may be only 24 miles from Paso but the winding roads make that nearly an hour drive. That may attract tweakers, but other factors would work against finding such people there.

Wonder if Roger West is a distant relative of Lizzie Borden?

AGAIN, we see horrific violent crime in Paso Robles.

That city needs an overhaul from the top down, and they need it right now.

Decisions have been made that leave the population at risk. The city wants to hire more sergeants when the PD is already top-heavy with brass, instead of putting more officers on the street.

With such decisions being made by the “Big Phat Bald Guy” (his name for himself in his official city emails), James App, City Manager, and with the escalating violent crime and other escalating problems, the State must step in and take control of the city.

I’ve never seen him in person. Is he really fat or was it a private thing between him and the Lovely Meter Maid ?

Here’s a photo:

Aluffo Road is on the South side of Lake Nacimiento a long way from Paso Robles city limits. Check it out on The article should have read “rural San Luis Obispo County”, hence the sheriff’s involvement. I do agree that, however, that Paso Robles management needs an overhaul.

I’m just going by what is published in CCN and the trib.

Well, Since you do your homework like all responsible conjecture- laden subjective bloggers do, you are officially exused for not seeing that the location was 24 miles out of town. That is two miles short of the distance to downtown San Luis. As my wife would say, “It doesn’t matter…That’s besides the point!”


The Trib….You have to be kidding ! Arrps lovely meter maid could have explained it all. Opps……….She’s not in the circle anymore.. By the way…………. anyone know if She has found a job yet ?

Once AGAIN MaryMalone is off base, misinformed, factually incorrect, and clearly biased. This did not even happen in Paso Robles and was not even close to Paso. This was in SLOSO jurisdiction if you care to even read the article. You are blinded by your own hatred toward PRPD/Paso that you immediately jump to conclusions and connect dots that are on different pages. I am sorry that you have had bad experiences with LE, but stop taking it out on PRPD.

The City does not want to hire more Sergeants, they are hiring Officers as fast as they can. Where did you get that tidbit of misinformation? The state step in and control the City? Really? Do you have any idea what is going on? Clearly not.

Amazing how crazy people can get. I guess it’s unreasonable for me to think that this guy with the hammer couldn’t rationalize that his chosen course of action, not only wouldn’t get him his money back but would cost him more money, a lot more money! I guess it’s also unreasonable for me think that he might have considered using the court system… Sigh

LOL, Even Cheeseburger who talks about cutting off peoples heads and watching them roll down the front stairs of the white house knows to use the court house instead, in fact he does it quite well in between his murderous “rants” ;)

Get his money back? What article are you reading. Given the article I’m reading, I can discern no motive whatsoever.

My only thoughts are he is an out of work construction worker, who wants to stay viable in a occupation that won’t come back for decades.

On a more serious note, I hope this guy is banging out license plates for the rest of his life.

I can discern the motive……

“Roger Glenn West allegedly hit the unnamed victim multiple times with a hammer during a dispute over money”. Sounds like the perp believed he was owed some money, no? !!!!!!!

Hey… from that area….maybe He just liked hitting people. Glad I wasnt there.