Lead found in Red Vine Black Licorice

August 23, 2012

The American Licorice Co. voluntarily recalled 1-pound bags of its Red Vines Black Licorice Twists after the candy was found to have levels of lead that exceed the state standards.

Company officials identified the product as having a “best before” date of Feb. 4, 2013. Those in possession of the candy are asked to throw it away.

The California Department of Public Health notified Red Vine Co. that a check of the candy identified it as having as much as .33 parts per million of lead, which equates to 13.2 micrograms of lead per serving. Health official recommend children and pregnant women who may have eaten this candy consult their health care provider to determine if medical testing is needed.

“Safety is the number one priority for our company. We are taking every possible precautionary step to make this situation right, including working diligently with our retailers and public health officials in an effort to keep all Red Vines consumers as safe as possible,” the company said in a statement.


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I hope the theaters everywhere are prepared to just “throw it out” too.

This adds a new twist on the old saw, “That’ll put lead in your pencil.”

Pretty Bad huh?

I read about this in the paper first this morning before getting here. The first thing I thought was HOW did the lead get into the manufacturing of the product? With paint and other things you understand it.

Was there lead on a piece of manufacturing equipment for the licorice? Just strange on how it got into this.

Moonies own the company

Maybe their coloring has lead in it? Who knows. Processed foods are pretty damn scary.

I love black licorice, but never do Red Vines. Hope the ones I use don’t have lead, too, but are too small of a producer to warrant the scrutiny that American Licorice Co. has. Gotta wonder.

Bought Red Vines black licorice once, horrible stuff, anyone who likes it cannot be further brain-damaged. Can’t remember the name of the good stuff, maybe because it had lead too.