Background says a lot about Pismo Beach candidates

September 29, 2012

Erik Howell


Before I look at a candidate’s viewpoints, I look at their backgrounds. I try to look for someone most similar to me and for the person who best represents the area.

Erik Howell went to Harvard in the very liberal state of Massachusetts. DJ White went to Hancock College and Cal Poly SLO. Ed Waage went to at Reed College in Oregon and also to a college in Washington. Waage had moved to this area a long time ago whereas DJ and Eric both were raised in the Central Coast.

Now, I would also to bring up one other point about the candidates and lay the issues about development and city finances aside.

I know Mr. Howell has stated before that in a Tribune interview he had already talked about not wanting to have the invocation at council meetings. Mr. Howell had stated that if he was elected he would step out of the room during the invocation in Protest of it being getting. I believe there are many religious people living in Pismo Beach and I feel Mr. Howell will not respect religious folk in the city and would overturn the council decision to not have invocation.

Besides that, I think Sheila Blake and DJ White have worked their ways up the latter. Ms. Blake was widowed and raised her kids on her own and while Mr. White payed his way through college and is concerned about the future of America as he volunteers through our schools coaching.

Please consider people’s backgrounds when you vote this election.

David Pecci is a Cal Poly sociology student who has lived in San Luis Obispo County for 14 years.


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I would base my vote on The Daily Brief today regarding Adam Hill and his support for two candidates: ‘… I am urging voters of Pismo to support Erik Howell and Sheila Blake for council.” If Adam Hill supports these folks that is enough reason alone to NOT vote for them. Save Pismo – vote for anyone but Howell and Blake!

Lol I was about to mention that. Pismo council represents Pismo. Not LAFCO. Not AG. Not CA. But Pismo and it’s people living there. If Pismo was full of muslims, then the council should represent the muslims.

How about giving this person credit for having the guts to stick up for what he believes in? How about looking at the message and not at how it was written? I don’t see any of you posting what you think in the Tribune or this online paper. You all must be too cowardly to show your real identities and instead hide behind your blog identities.

Since you all had the balls to say something critical how about coming out with the balls to say if you truly believe in God or not?

you first

So the author of this “piece” states that he looks for someone with a similar background to his; is he suggesting that only someone “similar” to him is the best person for the job? Does that mean that the candidate should be: male, white, college educated and not be able to write a coherent statement and include grammar and spelling errors?

David also suggests that Erik Howell will “overturn” the invocation (which is what I would suggest be done), but he also mentions what Erik Howell said he would do, which is to “step out of the room”. Question, David; how to you get from “here” (stepping out of the room) to “there” (removing the invocation completely)?