California’s uninsured increasing in numbers

September 13, 2012

California’s uninsured population is among the nation’s highest at 19.7 percent and continuing to increase, according to a new Census Bureau report.

Even though nationally the number of those without medical insurance fell from 16.3 percent to 15.7 percent in 2011, in California the number of uninsured rose from 19.4 percent to 19.7 percent. Nationally, uninsured rates range from 3.4 percent in Massachusetts to 23.8 percent in Texas.

Both California’s poverty rate and median household income were slightly higher in 2011 than the national average, according to the report.

Nationally, the median income declined for a second year in a row to $50,054. California was at $53,367, Maryland topped the list at $68,876 and South Carolina at $40,084 was at the bottom.

The number of people nationally who lived in poverty in 2011 at 15 percent remained statistically similar to 2010. California has one of the highest rates at 16.9 percent.


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They are trying to stampede us again. Meanwhile,

Romney flip-flops on Obamacare. [At first, he was in favor of it because the promise of free medical care was popular. Then, after the back-breaking cost became known, he campaigned on the promise to abolish it completely. Now, he likes it again but says he would not force people to purchase insurance – which means he would fund the program with higher taxes and massive inflation. By the way, as Governor of Massachusetts, he DID support compulsory purchase of insurance. As Lenin said: “Promises are like pie crusts, made to be broken.”] Washington Post 2012 Sep 10

The Republicans strongly believe a person’s success and advancement is attributed solely to dedication and hard work. In other words, if you don’t work hard enough to pay for the climbing healthcare costs, then you shouldn’t have healthcare.

So what if our former godly president, George Bush, took this economy off the proverbial cliff with his drunken sailor spending spree without paying for it and giving further tax cuts to the wealthy? So what if they’re no jobs now because of “W’s” actions, and subsequently, his economic collapse that Reaganomics have yet to address in 30 years!

Clearly, the “Trickle Down” economic theory has been proven to be wrong. While the wealthy were given tax breaks during the Bush administration’s time in office, the economy was in the absolute worst crisis with job loss, loss of healthcare coverage, and the theory that giving tax breaks to the wealthy will increase the number of jobs and improve the economy, has clearly been shown to be smoke and mirrors!

So what if the GOP won’t allow any job bills by Obama to come forth without filibustering them, or not even allowing such bills to come before Congress at all because of the insidious act of cloture? So? Let the unemployed eat cake! When was the last job bill that the GOP has brought forth? NONE!

Even with people who are underinsured or uninsured today in the US, and are hard working, tax paying, and currently employed people that still don’t have healthcare, then the GOP’s stance is that they should work as many jobs as it takes to afford it!

The seemingly bottom line is that the GOP’s position on healthcare is to tell the ones that don’t have it, then tough luck! Or, if you get sick, then die as early as you can so as not to be a drain on society.

Oh, and just forget about what Jesus preached relative to the poor and needy in this respect, because the Christian Republicans pick and choose their bible passages, and disregard the rest that show them to be outright hypocrites.

The irony is that the Republicans in Congress and the Senate that want to hold up any further advancements in Obamacare, are ones that have the best healthcare in the world, and all paid for by the US taxpayer! What’s wrong with this picture? Can we spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E-S?

Bush’s “drunken sailor spending spree?” Are you kidding? Obama is driving up the national debt more than any drunken sailor ever imagined!

As far as job creation under Obama, the taxpayers spent $278,000 for every job created.

The fact is, Obama’s spending is going to ruin us. If you think things are bad now, wait until the economy recovers and the Fed has to reclaim all of the money they’ve been doling out in under Obama’s administration. We’re going to experience inflation like we’ve never seen.

Yeah but that’s different. And don’t ask for an explanation cause there isn’t one worth hearing. Maybe we can persuade our current leaders to consider subsidized or better yet providing free car insurance to go with the free education and free food for those who’s car payment and $500,000 mortgage dosent leave enough to pay for little things like insurance or feeding your kids.

Ted says “The republicans strongly believe a person’s success and advancement is attributed solely to dedication and hard work”.

Citizen says “The democrats strongly believe a person’s success and advancement is attributed solely to government programs and people shouldn’t have to work at all”. If you do work, then most of your money should be taken by taxes to give to those who don’t work.

The Democratic “Jobs bill” is a giant stimulus package that will put us further in debt and will not do the “job” of providing jobs.

We can thank the do nothing people we have elected in Washington for this.

And will continue to elect because we seem to like failure I guess!