FBI agents raid San Luis Obispo office

September 26, 2012

Federal Bureau of Investigation agents, armed with a search warrant, raided a San Luis Obispo real estate office on Tuesday. [Tribune]

Apex Properties, owned by Tim Barnes who is also an owner of San Luis Jet Center, is located at 505 S. Higuera Street. Barnes, who is a licensed broker, currently has no regulatory actions against his firm or himself, according to the Department of Real Estate’s website.

Agents made no arrests and are not disclosing the focus of their search at this time.


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San Luis Jet Center was in cahoots with Kelly Gearhart and Ron Hertel until they imploded with their respective real estate scams. It seems San Luis Jet Center has a way of attracting scam real estate companies as its owners. Quelle Suprise!

Seems very convenient passing along information/gossip that is not only damaging but patently false. It is people like you who are the problem.

There is no lack of archived articles that make the connection between San Luis Jet Center and Gearhart and Hertel. You may try and rewrite history, but the facts are in those archives for anybody to research if they wish. Tim Barnes and his company, APEX, are just adding another chapter to a long history of San Luis Jet Center and their connection to real estate scammers.



It seems there is a lack of ANY archived articles connecting those three entities. But thanks for trying to libel people…

Unfortunately you do not understand the relationship between Hertel , Gearhart , and Tim Barnes so this comment is completely invalid.

I didn’t know about the connection between Hertel, Gearhart and Tim Barnes. Thanks for clearing that up. I do know that the common denominator with all those names is San Luis Jet Center.

Relationship =Real Estate…. But that seems like common sense. Anything else please enlighten us.

What is the connection with San Luis Jet Center? Gossip without actual facts???

You have your people and your facts all mixed up. You are thinking of David Weyrich, the real estate scammer who owned part of the Paso Robles Jet Center. Wrong scammer and wrong company.

If you google “San Luis Jet Center” “Kelly Gearhart” “Ron Hertel”, the only link you find between those names in the entire searchable internet is your comment on this article, which goes to show that you are just making sh1t up.

So are you saying that anyone that might have been in real estate and utilizes San Luis Jet Center is a scammer? San Luis Jet Center manages and charters aircraft for many people and seems to have built quite an impressive and quality business in SLO. Don’t see connection.

“RAID.” Sounds like a bug spray commercial, or like a gambling and speak- easy that was pummeled by ATF back in the day. Is that really how it went down, CCN? Or are you embellishing a bit for readership?

The picture you painted is quite exciting. I can only imagine the scurrying by the staff, diving for the windows… Good job !! You got MY attention. I just love objective reporting…..

Tim Barnes is a good man. This probably has nothing to do with him.

So was Kelly. One never knows what lies beneath the surface.

Their website being down suggests that it was something with the business.