Firefighter Mason claims alcohol to blame

September 11, 2012

The attorney for a San Luis Obispo firefighter on trial for beating a man during a wedding after party is claiming his client was defending himself against a drunk aggressor. [Tribune]

In June 2011, John Ryan Mason, 34, allegedly beat Jory Brigham, 32, unconscious in a bathroom after an eight-month rift stemming from claims the firefighter was having an affair with a local policeman’s wife. Mason had no injuries while Brigham had 17 fractures in his face.

Mason’s attorney Chris Casciola said a day of heavy drinking gave Brigham the courage to confront Mason.

“Alcohol is critical in this case,” Chris Casciola said in his opening statement, according to the Tribune. “We all know what it does to a person — liquid courage or forgetfulness.”

In her opening statement, Deputy District Attorney Kristy Imel said it was a case of “rage, opportunity and revenge.”

Casciola contends Brigham is pointing a finger at Mason because he is planning on filing a civil lawsuit if his client is convicted. Mason is charged with felony assault with great bodily injury and battery with serious bodily injury.


eradicate ignorance

Does anyone have any updates to this trial? Has anyone attended? Just want to see justice served and hope the DA doesn’t mess this one up.


Alcohol is critical in this case,” Chris Casciola said in his opening statement, according to the Tribune. “We all know what it does to a person — liquid courage or forgetfulness.”


Such an illogical opening. Alcohol impairs judgment. Alcohol impairs physical performance. Alcohol made the victim an easy target here. You can’t defend beating the crap out of someone by saying they were drunk.

“Hey, you were drunk and had impaired judgment and physical performance so I took advantage of the situation and kicked the living crap out of you–so, er, yup that’s my defense; find me not guilty.”

Jorge Estrada

Booze, nuckle heads and lawyers sounds like a perfect mix for the re-distribution of wealth.


The more I read — the MMA crap, “The Pit” crap, etc., the more I wonder if Mason is a ‘roid-a-holic? I wonder if this was a product or ‘roid rage? Then again if he was on the juice he wouldn’t look like he does…

Old Salt

Roid Rage…

P.S. Then again he very well could look like he does…imho…


What about Al Beavers being slammed in the head/face with a Champagne bottle by this Creepy Nutbag for supposedly oogling his date at some poor Bride’s reception. This guy cannot drink and a good place for him is somewhere he can’t. I know, prison.


Looks like attempted murder to me. We don’t need most of the stinking badges!


I’d like to conduct a little poll for the edification of SLO Fire Chief Charlie Hines and members of the SLO City Council.

If Mason somehow avoids conviction (hung jury, etc.), are you comfortable with him continuing to be employed in a public safety capacity in the City of SLO given this incident and his violent past?

“Like” = NO

“Dislike” = YES


Forgive me if I’ve already posted this before, but an aquaintance who is a (retired) fire captain from a local city claims that this is overblown and that if he was ever caught in a burning building, Mason is the guy he’d want to be there to pull him out.

If that isn’t an example of compartmentalized thinking, I don’t know what is.

Q: If someone is a sociopath when they drink, what are they when they’re sober?

A: Pretending.


So Mason’s attorney, Chris Casciola, major defense is that Jory Brigham is contemplating hiring an attorney and filing a civil suit. Are we to conclude that this is Brigham’s ulterior motive in getting the crap beat out of him was to eventually file a civil suit?

Oh boy Mr. defense attorney, then if that’s true then Mason is innocent and Brigham’s 17 facial fractures and permanent paralysis are insignificant.

I’m sure Mr.Brigham as a furniture maker in Los Osos has adequate health insurance to cover ALL of his expenses… besides he was drunk! But so was Mason… to the point he was refused a cab ride (and those cabbies see it all). So that’s an excuse for Mason but not Brigham.

Next time you are beaten to a pulp at 1865 Monterey in SLO call the paramedics/fire fighters and hope and pray that Mason doesn’t show up.

But don’t hurry to call the cops for a few days because the average response time is 5 days!