Plane crashes off shore of Morro Bay

September 10, 2012

Two men in a plane that crashed into the Pacific Ocean north of Morro Bay were pulled from the wreckage by a coast guard team in a helicopter Sunday afternoon.

A 70-year-old father and his 30-year-old-son were on their way to Canada when they began to encounter trouble. At 3:06 p.m. they sent out a distress call. A GPS alerted rescuers that the single-engine Cessna 185 was a mile offshore and northwest of Morro Bay.

Coast Guard helicopters and boats from numerous locations including San Francisco and Morro Bay responded. After the men were hoisted from the overturned plane, it sunk into a bed of kelp.

The men were taken to Paso Robles where they declined medical help.


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Photocal means that anytime someone asks him to take off his pants he is ready and willing. In other words, how could they resist. :-)

I hope they didn’t set down in the Sea Otter protection area because the Fish & Game would probably want to fine them. Isn’t that the norm these days fine, fee or tax?

Hey, that’s what government is all about!

Sorry about the crash. But…… Why would they decline medical help ?

Perhaps they were not sick

Sorry Sam……. but maybe they did’nt want a body check ?