San Miguel man stabs party crasher

September 24, 2012

A San Miguel man allegedly stabbed an aggressive party crasher on Monday night,San Luis Obispo Sheriff officials said.

During a party for 19-year-old Benjamin Dealba, who was slated to leave for the Air Force the following day, Jon Richard Dacy, 21, arrived uninvited and began arguing with Dealba’s father. The fight escalated with Dacy punching the elder Dealba several times.

Benjamin Dealba grabbed a knife before confronting Dacy who responded by punching him. Dealba then stabbed Dacy in the abdomen.

Emergency medical personnel transported Dacy to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center.

Deputies arrested Dealba for assault with a deadly weapon and booked him into the San Luis Obispo County Jail.


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So much for the Air Force now. That being said, I’m sure that there is more to the story than just the abbreviated version we can see here.

Since the case is still ongoing I thought maybe some one should hear the other side. For one, it was not Dacy who crashed the party, it was some one else. Dacy, his girlfriend, and his 15 year old brother were walking home from a friends, and the father and a few others from the party approached them in a threatening manner. The father struck the 15 year old brother first. This is why the father was hit. Then all hell broke loose and all of the party goers (drinking was going on at this party) rushed in on the Dacy grroup (3 people). The so called perfect boy went back into his house and grabbed a knife ( do you get the went back into his house) and stabbed Dacy twice( not cut) and while Dacy was on the ground the group continued to kick Dacy and beat up his 15 year old brother. Dacy lost 4 pints of blood at the scene and had to be revived. The so called party goers lied and said they had no idea who stabbed Dacy. Mr. Air Force went into his house and hid the knife, clothing and cleaned himself up. As for Dacy, he had to have two surgeries . The knife punctured his stomach, bowls, and intestines. Since this incident, Dacys family has been harassed, and threatened. You should always consider that there is two sides to every story.

This is Castle Doctrine pure and simple, IF and only IF the facts are as reported. I would speculate that there is more to the story or the witnesses presented a different one. Let it play out. Either the DA will or will not prosecute.

Being that the police that were called to the scene to “protect and serve,” and could not figure out who would do the reports. Since they were all in a hurry to finish up there job.

The family that was attacked serve the community. They are all immigrants here for the “American dream”they are tax payers. They were the victims. If you look up JON DACY in public records he is a criminal. IF you look up Benjamin De Alba jr. This is his first incident ever on record. He was leaving a loving family to

better himself to learn a sense of responsibility, to work for our country. People that don’t know the events that happened there that night. There were little kids there and elderly grandparents. They aggressor would not stop attacking. He vandalized and threw rocks threw windows. Just ask yourself what would you do if your family is being attacked? This is what happens when people get pushed to the edge.

Wow. So you can’t defend your own family in your own home against an aggressive intruder?

I wonder what would happen if you walked up to one of these deputies and started punching him in the face? Do yah think you might get shot? Shot, then arrested if you lived. Different standard for thugs in uniform though.

Exactly! Thank you. Ca Native.

WOW, something is definitely wrong with this story. If someone came into my house, started an argument and then hit one of my family members, he would not be living to tell the story, Why arrest one of the two victims?

Don’t get me wrong and I agree with you but the only thing I can think of is that the police don’t consider it self defence if a guy doesn’t have a weapon, like a knife or a gun. The fact that he punched him they would probably have been o.k. if he had fought back with fists but other, like a knife, well…………..

Just my two cents.

I don’t agree. That all men are created equal. Are you telling me that the man should have taken a beating in his own home by an uninvited guest? The father was beat up and the son got punched even after he displayed the weapon as a warning for the intruded to leave. The story says: “Benjamin Dealba grabbed a knife before confronting Dacy who responded by punching him. Dealba then stabbed Dacy in the abdomen.”

Dacy is the one that should have been arrested. What the hell is wrong with our LE these days?

Sorry, I meant to say that I don’t agree because not all men are created equal.

Geezzzz, hearing that Dealba was arrested is just so over the top.

In regards to your comment that do I think the guy should have taken a beating? Of course not. But you have to use REASONABLE force on force is what the law will probably say. I know from taking Karate that this is something that comes up in the use of it.

I am just speculating on why they would have arrested him. The question the poster asked was why arrest the two. I was responding to the question as to why the police may have. This has nothing to do with my views one way or the other.

Get use to it Cindy The Mexican wars are moving up from Los Angeles County… and down from King City. Santa Maria, watching nightly T.V. News, is having daily Brown Outs and its not going to get better.

Correct me if I’m worng, but SLOBIRD where does it say in the story where it happened? As far as we know the party was being held at a park, a street corner, an alley way.

Know the facts, your wrong it happened at his house. Read other articles if you have doubts.