Another elected county official leaves office early

October 25, 2012

Frank Freitas

San Luis Obispo County Treasurer-Tax Collector Frank Freitas announced Wednesday he will retire on Friday less than two years into a four year term.

Two months ago, SLO County Auditor-Controller Gere Sibbach announced he will retire on Dec. 29, also with two years left in his four-year term.

Both men signed statements when they ran for office that they would serve out their terms. Because of the timing, the current Board of Supervisors will appoint their successors. The Board of Supervisors appointed Jim Erb as Sibbach’s successor.

Freitas was first elected Treasurer-Tax Collector in 1978, and reelected in 1982, 1986, 1990, 1994, 1998, 2002, 2006 and 2010. He did not explain his sudden departure.


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Perhaps he left because he’s tired of being the punching bag for we, the disgruntled electorate.

We’re generally pissed, and it’s manifesting itself in anger at our electeds. So we’re pummeling all of them, whether we know squat about them or not.

AFAIK, Freitas is a good guy, as was Sibbach, serving his community effectively and efficiently. But our opinion of electeds, and civil servants in general, has changed. We no longer appreciate them, we despise them.

He probably, rightly, decided he doesn’t need this shit.

Unless Mr. Freitas comes forth with a clear, believable explanation for his sudden departure, doubts and rumors will persist. If it was a health issue, then I feel for him, but it will do no one any good to have this

go unexplained. The ones who hired him deserve an answer.

And as long as no explanation is given, then lets have more rumors. Wonder what sort of sweet deal he got? Maybe close to the deal Ms. Chitty got in Paso for ‘resigning’ as Police Chief.

He owes no one here an explanation. He wasn’t hired, he was elected. He is breaking no laws by resigning, I’m sure he has his reasons. Why make this a soap opera?


I would disagree, he was elected by the voters to run for the term of the office, he does owe at least the voters an explanation as to why the change.

NOA, by your logic, if Obama had suddenly stepped down from office 2 years ago he would owe no one an explanation?

good point

I don’t know if that were to have occurred that many would hear the explanation as the roar of an approving country would be deafening.

Look, I just feel that there is way too much “kicking a guy when he is down” behavior on this site. He has served his office well, we need to cut him a break and let him “go softly into that good night”, to steal a line.

I know Mr. Freitas. He is a fine individual. Why the disgraceful personal attacks?

The guy’s 69 years old. In fairness it could be health issues???

My apology to Mr. Freitas. Job well done!

It’s just that I don’t think any of us are use to someone actually earning a justified retirement from the government.

Must have maxed out on their retirement benefits. Now they are ready to be consultants.

Yes, a consultant hired with a substanial salary along with the bloated pension, double dipping is the county/city way

Things that make one go “Hmmmm”…

Health issues, and the clock ticking on life can make you rethink everything.

Too bad having a son kill an innocent person on a city street didn’t make him rethink things

Please explain why what Freitas’ adult son did has anything to do with Freitas himself?

Am I missing something with this random statement?

Had his son not been his son, likely his but would have ended up in jail.

A year end audit will shed a light on a lot of mishandeling of funds.

I’m not opposed to the audit but your phrasing makes the assumption that their was mishandling. That is not fair or right unless you have some evidence. (If you do, post it here.)

True, but was it by his request or just the way our “good-ol-boy” system automatically works in this county?