Another option to Abel Maldonado and Lois Capps

October 29, 2012

Matt Kokkonen


Are there two tax cheats running for Congress now in California’s redesigned 24th District?

Lois Capps failed to report rental income for 10 years, only to pay up after getting caught and failed to report $500,000 of campaign contributions.

Abel Maldonado owes the IRS $4 million for taking improper business deductions for political activities, etc.

There is another alternative to voting for one of these two hypocrites. If you cannot stomach voting for either of these two, write in a name on the ballot even though the ballot does not have a line for it.

We must change the law. Abel Maldonado also authored the most undemocratic law in California – the open primary system – which also took away the write-in Congressional candidate option. Under this system, Democrats can vote for a Republican candidate in the primary and vice versa. It is as if Baptists may vote to choose the Catholic Pope. That makes no sense. In fact, under this law, why have any political parties at all? For sure, minority political parties have no reason to exist anymore.

I believe this law is unconstitutional because it limits our freedom of association and because it limits our freedom of choice. Maldonado must have felt very vulnerable about his chances to stand toe to toe with a fiscal conservative. Unbelievably, his law also took away the write-in option for Congress.

This abomination of a law must be challenged and eliminated. Will you help me with this project? You could use the blank space on the ballot to write in another name on the Congressional ballot. Or you are welcome to write in my name, Matt Kokkonen as I will pursue a challenge to this law.

For Lois Capps, the tax cheating is typical since she also misled the residents of her Congressional District already years ago by promising to run only three two-year terms. Not only did she promise to do so, but she signed a pledge to do that in return for receiving a $300,000 political contribution that was used to defeat her challenger. Guess what? She kept the money and kept the Congressional seat.

Lois Capps also claims to have authored the 2,700 pages of Obamacare legislation and supported Nancy Pelosi who said Congress had to pass the legislation in order to find out what was in it. How stupid does she think Americans are? Did Capps even read the 2,700 pages of the law herself?

Abel Maldonado provided Governor Schwarzenegger with the swing vote that gave California its largest tax increase ever. Yet today the state is deeper in debt than it was then. Maldonado also stated that he would not have voted for the Paul Ryan budget. There we go again with increased taxes from him.

Both Lois and Abel would rather buy our gas and oil from abroad than drill for them off our coasts.

Not only did Abel Maldonado not show up for a single debate during the primary election, but he has refused to respond to my request on what his position is on the federal E-Verify program to weed out illegal workers. I am a legal immigrant from Finland and greatly value living in America.

Send me an email at or call me at 886-1880.


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There are always issues with political activists, ego a lot of times is the issue, but we can’t miss Matt’s point…the election system is broken and needs to be changed. We have a guy up here in Cambria that is on some kind of crusade of his own that has many of the same ideas on how to level the playing field and allow for more third parties and diverse ideas and solutions. Read Blackburn’s article…

or go to to see a solution to the morass we are in.

Voting for Kokkonen is the perfect choice for those who would never vote for Capps because she is a woman and were having to “hold their nose” to vote for Maldonado.

Project much?

No. I’m voting for Capps.

I would never not vote for Capps for being a woman. I will not vote for her because she is in lock-step with Pelosi and votes feels that killing unborn babies is no big deal.

… sour grapes

Something about Matt’s upbringing makes him want attention. This election has nothing to do about him so he is trying to manufacture anything to get himself into the conversation. No veterans coming home that he can gravy train attention. I think Matt ought to sneak into Iran, pee on the Koran, wave the U.S. flag, cut off his own leg and declare victory for George Bush, Ronald Reagan and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I’m sorry. I am just tired of MK’s relentless pseudo patriotism.

I would say that he is dogmatic to the point of extremism and grossly simplistic in his views, but I do think that he is honest and doing what he does out of a sense of duty not attention whoring.

That may be true, but on the other hand, you could say the same thing about Adolph Hitler.

Or Charles Manson.

Gotta give the guy credit. When most people are tuned out to or tuned into riduculous t.v. programs, he is involved.

I have not read through the whole WRITE-IN CANDIDATE LAW here in CA, but if you do qualify, Matt, you’ve got my vote.

I could not, in good conscious, vote for Capps nor Moldinaldo.

I do not think you do qualify, though, Matt…

III. Canvass of Write-In Votes

A. No name written upon a ballot in any election shall be counted for an office or

nomination unless the candidate whose name has been written on the ballot has been

certified as a write-in candidate. §15341

1. See Title 2 California Code of Regulations §§20101-20105, attached, for

provisions relating to the canvass of incomplete write-in votes.

B. The name of a write-in candidate shall be written by hand upon a ballot. The use of

pressure-sensitive stickers or methods other than handwriting of indicating the name

of the write-in candidate are not valid, and a name indicated by any such method shall

not be counted. §15342

Somehow I got on this guy’s mailing list and can’t seem to get off of it. Every time I get emails from him, or an organization he is behind, I click the unsubscribe link and guess what….I get another email from a Kokkonen organization within a few weeks. Please make it stop.

Bad advice Matt. Wasting ones vote is worse than not voting at all.

In order to be eligible to receive write-in votes and have them actually count, a candidate must file a written statement declaring him or herself to be an official write-in candidate for a particular election.

Write-in votes cast for someone who has not filed as an official write-in candidate will not be counted.

What if the voter feels that casting a ballot for either of the only two printed candidates is a waste?

Do what you gotta do, rOy. No one is stopping you. Vote for Kokkonen, the man who, if I’m not mistaken, has lost more prominent elections in SLO County than anyone in history , and has NEVER been elected to public office. A perfect alternative to Maldonado.

You are such an idiot! Don’t you know that marking on a ballot invalidates ALL votes!

Also, you obviously have no idea what you are talking about….check your facts before you write this misleading and damaging information. I can’t believe Cal Coast News actually printed this nonsense!