Capps taps Fluke to campaign on women’s rights

October 23, 2012

Sandra Fluke

Democrat Congresswoman Lois Capps called on Georgetown Law graduate and renowned target of radio host Rush Limbaugh, Sandra Fluke, on Monday to help her campaign. [Noozhawk]

After Capps explained her own record of supporting women, Fluke spoke on behalf of the congresswoman at a winery in Santa Barbara. The activist commended Capps for her history of supporting women’s issues and chided her Republican opponent Abel Maldonado for not doing the same.

On February 29, Limbaugh called Fluke a “slut” and “prostitute” in response to Fluke’s speech to House Democrats supporting taxpayer subsidized contraceptives. Fluke said Monday that Capps rushed to her defense.

“Every day, Lois was there fighting for women,” Fluke said.

Fluke said Maldonado has a “very different agenda” for women.

“I don’t think he’s been straight with the women of the Central Coast,” Fluke said.

The women’s rights activist said she examined Maldonado’s record and noticed that he had received failing grades from Planned Parenthood and the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws.

“I didn’t like what I saw,” Fluke said.

Former assemblywoman and current state senate candidate Hannah-Beth Jackson also spoke at the Capps’ rally and commended Fluke’s efforts in fighting for women.

The Democratic Women of Santa Barbara County hosted the Capps event. About 100 people gathered at the Oreana Winery to listen to the speakers and watch the presidential debat.


LOL! Wow, that’s a pretty desperate move… but who knows, maybe it will work with the whacko’s out here…

It sure didn’t seem to impress the crowd of 10 at the Sak-n-Sav in Reno, Nevada… (a Scolari’s store, btw!)

Lame people supporting lame people… what’s new.


rOy, once again you throw out insults without ANY foundation to backup your extremist, mean-spirited diatribes. There is nothing “lame” about Sandra Fluke. Perhaps you have something against women in politics? It certainly seems so, and I say that based on your long record of posts that attack female politicians.

Is it a personal power issue?


Sandra Fluke is a joke. she is trying to become somebody via being a mouthpiece for any democrat willing to pay her way. She doesn’t know Lois or the issues of the central coast. The re-elect Capps gang merely said we will pay and we’re democrats. Another reason not to vote for Lois. I wish Lois would stick to local issues with local people. But we all know there are many Lois’s in congress these days, rubber stamps for their party’s agenda, with few if any original thoughts.


I see some comments here and in other places comparing birth control for women to Viagra for men. Could someone please explain this to me, one is a choice to keep from getting pregnant, the other a “cure” for a medical condition. I just don’t see the connection.


The connection is that both allow people to freely ingage in sex, and neither should be provided by the taxpayers for free.


Never forget that it was none other than bloviator Rush Limbaugh who made Sandra Fluke a household name. If you listen to Rush, then you have to love Sandra.

Anthony V. Toscano

Many years ago I attended a gathering of people (a fundraiser, as it turned out) at a popular coffee shop in SLO. Lois Capps was the “main event” at that gathering. During the “warm up, let’s just roam the gardens before I make my speech” part of that event, I approached Lois to ask her a couple of questions. I was polite. My manner was in no way challenging. I was soft-spoken. My sole intention was to hear her answers to my questions. Still, Lois Capps simply stared right through me — as if I weren’t there — and walked away. I watched as she next engaged in conversation with one of the many Capps supporters who mingled in that garden. Most of them were dressed in formal attire. I was neat and clean, but dressed in casual clothing. Most attendees seemed known to Lois Capps. I felt insulted, angry and belittled by the way Lois treated me. “This woman makes great hay out of having been a nurse, one of the many who devote their lives to caring for others,” I said to myself. My own long career — I’m now retired — was spent in a different field of the service professions. “I’d hate to have her as my nurse,” I thought. And I will certainly never vote for anyone who, like Lois Capps, would ignore one of her constituents. I never have so voted for her, and I never will. I cannot stand the sight of her.


Maybe she sensed your tendency toward harboring extreme anger and resentment? Seriously, savvy politicians need to have a good sense about what kind of people they can safely engage with in public. You, obviously, did not measure up. Lois Capps may be considered very perceptive in your case.

Anthony V. Toscano

WiseGuy, I was not angry when I tried to ask Ms. Capps a couple of questions about her position on funding for education. As a matter of fact, I attended the event because up until that evening I considered myself a Capps supporter. With all due respect, I think your expressed opinion that I might “harbor extreme anger and resentment” lacks evidence to back it up. I do, though, respect your right to express your opinion.


What kind of questions did you ask? I bet that will give us a clue as to why Capps sensed the need to disengage from you. Based on what you write, your behavior corresponds to that of people who could prove to be dangerous or otherwise problematic at an event like that.

Anthony V. Toscano

WiseGuy, I tried to ask Ms. Capps a couple of questions about her position on education funding. She walked past me before I had a chance to complete my first question. As I earlier said, I was soft-spoken, polite and respectful in my manner. I am puzzled by what you say: “Based on what you write, your behavior corresponds to that of people who could prove dangerous…” Please believe me when I tell you that I am far from a dangerous man.


Wow, did wiseguy just attack you for nothing or what? Sure makes his position and supported candidate all that much better in the eyes of the reader, no doubt.


What’s your point, rOy? I think MY point is quite clear. R.Hodin, below, also has relevant information.


Anthony, you just told us you “can’t stand the sight” of Lois Capps. Now you are trying to tell us you are NOT an angry, antagonistic individual?


People generally don’t show up at a fundraiser to ask pointed questions. They usually go to praise the politician for their service. Politicians go to be seen and to glad-hand their supporters. It sounds silly, but it’s actually important to connect that way. It’s a show. The supporters feel they’re getting their dime’s worth.

If you had started by flattering her, you may have had a chance to get a quick question in, but I doubt she would even hold still for one. Even if you go to her Washington office, it’s not likely you’d be able to see her (or your senators).

The best way to get your questions answered is by calling her office and talking with a staffer.

At the event, you made an assumption, were disappointed, and now you’ve placed the blame on her for not living up to your assumption all these years. It was your assumption that she would be accessible for questions just because she happened to be in a public venue. You were wrong. I’m not placing blame, just stating reality of these situations, from my experience.

I feel sorry that you’ve had to carry that impression of her for so long, but hope that in sharing it you’ll come to see there are other considerations, so that in the future you’ll feel that you have more real options and less reliance on assumptions.

Thanks for your post. It really is a good one.


She isn’t the only one that taps ms Fluke.



Very pithy, thanks for the hearty chuckle!


So rOY, you enjoy and promote chauvinism and degrading young women?


Ha,ha,ha,ha. Fluke gets audience of 10 people in Reno in front of the Sak’NSave. What a joke!

“RENO, NV, October 22, 2012, ( – Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown activist who famously testified in favor of the HHS birth control mandate, drew less than a dozen people while campaigning for President Obama in the swing state of Nevada.

According to the Reno Gazette-Journal, Fluke “spoke Saturday in front of about 10 people at the Sak ‘N Save in north Reno.”


This woman and her story are so bogus that even the good people of Reno, NV left her standing in the wind a couple of days ago when only 10 showed up at her rally for Obamacare. Capps must be desperate to have this idiot campaign for her. Ms. Fluke (name suits her well) is representated by former OBAMA former White House Communications Director Anita Dunn, who is now with progressive PR industry firm SKD Knickerbocker where Anita Dunn is the managing. Her campaign is really in support of abortions (I am for a womam’s right to choice) and not at all about birth control and is another ploy from the democrats along with Romney killing a woman who had cancer, etc. and every other conceivable evil possible. Title 10 gave this women a choice to go to planned parenthood or other clinic and get free birth control or a walmart or other drug store and pay $9.00 to get birth control. This was all another scam by Obama, Pelosi, Capps and the other wingnuts running this Country. Send these people home so they can get a real job, pay your own bills and healthcare, report and tax their complete taxes, and get out of my life. VOTE FOR ABEL!!!!!


Sorry, that last line should have read …report and PAY their complete taxes…


Looks like that free Viagra prescription is working well for you.


Another reason for a change? Sorry Ms. Capps you had more than your chance to repair things and they are even worse now, thanks in no part to your freind Mr Brown for stealing mortgage funds to patch his budget mess. Once again no more new taxes, fix your spending problem first.


Um, let’s see, Lois Capps is running to be reelected as our representative in the United States Congress and Governor Jerry Brown is the head of the California state government; how do you get from “here” to “there” when there is no direct connection? Grasping at straws again?


I agree: Capps’ horrible record of being an echo chamber for her party and Jerry Brown’s dismal failure (first and now second time) as governor are not really related.

Good catch.


rOy, once again you make outlandish, extremist, mean-spirited criticisms, yet offer NO foundation for your attacks. Jerry Brown’s first run as governor of California was HIGHLY successful and so far he has been doing very well on this second run.

What SPECIFICALLY do you have as evidence that Brown’s first run as governor was a “failure”?

By most accounts Brown’s first governorship was so successful that voters re-elected him years later. Failure? Hardly!

Get real, please.