Judge requests two juries in Dystiny Myers trial

October 3, 2012

San Luis Obispo Superior Court Judge Barry LaBarbera has decided to hold one trial with two separate juries in the Dystiny Myers murder case. [SLO Tribune]

LaBarbera said Tuesday that one jury will hear the death penalty case of Ty Michael Hill and another will rule on the murder trials of Cody Miller, Frank York, Rhonda Wisto and Jason Greenwald, none of whom face the death penalty. LaBarbera deemed two juries to be necessary because there may be testimony in one trial that may not be admissible in another. If that occurs, one jury will have to leave the courtroom.

To fit two juries, several defendants and a large crowd in a single courtroom, LaBarbera instructed the court to redesign a courtroom. LaBarbera said the court must replace some public seating area with a raised platform for the second jury. Likewise, additional space must be cleared for all of the attorneys and defendants.

Myers, 15 of Santa Maria, was found buried in a shallow grave near Santa Margarita in September 2010. Her body was badly burned, her legs were bound behind and sweatpants were tied around her throat.

While the Myers case is expected to be the first trial in San Luis Obispo County to use two juries, LaBarbaera could still reverse his decision at another pretrial hearing. The next pretrial hearing is scheduled for October 29.

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The crybabies that don’t like the law remind me of the serial killer in the first Dirty Harry movie complaining about their ‘rights’.

So typical of criminal minds.

I don’t see anyone complaing about the law. What I see is people asking if it can be done in a less expensive manner. As usual you are just throwing out your lame statements.

Duh… Move the case over to the Vet’s Building where Court use to be held and gave the tax payers the money. These people have no regard for the costs of stuff = oh yea, I forgot they don’t have to pay for anything, we do!

I’m a little disappointed that you would suggest this. How dare you ask the Judge to give up his cushy quarters (i.e. office) to retire to during breaks. Same for the Lawyers. You want them to use something old and not new and presteen? Heresy I say!! And the judge and lawyers probably won’t have assigned parking. Let’s not even mention that it is an old building. I can’t believe that you would expect people that we the taxpayers pay, to do what they should for the good of us.

Oh I’m sure they will say that they don’t have any jail quarters for them at V.A. building. We can’t expect them to maybe use a jail van in between wait times. They are probably to busy taking inmates to Dr. Appointments with the van’s. We can’t inconvience the inmates either.

I though most Judges are appointed by in office politician. ? and paid by whom ?

Yes they are appointed but they are paid for by us the taxpayer, unless I missed something?

Sorry …Been There………..Was making a funny… We all know the taxpayer is paying for both of them. Is there really any justice ? Come to think of it…….. I like Dirty Harry’s form of Justice… not much waste of money there.

Sorry didn’t realize the sarcasm. I most of the time can catch. Glad to hear we are on the same page.

Thanks ! Gotta find some humor in this whole mess… or were all in trouble… Sad…. but its not getting much better. The sh*t heap of problems is getting taller… and I really dont think November elections will be a lot of help next year.

Get them all.