Local lawmakers on maverick list

October 30, 2012

Sen. Sam Blakeslee

Two Republican state lawmakers from San Luis Obispo County are among the party’s most independent members, according to an analysis of voting records by the Sacramento Bee.

Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian (33rd District) and Sen. Sam Blakeslee (15th District) were on a list compiled by the newspaper of 15 lawmakers whose votes have most often veered from party wishes. However, the analysis also showed that “even the most independent legislators” voted contrarily only 10 percent of the time.

While many state lawmakers on the election stump are emphasizing their interest in working in a bipartisan manner once they get to Sacramento, the record suggests those splits from partyline votes will be infrequent.

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What “mavericks”? Is there such a thing in government? I seriously doubt it.

What would be just as interesting would be those state and federal lawmakers who’s voted were most in line with party positions, i.e. no independant or in touch thinkers

I know one!

Blakeslee seems a weasle of a man, from my experiences. Don’t know Katcho, but from what I’ve heard (radio w/ Dave, mainly) he seems a fairly stand-up guy.

I am glad the Willow offramp/onramp finally got built; now maybe the property owner there will develop it (the county was going to stick them with the 20+million bill for it). I heard Katcho had a lot to do with getting that. Good old fashioned “bring home the bacon” that benefits us all.

Yes Rodger,,, Pleasse share with us………… Im sure many readers would love this infformation ! Im so old , and been voting so long That We used to vote for the best person… and NOT always the Party ! Then again Party today has a different meaning…. being a party for a few. A real Party.

yep, one of those happened to be the only one in the entire legislature to vote against the transparency law to allow citizens to see what’s going on in the CSU. Do you know how the money is being spent in Cal Poly’s Foundations?

BTW, normally, we call those folks ‘changeable’, ‘weather vanes’, ‘unpredictable’, ‘not centered’…


I dont know how money is being spent in the Cal Poly Foundation.

Would you please lay it out for me???

See My above remarks, They were typed in reply to this post. Dont know how they ended at the top of the page