Vote yes on Proposition 38

October 30, 2012


Prop. 38’s Molly Munger

Proposition 38 sends money directly to local schools and local folks get a say in how it is spent – plain and simple.

Money cannot be hijacked by legislators. It cannot be used to increase salaries. It is used for students.

How much money will local schools get? Well, Paso Robles High School gets $2 million, Atascadero High School gets $1.4 million and Arroyo Grande High School gets $2.2 million.

Think of it this way, Prop 38 means local schools can put back programs we all took for granted when we were growing up.

In the past five years, $24 billion has been stripped from school budgets statewide.

Last year some students in this county only went to school three days a week. Without an investment in public schools this year as much as three weeks could be cut from the school year.

Is it a tax increase? Of course, but that is how we support public projects even roads. People are upset about potholes and there is not enough money to fix them. Tax dollars pay to fix potholes. We have turned schools into gaping potholes that need to be fixed.

Proposition 38 is sponsored by attorney Molly Munger. Mark Buchman is the president of the Twenty-Fourth District PTA Board.


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Dear Ms. Minger,

You may not have noticed from your penthouse in Splendid Isolation Towers, but we street level worker bees are utterly skint, so kindly f*ck off.



On the subject of the state and money and taxes, I hadn’t paid attention for at least the last couple years when filling up what the taxes on gas are. Last I remember it was .18 cents fed and .18 cents state. I was filling up tonight and happened to look. .24 cents fed and .35 cents STATE!!! People they keep taking and taking and taking and telling all the gullable ones who vote for this SHIT it will get better. I have heard it for thirty years!!! Well the taxes in this state on EVERYTHING are through the roof and it is as bad as ever. How could any SANE person want to sent the Dumbasses in Sacramento any more money?????

no, can’t pay more

God Bless

I’m not voting for 38 because it is from a spoiled rich woman who didn’t get her way so she’s throwing around her ……….. and got this thing on the ballot.

I’m voting Yes on 30 which will address some of the under funding of our schools.

I also hope long term we have the courage to reform Prop 13. Yes I said it. Originally, it was sold to voters as a way to let Senior stay in their homes when a housing bubble had raised property values and assessments were driving property taxes up. Now it has deteriorated into a way for commercial property owners to duck paying reasonable property tax. Corporations and LLC never die so these properties don’t get reassessed. Reform is long overdue.

Many plans have deteriorated into a way for property owners to scam the system, Section 8 housing for one. In fact many plans have failed thanks to greedy politicians, another reason to say goodbye to all incumbants.

That’s funny. I am not voting for Prop 30 because I think it is just another misleading measure put out by “Sacramento politicians” (to use a worn, but unfortunately accurate cliche.) How many times have they put propositions to the voters with the claim that it would solve a problem and we find out 5-10 years later that they not only failed to achieve the goal but ended up feeding the legislators and their special interest puppeteers a nice dose of taxpayer cash? From what I have read, the $6 million that Prop 30 is supposed to raise for schools could end up half countered by withdrawal of other school funds to support other Sac projects. You know that if that can happen, it will.

I don’t know whether Munger is “a spoiled rich woman who didn’t get her way” as you claim or simply a wealthy woman who is tired of manipulative games by the state political apparatus who wants to find a good solution to a problem every intelligent person recognizes. I have read the detailed analysis in the voter info. guide and it looks well constructed so I may take a chance and vote on it even though it will mean a tax increase. My only reservation at this point is that the tax increase seems a bit much.

I will NOT vote for anything that raises taxes. There is plenty and I do mean PLENTY of tax $$ being paid and then squandered. Let the legislators and the administrators clean up their acts. They’re intentionally shortchanging the schools to line their own pockets because they know that this is where the tax payers Achilles heal is. Vote out the incumbents.

So you’ll vote No on 38 and 30 but you’ll vote for politicians that will do nothing to fix the problems with education for the next 4 years? Why not just skip voting for a politician unless you think they will really stop all the wasteful spending.

California’s public education system is an embarrassment; Democrats have been in control for decades.

Coincidence? No. Do Dems vote to stop wasteful spending? No. Do Dems listen to the voters? No. Do Dems truly care about the kids and not just the unions? No.

No, Pasoparent. Dems have passed many bills in the legislature but decades of mostly Republican Governors have vetoed bills that would have addressed many of the shortcomings.

Let’s start to be honest about what has plagued our state, foolish voters who elect the likes of Arnie.

“Let’s start to be honest about what has plagued our state, foolish voters who elect the likes of Arnie.”

Governor “moonbeam” Brown was re elected on the very same premise as arnie was, to cut the spending, come up with a balanced budget and turn the economy around. Neither have been successful, partly in part because of the death hold the dem run legislature has on this state.

Let’s start with a complete accounting of all past bonds and measures passed, which we were told would generate more than adequate funding to run our schools…

Why is it every election cycle there are more and more bond proposals, yet never enough money” for our kids”.

The answer is the same to the question why we have no new power genetrating plants, refineries or public transportation here in CA in the last 50 years. And the republicans did not stop any of these…

“Let’s start to be honest about what has plagued our state, foolish voters who elect the likes of Arnie.”

and Moonbeam.

SAY WHAT !!!!!!

Atascadero passed a bond for the schools last November and apparently now the State wants a piece of the action.

I fully support students and teachers but unfortunately these taxes are like water running downhill … they will find their way into the bureaucracy and it will be the administrators who pocket the $$$$.

Oh sure, attorney Munger promises that the money can’t be hijacked by legislators but I’m sorry I just don’t buy it. It’s like Abel Maldonado promising us there was no hanky-panky involving his payment of taxes.

Sorry Governor Brown …. Not this time around. Not until you crack down on the superintendants, the university and college administrators, chancellors and the regents.

You want an example? Five months ago the regents awarded the UC San Diego Chancellor an annual base salary of over $411,000.00 which was almost 5% above his predecessor.

Ok, this is it. Just one more tax increase and we will never ask again. Yeah right, I encourage everyone to vote no on all tax increases. Our elected officials and bureaucrats need to do their highly paid jobs and live within their means, just like I have too.


Is Molly Munger bored or is this a prelude to her running for office in the future? No new taxes!