California a not-so-golden state

November 28, 2012

A pair of extensive studies unveiled this week suggest that California doesn’t compare well to the rest of the nation in “fundamental” well-being in analysis of economic, fiscal, educational, and personal factors.

The primary report was prepared by Harvard University’s Institute of Politics, University of Pennsylvania, and the American Education Foundation. Also checking in with its similar statistical results was the U.S. Department of Education.

California is 33rd in those areas, and also ranks 33rd in debt compared to its total economic output.

The federal evaluation ranks the state’s high school graduation 32nd and notes that 76 percent of students graduate — on a par with most Southern states. Los Angeles schools come in even lower, with graduation numbers hovering at around 50 percent.

Read the Harvard and the federal report here.

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Now, now let’s not be so insensitive, 33/50 is a B!

Not really! That’s 66% out of 100. And that is a big failure in anybody’s book. No if’s and or’s or but’s, plain and simple.

Ooops, my bad for hitting so low….shooting from the hip!

….did a 33 + 50 to get 83, instead of 33 x 2 for a 66

A perfect example, if there ever was one. When someone believes that a 33/50 is a B.

No need to look further for why our skool systum sucks!.

Maybe it could be interpreted as “New Math”? Perhaps giving reason why the left brain collides with the right brain.


Well, now that the dimocrats have a super majority they can fix all these problems. Correct?

We have a bigger problem now.

You know what they are apparently NOT teaching our youth these days? Plain old fashioned common sense and courtesy to others. I’m not kidding. We interviewed recently for new staff for 2 full months and I was shocked by the majority of candidates that applied. Some with higher than average education. A couple with college diplomas. I asked questions befitting an applicant who is wanting to work in a professional office environment and I was alarmed at the lack of care for personal hygiene, ability to communicate, and comprehension of those who applied. They came in sloppy, one was clearly hung over, and a couple very confrontational, mostly over the required background checks, driving reports, and references we must check. I learned all of these skills in high school and honed them in advanced education.

I agree with Mr Holly: we need to revert back to the ABC’s of education. Teach our future leaders how to balance an actual written checkbook; proper phone skills, business etiquette and consideration for others.

Danika, you’re absolutely correct in your description of today’s job applicants. However, I don’t recall being taught these things in school but I do remember them being hammered into my head by my parents. I was taught to wear either a suit or a sports coat to any job interview. About 20 years ago I happened to be at my FD Headquarters when they were conducting hiring interviews. A board was interviewing them in groups of fifty. As I walked down the hall where they were lined up awaiting their interview I couldn’t help but notice one clean cut young man dressed in a suit. I noticed him because he was the only one in a suit. The rest were in blue jeans, cut-offs, flip flops, etc. Way too casual for a job interview and in my opinion, very disrespectful. By the way, the young man in the suit got hired and is now a Captain in the department.

GIve it time.

As California does, so the nation eventually does.

So what’s new? It took Harvard University to figure this out? All anyone had to do is check with any small businessman about trying to do business in California with all of the regulations and fees that have been put in place.

Then there is the school system. 76% graduate? and around 50% in Los Angeles. When I went to school that was considered a failure and the school system is a failure. You have to ask why is the system still allowed to perform as a failure? I highly doubt that you will see any improvement with the infusion of Prop. 30 funds. I don’t think that any of it will ever get to the classroom as most of it will go to Administrators to pay for the studies that will be required to determine how the balance of the money will be spent.

Let’s just get back to the basics of ABC and how to count to 10 when the electricity goes out and people have to think without a computer.

I blame the Republicans! They just keep driving our fine State into the ground!

… especially GW?

I know it isn’t the Republicans’ fault, I just wanted to beat the ideologically blind to that point…

Sorry my sarcasm went over so many heads.

I understand.

It is interesting to see your comment is presently ahead as to total votes for this item.

We Republicans and you Democrates need to get along, just accept we are in this together. So, I will go home and kiss my elephant and you can go home and kiss your ass.


Well put Jorge ! Glad to see there is some humor still out here. Getting way too serious… for too long.

Me too, if those few pesky Republicans in governmet would just let the majority of Democrats, a majority that the Democrats have held for almost forty years, get everything they are trying to pass, we would be 50th instead of 33rd.

I assume that’s tongue in cheek.Right? seriously?

Wow…..I’m shocked!! Especially the LA schools. :-)