Dems have Assembly super-majority

November 8, 2012

A “super-majority” favoring Democrats in the California legislature may be just around the corner, a final decision awaiting late counting of outstanding ballots in two close races. (San Jose Mercury News)

Such a one-party rule advantage hasn’t occurred in this state since 1998, when Gray Davis was elected, and some political observers worry that tax hikes may in the offing.

However, Gov. Jerry Brown has already signaled that lawmakers’ hopes for tax increases may not come as easy as some of them may think: Brown reiterated his promise that taxes will not be raised without approval from the electorate.

Assembly Democrats now hold a 54-26 majority with the addition of two new seats, votes for which are still being counted. Republicans, though, have conceded both elections.

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to womanbeenthere, citizen, pasoparent & slobird:

ponder this article for a moment

I am not bashing the great State of Tenn but please dont reference that state as pure as the driven snow