Dems have Assembly super-majority

November 8, 2012

A “super-majority” favoring Democrats in the California legislature may be just around the corner, a final decision awaiting late counting of outstanding ballots in two close races. (San Jose Mercury News)

Such a one-party rule advantage hasn’t occurred in this state since 1998, when Gray Davis was elected, and some political observers worry that tax hikes may in the offing.

However, Gov. Jerry Brown has already signaled that lawmakers’ hopes for tax increases may not come as easy as some of them may think: Brown reiterated his promise that taxes will not be raised without approval from the electorate.

Assembly Democrats now hold a 54-26 majority with the addition of two new seats, votes for which are still being counted. Republicans, though, have conceded both elections.

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It’s your turn, Democrats, and what a Golden State of an opportunity. Kindly show us how it’s done in a constructive way, because the same ol’, same ol’ just isn’t working. Please do this without causing any further harm.

We’re filled with suspense waiting to see you bring about Hope and Change. We want to see it, but for real this time, without oppressive taxation, sending our hard-earned dollars overseas, completely bankrupting our state, hamstringing small business and San Joaquin Valley agriculture, stealing BofA restitution dollars, ripping off impoverished cities of Redevelopment monies, scaring off manufacturing, chasing away good doctors through the bureaucratic maze that is ObamaCare, and further impoverishing average working families.

So good luck. Let’s make a date to evaluate your progress before the next term. The condition of what remains will be noted at your next evaluation. Rather than prattling on about what the incoming administration “inherited,” may we simply get about the work of cleaning up the mess and moving — forward.

Your very optimistic, if history is any kind of indicator the unions will belly up to the trough and the spending will ramp up like never before with 7%-8% pension guarantees.

Obamas debt load will look nice compared to what is going to happen now here in Cali.

One would think that they now have a blank check to spend as they wish. We’ll have to wait and see. When I was a kid growing up in the 70’s and everyone was moving to California, I would ask my dad what will stop the explosive population growth. He would say “I don’t know son, it won’t be the space or water”. I think we’ve found the key to population control for this state, it is called taxation. Only the wealthy elite or service worker poor need apply for residency in this beautiful state.

I just learned the Republicans have a super-majority in the state of Tennessee. This is a great opportunity to compare the two parties and how they will handle the challenges ahead. I can already hear it, they have nothing in common, etc., but let’s just see how they handle the issues that transcend state boundaries, questions like taxes, education, crime, parks, pollution, business, infrastructure, and so on.

Your comment is laughable. Tennessee is plagued with its own severe problems including institutional racism. If you like it so much please feel free to buy a one way ticket back to the back woods

Following upon your laudable comment, TC. old Volunteer state Tenn-o-sea once had segregated STATE PARKS !

I just wish that all of the latent and obvious racists would move BACk to the land of the bollweevil and pelagra…where mosquitos would carry away their young and the kudzu clogs their overflowing septic tanks !

What is wrong with you and TacomaRose? California once forbid the marriage of white people and Chinese immigrants. Did you know that?

Someone makes an interesting comment about comparing a Democratic super majority to a Republican super majority, and all you two can do is shout racism.

Do you have brains? or just knee-jerk reactions?

Your comments–including your previous one where you use the term “colored folks”–are offensive. You sound bitter and judgmental. Where have you visited in Tennessee? Your words make you sound like you’ve never been there at all.

Tennessee is a beauitful state, full of hard-working fellow Americans. If by “back woods” you mean cities and towns comprised of friendly, hospitable, honest citizens, then you yourself should buy a ticket so you can visit them and learn some manners.

oh yes I have been there and sadly there are many rural counties that are full of people, that even today fly the confederate flag, not so much as a symbol of southern heritage, but more as a symbol that expresses the backward thinking about black people having been given freedom.

Tennessee is a beautiful state no arguement. from me on that. and there are also many friendly honest hospitable people as you say but their is also the underbelly, the same underbelly that exists in other parts of America (think Arian nation) that treat people of color with disrespect and blame them for all of our problems.

The terms colored folks was said “tongue in cheek” to drive the point . Same for “Ozzie and Harriet”

“The terms colored folks was said “tongue in cheek” to drive the point . Same for “Ozzie and Harriet”

No excuses it is still a racial slur, and Ozzie and Hariet is actually a compliment back when life, morals and the economy were simple and truthful…

back when life, morals and the economy were simple and truthful the last publicly advertised lynching was 1957, the top tax bracket 90% .

Ah, but the economy was booming here in CA and after the war (that would be WW11 for those in Rio Linda), there were high paying jobs, the housing industry was booming, factories were being built, southern CA was a steel center in the USA, the ship building centers of Long beach, Sand Diego and SF were booming, the fishing fleets were huge and the catches were too, houses were selling for $12,200, gas was 24 cents a gallon, inflation was 3.34%, the national debt was 274,897,784,290.72, and wages were $900 a year. Most of the increase in population came during this time, except during the last twenty years when illegal immigration was unchecked.

Typo, wages were average $4900 a year…

Why do you always have to put the negative racism spin on everything. Why can’t you just be an American, have political differances and leave it at that. You need help you are so prejudice! I don’t like Obama, honest statement, not because he is black, white, yellow, brown, gay, rich, poor, etc. I don’t like Obama because while he is a great orator, likeable person, I strongly disagreed with his political agenda, socialist agenda, war on rich, comments about women, redistribution of wealth for the hardworking Americans, deceitfulness (this is on both sides) as well as many other issues. Go get therapy!

War on the rich? You are joking right? Same foolish right wing rhetoric.

Do you know there has been 1 million more millionaires added to America since Obama has been in office. Explain that in your rhetoric?

The new ones are all in Obama’s cabinet maybe?

Who are the Richest People in Congress? Top 10, mostly democrats

1 Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas) – $290.5 million

2 Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) – $198.8 million

3 Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) – $140.6 million

4 Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) – $91.1 million

5 Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) – $85.9 million

6 Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W. Va.) – $83.1 million

7 Sen. Richard Blumental (D-Conn.) – $80.1 million

8 Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) – $56.9 million

9 Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) – $47.2 million

10 Rep. Jim Renacci (R-Ohio) – $36.7 million

Very well put slobird…

I have to agree, even though I do not like the outcome of the election, obama or his agendas, I am an American and try to do the best I can and move forward…

Hang on to your wallets. Katcho and company may as well stay home, that would save a little money. The Democrats are free to tax and spend as they want, they can even override a Brown veto! There will never be enough money to satisfy them.

The debating and campaigning is over, it’s time to get to work…

Let’s see if they can come up with a balanced budget and pass it, without bankrupting us taxpayers…

Want to see California’s future? Look at Detroit. The Free Stuff Army voted for free stuff. More productive people will leave.

blah, blah, blah, blah …

Get over it or move to somewhere in Texas where you can sit in your little cave, listen to Fox news, wring your hands and groan about how great it was when America had less colored folks and Ozzie and Harriet were on TV.

Let the spending and borrowing begin, time for the unions to belly up to the trough,again.

We live in a socialist blue state

I give thanks for that, though we have sent some of the worst scoundrels to Washington in history (George Murphy , Tricky dick nixon and ronnie ray gun).

Yea let’s give thanks for a state that use to be number one in education and now (last I heard) is 46. Let us give thanks to a state that has lost a majority of good paying jobs in the aerospace industry. Let us give thanks to a state that use to be well into the black and is now well into the red. Let’s give thanks to a state that use to have a pretty good highway system, that is now littered with potholes. Let’s give thanks to a state that gives away more in welfare than any other. Yes let’s give thanks to a state that has a high prison population. Yes Hotdog let’s give thanks to being a socialist blue state. Your type is toooo much.

And I HANG ALL OF IT on you, your party and ilk that has been in charge for the last thirty years, stearing this once great state into a SHITHOLE!!! Yea something to be proud of.

Much of what you say is lies, the rest half truths misleading info skewed to confuse the reader, of course.

Our roads are not full of potholes but it is the dems across the land who want money to repair our crumbling infrastructure that your neo cons refuse to look at.. EVERY state is in the red. California’s education system is still one of the best though we have serious money problems (what do you suggest to keep us on top?).

Shithole, that is what you think of our state? We are the ‘promised land’ for the whole world. You could always follow that old fascist mantra (from your buddies), ‘love it or leave it’. I don’t believe in that myself, I say ‘fix it’.

No one likes the deficit, welfare, the homeless, potholes, crime etc. What do you suggest to fix these ills of society?

Uh, Wisconsin under Scott Walker has a budget surplus…

O.k. fantasy land. In the late sixties we were number one. Within the last ten years now at 46 in education. How is that a lie?

After WWII till into the early ninties, we were a GREAT Aerospace industry. We lost a LOT of those jobs. How is that a lie?

On the roads check out this link.

Notice under the first or second page titled Excutive Summary, third paragragh, mentions that California has some of the roughest urban roads in the nation. Or take page 4 near the bottom with the paragraph stating that California has the second poorest roads in the nation. AGAIN how is that a lie?????

How do I suggest to fix? The first is to get rid of politicians with the same kind of entitlement mentality, like yours. That would be a big start.

As far as my Shithole comment, I stand by it. I grew up in the seventies and have watched this state and it’s progress or regress as the case may be, in my 48 years as a Native Ca. You can try and tell me how great it is BUT if the present state of our Union in Ca. is so great then, why would we even be discussing it?

Oh and one last. In past recessions till the early ninties, Ca. weathered them the best in keeping it’s unemployment the lowest in the nation during them. NOW in this recent one we had one of the highest at 12%. Mr. Revisionest you can spin history any way you like. I’m backing mine up with REALITY!!!

Utah a budget surplus as well.

we all live in a big ole Union, the North won the war get over it.

freedom democracy justice prevail eventually as people organize .

democratic process scales well from small labor organizations right up to states the country as a whole and the world through the various global agencies

what they all have in common democraticly organized PEOPLE (actual flesh type)

Life would be a dream, if we could take all of the intellectually unevolved along with all of the racists on vast ocean liners out to the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and then dump them.

It would make for a fascinating case study as to how their theories of social Darwinism, i. e. “survival of the fittest” works out.

I agree as long as we can have you as the captain of the ship.

that pretty funny !

Typical behavior of leftists to murder all the opposition.

stalin would be proud of you

mao would be proud of you

hitler would be proud of you

pol pot would be proud of you

“Such a one-party rule advantage hasn’t occurred in this state since 1998, when Gray Davis was elected” can anyone say Enron 2.0.

“Brown reiterated his promise that taxes will not be raised without approval from the electorate” what a politian breaks a promise, never.

Gray Davis busted ass to protect us from the Bushie crooks at Enron, I wonder what you are saying here.

Um Mr. revisionist history, WHO signed the contracts with Enron? Who was in office when we had all the brown outs? Yea typical of your type to live in some fantasy land of lies.

bddt you have taken delight in denying my facts with your dogma and lies.

For the actual inquiring reader who would like to know- the whole country was duped by Enron, run by Bush’s pal. It was a giant ponzi scheme company. When it became apparent our Governor did his best to fix the deal.

Brown’s a crafty fox. Sure, taxes won’t be raised without voters’ approval…during HIS tenure. He’s old and won’t be seeking re-election. When the next Democratic governor is elected, Jerry’s promise won’t really matter anymore.