Prius sought in fatal Nipomo hit-and-run

November 13, 2012

The driver of a Toyota Prius struck and killed a pedestrian Monday on the shoulder of a Nipomo road. [SLO Tribune]

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies found the victim’s body lying in grass and brush after receiving a call about a possibly injured or intoxicated person on Thompson Avenue near Sheehy Road.

A light green Toyota Prius, model year 2004-09, traveling southbound on Thompson Avenue drove onto the right shoulder of the road and struck the pedestrian.

The time of the collision remains unknown, and law enforcement withheld the name of the victim to notify relatives.

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Should be easy to spot, just look for the obama/biden sticker on the back and body damage on the front. No that is just wrong, I take that back…

Actually what I see from my many miles on the highway, is that prius drivers drive very fast and are usually doing something else while driving…

QUOTING EASYMONEY: “Actually what I see from my many miles on the highway, is that prius drivers drive very fast and are usually doing something else while driving…”

ACTUALLY, perhaps you need eyeglasses.

The reality of hybrid drivers is that–no matter how fast and aggressive they drove before they bought the hybrid, AFTER the hybrid they drive excruciatingly slow. In fact, some drive AGGRESSIVELY slow.

Example: The same people who used to sail down the freeway at 75-80 miles an hour, now that they have a hybrid which shows them, in real time, their gas consumption as they drive, they will get in the fast lane and go EXACTLY 65 miles an hour. It doesn’t matter how many vehicles are stacked up behind them–by god, they are going the speed limit now so EVERYBODY should be going the speed limit now.

Many are doing at least one thing other than driving…obsessing on the gas-consumption-o-meter on their dashboard.

My eye sight is excellent, thank you for your concern though.

I will add to my comment above by saying that the most agressive drivers I see are young women twenty somethings or younger, and many of them are driving hybrids or compact sedans. They are usually speeding, tail gaiting, weaving in and out of traffic without signaling, texting, putting on makeup, or driving with at least one foot on the dash board…

QUOTING SLOBIRD: ” Hello, a prius owner is not a pius owner.”

You are correct! Every South Park watcher knows that it is actually spelled “Pious

[[ ]]

No, Mary, I have it right. Pius can mean (my intention) “Latin for “pious”, may refer to any one of the following: … 1 Emperors; ” Feel free to llok it uo.

Of all cars to be stolen, really, a prius… Hello, a prius owner is not a pius owner. I’m sure you read it wrong!

Must have been stolen. Prius People don’t act like that.

I log in many miles weekly and have found that many–if not most–SLO County Prius drivers (“Priussers?”) are rude. Yep. I said it. They go 55 or 60 in a 65MPH zone and insist on staying in the fast lane. They won’t pull over and let the faster traffic pass them. They have a “Pri-attitude” problem.

Are those the cars that are really quiet? One almost hit me in a crosswalk and I didn’t even hear her coming!

It is VERY creepy when the vehicle is in silent mode.

When it is dangerous is in a parking-lot situation. If you are walking down a line a parked cars, and the hybrid is tucked in between a behemouth Yukon and a testosterone-compensation dualy jacked up truck, the hybrid may actually be running, in reverse and backing out, and you won’t hear it. You can’t see it, they can’t see you, and the audio alerts that trigger when something is near won’t trigger you walking along that line of parking–until you step in front of it. Of course, by then it is too late.

There is a murder mystery in the making there.

Yep. It is very irritating, especially when one’s husband is the one with the Pri-attitude problem. I tend to slide down into the seat when my husband is driving on the freeway.