Paso Robles mayor candidate asks for unity

November 13, 2012

Gary Nemeth


A door closes and opportunity opens another. I have been very fortunate to have made new friends and rekindled old ones. All have a story to relate if we just take the time to listen.

Some wanted a little change, some more, some none at all. As I walked the neighborhoods, listening to what I was being told, I was reminded how truly great Paso Robles really is.

I have been provided a hugh learning lesson, the knowledge and background I have gained from Paso is to be shared to help make Paso even better than it is.

Each person I spoke too, left me with the thought that they want all of us to work together sharing that “can do” spirit and to support our elected Mayor Duane Picanco to lead our city and city council into greatness. It is clear that Mayor Picanco is doing things right and he deserves all of us to work with him and the council during these very difficult economic times.


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I commend Gary Nemeth for taking action, putting himself out there, and being available to the public during his campaign. Thank you, Gary.

It is important for the people of Paso to remain focused on continuing with the change. Steve Martin being elected sends a clear message. Jim Reed is still not ruled out in replacing Fred Strong, another VERY clear message. The status quo has been damaged and we need to continue in asking questions and demanding answers. I encourage everyone who voted for the new candidates to become active and help bring the message of change to the City.

CPRN2012 is not done. We are now putting together a petition for signatures to present to the CC to request the termination of Jim App. We can certainly use all the “boots on the ground” we can get to aid in the gathering of these signatures. We are asking for your assistance. Please do what you can and email us at Thank you for your support.

Gary, I will proofread you material free of charge if you would like. Your grammar and spelling are atrocious and detract from a message that isn’t compelling, even without the errors. The remedial English tone of your messages makes them unreadable. Seriously, someone should take a look at this stuff before you hit the send button.

Good morning Mr. Nemeth, I only have a few questions for you… Would you tell the Court at what point you decided Mayor Picano was, wait let me get it right, that he was doing it right? Was this realization made before, or after you decided to run? If made after, was this statement a reflection of the overwhelming voter results for Mayor ?

I read all the comments that have been submitted and I think about what remains to be said about my opinion and I am amaized. Here we have a contest that was ran, I brought up concerns that I feel the community of Paso Robles needs to be informed about. I did this by visiting individual homes, on the radio, and at the only forum I was invited to attend. I never swayed from my message as I felt it was very important for the community to think about.

In the end, when all was said and done my opponent collected 86% of the vote. NO, I do not consider myself a loser, I did put myself out there, put my ideas there for everyone to hear, ask questions, and hear my answers. The votes just were not there, my 14% could not stand up to his 86%.

You can take swipes at me for not winning, but at least I was out there trying to get elected to represent all of the citizens of Paso Robles, I just needed additional assistance.

Mr. Nemeth, we all know that the main reason your opponent collected 86% of the vote is because unlike in your previous run for mayor, this time you failed to file paperwork on time and had to run as a write-in candidate. I saw zero Nemeth for Mayor signs around town and so of course Picanco won; his signs were everywhere. You did have a good message and you did have supporters; heck, I even voted for you!!

So just to clarify I’m not taking a “swipe” at you for not winning; I’m just extremely disappointed in your wishy-washy attitude and your seemingly weak back-pedaling, now that the election’s over. It’s a confusing turn of events to read your “Picanco’s doing things right” comment since that’s just not true.

Stop beating that old horse, Pasoparent. Nemeth has explained several times his reasoning for not filing paperwork at first, and they are sound.

In addition, whether we agree with it or not, the majority has spoken.

The majority kicked Gilman off the council, and the majority kept Picano on the council.

I agree with the former and disagree with the latter. However, once the voters have spoken, it is time to deal with the results, whether you like them or not.

That doesn’t mean you quit addressing the problems in the crony-serving incumbents left in office. You just spend the next couple of years getting better prepared, doing more research, filing more complaints, etc., to get the public educated and better candidates to run in the next election.

Mr. Nemeth, I agree with you and your reasoning.

Like it or not, we have to work with the elected, and we have to continue to oppose them when we think they are doing wrong.

Just because we don’t like the outcome does not mean we should stamp our feet, cry, take our toys, and go home.

“It is clear that Mayor Picanco is doing things right…”

ha ha ha ha Mr. Nemeth. Oh wait…you’re being serious?

Mayor Picanco seems like a nice older man, involved in youth sports and church, good family guy…but in terms of leading a city…being accountable to the taxpayers…making ethical choices about how to handle Chittygate…listening to dissenters and not just his supports…having a backbone and not obeying Jim App’s orders… Well, he has done none of those things.

So no, Mr. Nemeth. Mayor Picanco has NOT done things right and based on your past radio interviews and op-ed’s, I’m frankly shocked that you would make such a kiss-a$$ statement. I thought you were different but now I guess you’re just another politician. :(

According to the voting outcome, Picanco is doing things right enough to get elected again. The majority of voters believe he was the best of the candidates running, and voted him back into office.

Just like the majority of voters reelected Bush Jr, one of the worst presidents (IMO) our country has ever been saddled with. But i didn’t leave the country or quit working for change when he was re-selected in 2004.

The election may have brought change to the council, beyond getting rid of Gilman. Picanco was at the CPRN2012 Candidate Forum, as was James App and others who did not participate in the candidate forum. The outrage from the voters was palpable. You could feel it in the air.

Unless Picanco plans on this being his last term in office, he will change or he will be voted out next time.

He had a close call this time. That may not be reflected in the votes, but it will be reflected in the number of qualified, change-embracing candidates he will face the next time.

MM, Picanco was not at the CPRN2012 Candidate’s Forum. He had, at first, indicated he would attend very late and participate in the audience only, but we had a last minute phone call from his people indicating he had a death in his family and would not be able to attend. He did not ever intend on participating in the Forum as a Candidate.

Had there been a real candidate running for the mayor position, someone who filed their paperwork, got involved in the change campaign, someone we could have respected (instead of the two losers who couldn’t take the time to file their paperwork or get engaged in the campaign) Mr Picano would never have been reelected. I’m sure his future will lie with the decisions he makes in the next two years for the people of Paso Robles and not that of Jim Apps and Ms Yang (or Ying). His decisions and actions will be followed and monitored and he will have to prove himeself for sure.

The commentators below are confused, this is not the comment section you think it is.

Anonymous comments that are just insults will be deleted, repeated comments in this vein will get there accounts deleted.

Anonymous accounts converted to your real name at no charge,

Pet a poodle and he’ll wag his tail.

A true politician speaking out of the other side of their mouth.

I don’t know about everyone else but I’m getting tired of all of this bashing then coming out and saying everything is ok. I think we are all smarter than that and this action by Mr. Nemeth shows a complete lack of any creitbility at all.

Good night Gary.

Gary, you sound like anyones dog that will take you hunting. Not so long ago you were crying foul about the council and mayor. Now they are doing things “right” you say? In my eyes your credibility is lacking.

appears that he just likes to see his name in print. Loser!

OMG, you could not be more wrong.

How well do you know Nemeth? I’m betting the answer “hardly at all” would be your answer, so to make an allegation that he only went through the trouble of running for office because he wants to see his name in print is ludicrous. That is a personal attack, and unless you know him personally, you would not know his motivations.

did you have any stakes on that bet? You are absolutely wrong! I know Gary and Sammie quite well. Do you want to know how many meals I’ve had with them where he only eats a cheeseburger? Or how many drinks (margaritas) I’ve had with Sammie at their home? Not a personal attack at all. Just an observation, he’s run three times and lost three times, twice legitimately, one not so much. He’s definitely not a winner.

MaryMalone seems to think she’s an expert…yet she’s never met Picanco or Nemeth and she doesn’t live in Paso. *sigh*

Mary, you often make good points but other times your comments come across as if you’re kind of a bossy know-it-all.

And no, that’s not a “personal attack”, just my “personal observation.”

Picanco must have been doing something “right.” He was reelected, wasn’t he?

In the eyes of the voters, he must be doing things “right,” or the “rightest” of those running for office, and it takes a lot of voter education and outreach to convince those who do not, as a habit, follow local politics that the incumbent is wrong.

Unless you have worked in political campaigns, and participated in starting a new voters-support group, you can’t possible understand how difficult it is to do it. It takes time. You don’t just snap your fingers and –bang!–the paperwork has been filed, organizational infrastructure has been set up, events have been organized, conducted, and learned from, etc.

Get involved. Commit a certain number of hours every week to volunteer in whatever organization works for you. Whatever your area of expertise is, find a city issue where you can use that expertise, and start researching, compiling, and sharing the information.