Frosty the hitman

December 24, 2012

This inflatable Christmas decoration stands guard over a home in the 1900 block of Vine Street in Paso Robles, serving to remind all that these holidays are viewed in many different ways by many different people. Without further comment, CalCoastNews wishes all of our readers, those with, and those lacking, good judgement, a very happy Christmas and prosperous New Year! Thanks to you all for reading, commenting, and being the reason for our existence.

Bill, Karen, Dan, Lisa, George, Stefan, Miranda, Dave, Josh, Dennis, Gary and Colin.



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It looks more like a tamping bar to me? I only own one tamping and it looks more like that then any of my firearms ?

Guns and cars don’t kill people!

It is my thinking that Pelican1 and photocal somewhat missed the point or maybe are trying to over sensationalize the issue of gun control in the USA.

I see no problem with this lawn display, but I have a major problem with the way guns and the easy access to them is so prevalent.

There needs to be some very serious conversations and definite actions concerning auto or semi-auto guns and large ammo clips. While what happened in Newtown probably could not have been prevented with tougher gun laws, it very likely would have been less horroific (even given that the loss of one life was one life too many).

Something has to be done or this country will continue to have more and more Newtowns, or Columbines, or shopping centers, or theaters. And we will all, collectively, wring our hands, say how bad it is and then do nothing. Banning certain types of guns and ammo clips is not the whole answer, but it is part of the answer. There will always be those that no longer function as normal people that will do things – the lack of having so easy access to weapons that can fire large number of bullets in a very short time surely would have an impact.

And there will always be those that believe anything done to limit guns or the access to them violates their constitutional rights. No matter how many gun laws are passed – guns will always be available.

I would doubt that even a ‘police’ state could gather up all guns. Part of the solution is to make then less easy to access and less lethal (non automatic and smaller clip sizes).

Do we have the guts to require our elected officals to make some very tough decisions and take some very tough actions? Or will we all do as we have done in the past – wring our hands, say how terrible things are, offer our condolences and prayers to those effected, and then do nothing.

Time will tell.

I don’t think blaming the tool is going to help, and taking guns out of the hands of the law-abiding will make things worse in the long run. I think we need to do a better job of recognizing and then getting help to the mentally challenged among us before they act out with violence. The guy that shot the firefighters in N.Y. had been paroled from a previous homicide in which he used a hammer. But N.Y. didn’t outlaw hammers in response.

Paso Rez……………. Guess My comment was mis-taken. I thought that a snowman holding a rifle was in poor taste for Christmas……. as…was My mention of Manson for their (CCN) New Years Eve poster boy. California is now full of young voters that were raised in a home with No parental supervision . Both parents had to work to stay afloat in the current economy….. just…. to survive. They had moved to the land of milk and honey to find a job and survive. We now have a State full of Young , voting Adults that have never had a home life…. The State is their savior. Shooting someone…… No big deal……….Most had priors…. and were back on the street. Guns are not the problem….. people are.

LOOK OUT! HE’S GOT A GUN!!! Sorry, everyone have a Happy generic winter holiday or something if you want, but not to imply that if you don’t there’s something wrong with that either.

How do you “over sensationalized the murder of 26 innocent victims including 20 children, two police officers, and two fireman in one week?

Clearly, America has no moral conscience. Go ahead, buy your guns, fondle that which protects you from the boogeyman, and ignore the slaughter of your fellow citizens.

You over sensationalize it by being a main stream media that elevates these crazed people to star status. It does nothing but spawn copy cats. As matter of fact, sensationalism over the Aurora shootings most likely contributed to Sandy Hook.

You can see that, right?

CCN’s Man of the Year.

I like it.

Hmm… A photo of a holiday inflatable depicting a man hunting his Christmas turkey is considered by some to be offensive?

Then I guess those same people who were shown a similar depiction of an early Pilgrim with his blunderbuss would be consider him to be a terrorist.


Well said, NCT!! Hunters hunt animals. Hunters wear camo & use guns. Pretty simple, right? Merry Christmas and enjoy your turkey. I know we will!

Considering the recent gun related violence in our country, this decoration and the accompanying story is in very poor taste. It’s not very responsible journalism.

Oh Pelican, don’t be absurd. It’s a snowman dressed as a HUNTER, not a mentally deranged psycho. The politically-correct anti-gun nonsense is just ridiculous. Sheesh.


Good God Pelican, we are all broken by what happened but get some perspective. I’m pretty sure the Founding Fathers were cool with folk hunting for their food. By the way, enjoy yours!

Perhaps a overinflated, with hot air (no coincidence) life size figurine of Adam Hill would be more likable? ;)

Merry Christmas

Christmas and the holiday season means something a bit different to each of us. Back in my day this was not out of the norm…

Ho ho ho.

CCN…….. A really bad, and poor choic of Your Christams poster boy. How about Manson as Your New Year Poster Boy ?