San Luis Obispo vandals storm Christmas

December 27, 2012

Santa’s House

On the morning of Christmas Eve, vandals broke into Santa’s House in the San Luis Obispo Mission Plaza and disfigured the interior. [KSBY]

The small red and white house had a broken door, a Christmas tree on the floor and several broken ornaments when San Luis Obispo Downtown Association Programs Coordinator Sarah Ragan discovered it.

“I spent six months working really hard to make this house great for the kids and the community, and the downtown businesses,” Ragan told KSBY. “To come and have someone harm it, or destroy it, is very personal to me.”

The Downtown Association holds events around the house for the month leading up to Christmas and operates a photo booth with Santa inside. Christmas Eve day was the final opportunity for visitors to enter the house, and they did so after an extensive cleanup.

Repairs to Santa’s House are expected to cost the Downtown Association around $1,000. The organization plans to equip Santa with surveillance cameras in next year’s edition of the house.


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SLO Santa’s House looks like crap. I much preferred the old one that was actually plumb…

Seriously, didn’t this loser get his Red Ryder BB Gun with a compass in the stock? Sarah – So sorry this warped child had to act out against your magnificent contribution to the many children of SLO.

Just another everyday example of our troubled culture.

This story runs every year. I hear wireless, night vision webcams are really cheap, now.

But the 100,000+ salary for the police officer to go over the footage isn’t cheap and that’s why the city will probably still do it. It’s not their money, if they run short they will just scare the voters into giving them more.