Arroyo Grande considering city charter

January 28, 2013

arroyo grandeThe Arroyo Grande City Council has created a committee to explore the idea of becoming a charter city in order to cut costs.

The council decided in December to establish an 11-member committee that would make recommendations as to the content of a proposed charter. Last week, the council appointed members to the committee.

If the council chooses to proceed with a charter initiative, Arroyo Grande voters will have to approve a ballot measure.

Last November, Grover Beach rejected a charter city measure by just four votes. Prior to the election, political strategist and member of the San Luis Obispo Democratic Central Committee, Cory Black, issued a misleading flyer to many voters about the potential costs of Grover Beach’s proposed charter.

Many union members oppose city charters because they allow exemptions from state-mandated prevailing wage agreements.

City staff says adopting a charter could save Arroyo Grande $50,000 to $300,000 annually. Last January, the council considered placing a charter initiative on the November ballot but decided to postpone the process.

All three charter city measures on the November 2012 ballot in California failed. In addition to Grover Beach, Costa Mesa and Escondido voters rejected proposed charters.

The Arroyo Grande council is considering placing a charter measure on the November 2014 ballot.


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We need one 5 Cities City Council…

The City of Grande Oceano Grover, or GOG ;-)

How about the City of Grover Arroyo Grande, or GAG ;-(

The City of Bell was changed to a “Charter City” by the pirates intent on the looting binge.


Can anyone define a Charter City vs Incorporated City and the difference in color of money?

It’s Charter Cities verses General Law Cites, Jorge. General Law Cities are governed by state laws and Charter Cities can vary from state laws depending on what’s in their charter, which is like a local constitution. Two arguments in favor of Charter Cities are that the state can’t steal as much of their tax revenues and they are exempt from paying prevailing (i.e., union) wages. Another argument is that there is more local control.

Union activist will tell you lots of things that are wrong about Charter Cities, except that cities can save $25 per hour when hiring construction and landscape contractors.

Locally, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Santa Maria are Charter Cities.

Learn more at:

Yes I’ve heard of this, they’re chartering a boat to the Caymans to stash some taxpayer money.

Nah, it’s probably just a Three Hour Tour… ;-)

My God…how could the city possibly be broke? Theres Walmart..that ass ugly store on the left entering the village that resembles nothing of a traditional “village”, the wine industry…the self proclaimed jewel of the CC and their broke?

Try mismanagement by its asshat leader. Try not spending money you dont have when taxes dwindled and home sales cratered,.Try responsible leadership instead of crack whore out of control spending.

My thinks a certain somebody is taking lessons on how to go bankrupt from his buddy who is doing the same elsewhere in this illustrious couty.